Tribskin Pick’em: Sorry West Covina, this is La Serna’s time; Monrovia and Paraclete will meet in final

Aram and I will go head-to-head in Tribskin Pick’em throughout the season for our annual dinner bet.

Last Week: Robledo (6-3); Tolegian (6-3).
This Week: Robledo (170-77); Tolegian (171-76).

Last Week: Aram and I both went 6-3, however we took different paths to get there. We both missed taking Charter Oak over Rancho Cucamonga and La Mirada over Santa Fe, but Aram got me taking North Torrance over Gladstone and I got him back taking San Dimas over San Marino. So, I’m still one back with two weeks to go.

This week: Doesn’t get much better than West Covina’s rematch against La Serna. I’ve seen West Covina enough to know they’re tough, physical, and playing with the heart of a champion. But La Serna is simply better and has been waiting on this one and will get it done in the rematch. In the Mid-Valley I’ve said all along Monrovia will meet Paraclete in the final and there is no reason not believe it won’t happen. I do give San Dimas a great shot at Paraclete, but the Spirits are good enough to get it done.

This weeks games and predictions
Southeast Division
West Covina vs. La Serna at California High, 7:30 p.m. — Robledo (La Serna); Aram (Frankie)
Santa Fe at Downey, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Santa Fe); Aram (Downey)
Mid-Valley Division
Sierra Canyon vs. Monrovia at Granada Hills HS, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Monrovia); Aram (M-Town)
San Dimas vs. Paraclete at Antelope Valley College, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Paraclete); Aram (Norm)

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  • ochimusha

    I think Aram should wear a feather war bonnet for the remainder of the playoffs if SF gets the win over Downey. This team has received no respect all season. Despite getting beat down in the preseason by some tough schools, They have come a long way beating the odds week to week producing “W’s”. They handed Cal High their first loss of the season, Beat favored Bonita and knocked off La Mirada – the #1 seed in the southeast division. And the last two victories were with the second string QB. These kids deserve some love. Good luck in the next round Chiefs!

  • SaintsR4real

    The BOYZ of SAN DIMAS will WILL their way into the finals!

  • WCDan

    I could be wrong on this Fred but that 8 & 3 Muir team that WC just beat may have been as good as anybody in the division. Their defense was as tough and physical as any defense that WC played this year. I talked to the Muir coach in the press box and he was telling me that their three losses to Alemany, Upland and Rancho C. were pretty even games from a statistic standpoint, he was saying, Muir moved the ball consistantly against those teams but penalties and turnovers killed them, of course good teams like those three will cause teams to have penalties and turn the ball over.
    Never the less, La Serna is a well coached and disciplined team who doesn’t make very many mistakes, they have a good variety of plays and execute them well, on defense they will close to the ball like a swarm of bees, West Co will have to do the same, if WC just plays their game and focuses on what they need to do, and keeps the same intensity that they have had for the past 4 games I like their chances. What more could you ask for as far as a semifinal match, should be an electric night!

    • AMAT 73

      WC Dan,
      That has a nice ring to it . I’m going with the Bulldog’s in this one . The team is playing their best ball all season right now. They may not be the wrecking crew like last years team but they can ball and they are the defending champions . I’ll take WC by 10 . Maybe with going all the way you change Aram’s mind on who the finishing number 1 will be . I’m pretty sure you caught his prediction on last Friday night’s show . Good luck to the Bulldogs and enjoy Friday’s practice .

      • WCDan

        Amat 73 good to see you on here, and thanks for the vote of confidence, by the way, that freshman team you guy’s have over there is a future to look foward to, that team was fierce, could be the deep Pac 5 run you guy’s have been waiting for.

  • WCDan

    PS, Fred, I like when you guys pick against WC, just like when the trib was so sure that Paramount was about to end their season, don’t want any tribune curse on the Bulldogs. I’m also curious to know if you have actually seen La Serna play or are you making your assumptions on records and by what you hear? No problem either way, I’m just curious.

  • New York

    I am taking West Covina. I have not seen either team play this year. My assessment is based on last year’s game, as well as West Covina’s two playoff victories: last year La Serna did not make any adjustments. West Covina ran a couple plays to each side and had 10 long touchdown runs. That tells me La Serna’s coaches were not in the business of making adjustments. Do they have a new defensive coordinator this year? West Covina just knocked two league champs and West Covina’s program is familiar with WINNING in the playoffs.

    I won’t be surprised if La Serna wins. They are a different team from last year, as is WestCo. La Serna owns the biggest victory between the two this season. However, I still give the edge to WestCo for the reasons stated above.

  • AMAT 73

    Happy Thanksgiving to all ( you too notsince ) my fellow SGV bloggers . Hope you all enjoy a nice day and meal with Family and friends.
    AMAT 73