PrepXtra Postgame Rewind along with Charter Oak-Rancho Cucamonga and Arroyo-Sierra Canyon highlights and interviews

Tom Kiss and Courtney Ponce reporting on Rancho Cucamonga’s win over Charter Oak

Tyler Drohan reporting on Sierra Canyon’s win over Arroyo

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  • David Martinez

    Very disappointing comments by Coach Singiser.
    His kids are tougher because they are poor? Such a small-minded
    approach to think that the team who was able to convert a 4th & 14 with
    their season (and career in some cases) on the line is not “tough”
    because of their inherited economic standing. As a role model to these
    kids who come from a “tough upbringing”, it would have been nice to
    see Singiser congratulate Sierra Canyon for the victory without taking a jab at
    their character (“we don’t have everything handed to us”) and then
    praise his team. He came off as a very small man. Would he then
    agree that while his kids are “tougher” than Sierra Canyon because
    they live closer to the poverty level, the Sierra Canyon players are more
    intelligent and have a brighter future than the Arroyo kids because they attend
    an elite private school? Stereotypes go both ways coach…

  • The Chef

    Fred, Might I suggest were you can place your reminder… 84 times

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    David I agree, I did not expect Singiser to say that. I have always seen him as a rational guy. However, in the Summer …his assistants were not classy at the SGV shootout. They were the refs at the SGV Shootout, and they were making horrible calls against Mtown. It was almost like taking shots that way because they could not win on the field. I would ask the coach to explain how La Puente, El Monte, and South El Monte beat them. They have similar demographics. The Fact of the matter is they gave up a 4th and long. These kinds of things happen to them every year. It’s time to look inward coach. He is going to look back at that statement and regret what he said. He has no Idea what financial background the Sierra Canyon players come from. There was no class in the statement.

  • Was waiting for a Sunday “Just Tribbin'” thread so as not to hijack another, but looks like Amat Lancer Darren Andrews parlayed this season into an offer from Pac12 South Champion, UCLA and is poised to commit to the Bruins. Andrews had a standing offer from Duke, but the West Coast and PAC12 is looking pretty good

    • jcaz

      Incredible !

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      How about that.. He’s a great player, and will be a great addition to the bruins.