Not meant to be for West Covina and San Dimas, ending football season in East San Gabriel Valley

West Covina and San Dimas both led 14-0, but neither could hold on, ending the high school football season in the Tribune area. Monrovia will host Paraclete in next Friday’s Mid-Valley Division title game and La Serna will face Downey on Saturday for the Southeast title at a site to be determined.

Below: Tom Kiss’ highlights and postgame interviews of West Covina-La Serna

La Serna-West Covina photo gallery

Friday’s results and game stories
Southeast Division

La Serna 35, West Covina 17
Downey 35, Santa Fe 3
Mid-Valley Division
Monrovia 42, Sierra Canyon 31
Paraclete 28, San Dimas 20
Northeast Division
Rio Hondo Prep 42, St. Monica 14

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    Fred, no Prep Pick Em, this week?

  • SaintsR4real

    HERE WE GO!!

  • WC Bulldog Fan

    WCHS Bulldogs have gone in as the underdogs the last 2 previous games & we came out victorious! Let’s do it again! Go Bulldogs!

  • WCDan

    Punchers Chance? LOL thats great Fred, keep the bulletin board stuff coming.
    Good luck WC! Show the heart of a champion tonight, keep up the intensity!

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Keep proving the doubters wrong Bulldogs! They didn’t expect you guys to even make the playoffs, now you’re in the semi’s! Go out there and just do what you guys do. WIN!!!

  • AMAT 73

    Good luck to the 3 teams of the SGV tonight for well played and injury free games. One more win and it’s on to the finals . Go out and do your best and get the W . Fred , WC has more than a punchers chance . The are the defending champs and will impose their will on LS tonight .You can’t under estimate the heart of a Champion .

    • New York


    • Guest

      Impose their will? Ooooo kayyyy.

    • The Chef

      Amat73, Well you old windbag you aren’t any more realistic about West Covina;s chances than you are Amat’s. Fishbowl-itis must have totally taken over your perspective. Do you really believe that crap about “imposing their will” or can you just not help yourself. Well you are consistent, not bright, but consistent.

      • AMAT 73

        Isn’t it funny the only time you come here flapping your lips is after a win , Congratulations to the little Lancers on a good win . Not as convincing as that 84 point whipping you took in the azz last year from WC ( now that was convincing ) but still good . Good luck next week as you still have one more to go and win or lose I will look for your post next week . Doubt we see if you lose though. Now was that enough wind for you dipshiat. I can see why that announcer is such an idiot , must be an LS fan thing .

        • The Chef

          Gasbag73, If I came on here only after wins this year it would have been virtually every week. Congratulations on that “at large” playoff birth. It was quite an improvement from your” coin flip trip” the year before (even though it ended in the same result). In your case I wish you didn’t come on here with you inane drivel when you lost. By the way did Westco impose their will on La Serna the same way that Amat imposed their will on a vastly inferior LB Poly team. Never mind I guess we will see you for a 1 and out in 2013…

          • Cookie,

            That just shows what an ignorant, irritating @$$ you simply set out to be on this blog. Is LB Poly “vastly inferior” to Mission Viejo? How about St John Bosco? Typical Fish-Bowler you win a few games in your little Del Rio League (46th best in California) a couple playoff games (in the 17th best division) and all of a sudden you feel you have the right to spout off and compare. Just stick to being a big goldfish, forget last years humiliation, hang on to a couple memories from this year and hope the rematch curse doesn’t bite you after your fortunate 1 pt win over Downey the first time around. We’ll make sure to send you a couple third-stringers that can start and contribute for you again whenever we have the opportunity. Hey…orders up!

          • Not Since 1995

            ***Bishop NoMAS***

            5 (Non-PAC 5) titles came over 18 years ago…! The real “Lanceritos” of 2013 weren’t even born yet…!

            Amat Blowhards (including Jose AMNOT) need to STFU, go home and clean their 20 year old ring…!

            Bishop NoMAS, the very limited talent that they have at the starting positions are too small, too slow, and too weak to compete in the PAC 5. Those are the FACTS. You may not like it, but it is TRUE…!

            2012 playoffs – “At Large” bid
            2011 playoffs – “Coin Flip”
            Recent Playoff results:
            – 2012 Long Beach Poly 40 – 25. And not even close in the 2nd half.

            – 2011 Santa Margarita 45 – 21. Are you kidding me? The “Harry Welchs” hung 21 on the Lanceritos in the 2nd half…!

            – 2010 Tesoro 31 – 21. Again, lost the 2nd half. Not even close

            – 2009 Lakewood 34 – 17. What happen in the 2nd half? Exactly…! Member “the Woooood”

            And that’s just in the past 4 years…!

            The fact is that the Lanceritos have become more like the perrenial losers of the PAC 5 like LB Wilson, LB Cabrillo, Compton, LB Millikan, Trabuco Hills, Royal, Simi Valley, Agoura, Calabasas and less like Servite and Mater Dei

            “They are…Who we Thought…They Were…! Dennis Green!

            Not In 2013 Either Jose AMNOT…

          • NotSince…Never:
            Just as a reminder (especially for our “friend” NonSense) Teams who fall in the “NotSince…NEVER” category:
            San Clemente, Tesoro, El Toro, Mission Viejo, Trabuco Hills, Lakewood, Millikan, LB Wilson, LB Jordan, Compton, Cabrillo, Oaks Christian, St Bonaventure, Westlake, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, Calabasas, Agoura, Simi Valley, Royal, Newbury Park, St.John Bosco, JSerra, Alemany, Notre Dame,
            and for good measure…Mater Dei (NotSince99), Crespi (NotSince85)

          • AMAT 73

            Quasi ,
            Still talking about AMAT I see. You just can’t make thru one day without your shot of AMAT .

  • WCDan

    WC has shown the heart of a champion and is playing very tough ball right now, La Serna is much improved from last year, not real big, not small, but physical, well disciplined, and well coached, Great matchup, Good luck to both teams and may both teams bring it tonight, play clean, play safe and play hard boys.

  • New York

    Love Aram’s reference to “Norm” in his predictions. That guys just looks like football. Tough to go against him.

    The laughable piece, though, is the reference to a “long bus ride.” I mean, we’re still talking about Los Angeles County, aren’t we??? If you are south of the Gaviota Pass then it really is not THAT long of a bus ride. We’ve really gotten soft around here.

  • disqus_XfVzIC8fSt

    Is the La Serna announcer the worst or what?

    • paulcrewe18

      He was a real ass! Oh well he probably rubbing it in for us running up the score last year, lol.

      • prepsportsfan


        • The La Serna announcer was a classless ass when DR played them too. I believe it’s an attention thing. I also hear that this nut job is a school board member. He is an embarrassment to his school and his community.

  • paulcrewe18

    I brought my son to WC cause I trust Coach Maggiore and he’s a great mentor. Bulldogs fell short tonight, but still a winning season. Congrats to the team. I like the spread offense they ran with Noodles. It needs some improvements, but it will allow him to run and throw seeing the entire field. He’s clutch and can make things happen. He is the most athletic player out there. You have to always go with him at QB. I would have lived and died with Noodles at QB tonight. I believe if they run the spread next season with Noodles West Covina will win another 2 CIF titles and the Noodle Man will have his choice of any University to go to out of here as a QB. My son will return and I trust that Maggiore and his staff will make adjustments to get back to the big show. Go Bullodgs!!! Already missing football season and my Friday nights will be boring, lol.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Congratulations Bulldogs on a great season. I know a lot of you guys are down about losing tonight, but you boys have plenty to hold your head high about. You guys never quit all season long with whomever was healthy enough to play, and made an admirable run in the playoffs when some local sportswriters thought you would not even make the post season.
    Congratulations also to the LS Lancers. You guys proved to be the more experienced and diciplined team tonight. I was just thinking in my mind at the end of the game, that I hope you guys win it all next week. But then your a$$ of an announcer made that shameful statement on the PA, “he who laughs first, laughs last.” The joke is really on him for being so classless. He is a member of the Whittier Unified School Board and should resign on the account of blatent stupidity and lack of professionalism. As the saying goes, “It is better to say nothing and be thought of as a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” On that note, Go Downey!

    • prepsportsfan

      Congratulations to the Bulldogs on a great run. But it’s hard to blame the Lancers for feeling vindicated after having the score run up on them last year.

      • Bulldogs have bite

        If you can’t stop the run, you will have a long game. If you turn the ball over and can’t stop the run. You get 84 hung on you. It’s not like we were dropping back and throwing the ball every down late in the game last year, we did not even attempt a pass in the second half last year and only attempted three total in that game. Please tell me you would seriously tell your players to flop onto the ground for three quarters in the final game of their season. That score from last year was more of a product of La Serna’s own mistakes more than our coach supposedly pouring it on with our ground game and back ups in. Your Lancers got their revenge or payback or whatever you want to call it. Hats off to them! But you still have to admit that the gloating from your announcer was a bit over the top. You expect a bit of homerism from your announcer, but their still has to be a degree of respect and integrity when given the responsibility of calling a sports contest. And I could swear he just announced something about CIF rules earlier in the game about sportsmanship and negetive cheering.

        • trytoseeitmyway

          Dude, you don’t score 84 points and then blame it on the other team. Talk about classless. But, look, we agree, LS was the better team this year, and let’s see about next year. Hats off to both teams.

          • Bulldogs have bite

            Dude, we did score 84 and it was La Serna’s fault. Talk about clueless. It’s La Serna’s job to stop us from scoring, not ours. How can you not score 84 when the other team quit midway in the first quarter? It was not running it up. It was LS stinking it up last year. Seriously, we just ran the ball and you guys did not make any tackles. You guys turned over the ball deep in your own territory at least half a dozen times in that game. Cut half those mistakes and the final score would have been more like 56-21 easily. I should hope we play again next year, because it would mean both of us are deep in the playoffs again.

      • Bulldawg16

        Chef, I can tell you weren’t at the game last year by the way you’re assuming WC tried running up the score last year. WC was on another level last year and even backups were breaking off long drives/runs. Ask anybody who was there. As for the announcer, he was definitely bias to say the least which is expected at their home game. Wish he could’ve been a little more professional in showing some respect to the Bulldogs. Maybe that announcer just displays what the LS fan base like. Good season West Co. Congrats to the coaching staff for another successful season, I don’t know how they keep doing it, but they are. Go Dawgs!

    • The Chef

      Gumby, you are really going way off the reservation aren’t you. For your information, it is ‘he who laughs last, last best”, You really aren’t too bright are you. It is amazing that you complain about a lack of class when your fan base is the most disgusting bunch of louts and your Coach is King of the asses. Class is when we didn’t hang the 3 touchdowns on you at the end. This is something that your Coach just couldn’t seen to Master last year. Please come and cheer for Downey next week, then you can be disappointed once again.

      • Bulldogs have bite

        Hey Chef, I know how the saying goes. But it would not be quoting your announcer if I said it correctly. You guys want to keep crying about having 84 hung on you like it was our fault not one of your guys could make a tackle or hold on to the ball last year. LS could not stop any one of the four running plays we ran last year no matter how deep into the bench we reached. So before you start accusing people of being dim, you need to go back into the kitchen and cook up a recipe for wisdom for your clown behind the microphone. At least last year LS could do something about what was being done to them in a championship game, there is nothing we could do to keep your fool of an announcer from opening his big mouth and showing the true class of you crybaby Lancers! And you guys didn’t hang an extra three touchdowns in the fourth because quite simply, you couldn’t if you tried. We managed to make just a few more tackles then you guys last year.

        • prepsportsfan

          The annoucer said it right, but you didn’t. It doesn’t have anything to do with anything anyway. There’s only one guy sounding like a crybaby, Mr. “Bite.” You.

          • Bulldogs have bite

            I’m not crying. I said my congratulations already. All I heard from LS last year was tears and no sort of congratulations. You guys were the victors last night, but to cry about class and sportsmanship all of last year and to have your announcer say what he did. Well it shows you guys in the very least are no better than us. P.S. Fred tweeted the quote last night by the announcer, he muffed it.

          • prepsportsfan

            Oh OK, Fred’s fault. Got it.

          • Bulldogs have bite

            Maybe both Fred and I both heard it wrong. Either way, Congrats again. But I’m still surprised you guys would even defend your clown behind the microphone.

          • Bulldogs dont have bite

            Good God shut up about the announcer already

          • trytoseeitmyway

            The story of the game was that this was a rematch from last year’s championship game. La Serna was looking to even things out. Even Aram’s article begins, “Sweet revenge.”

          • Bulldogs have bite

            And you guys got your revenge. It was a good contest. What happened last year is debatable about sportsmanship. What the announcer said was pretty blatent. That is the point I’m defending, that guy really made your program look a bit petty and classless last night. Good luck next week!

        • The Chef

          Gumby, cry me a river about that mean announcer making fun of you… Did that nasty chip get knocked off your shoulder? Your team looked soft and we let you off easy. That was a end of your era and Mags will have to do a great deal of recruiting err “attracting” to get Westco back to the big show. You are all mouth and no brain.

          • Bulldogs have bite

            If our team was soft, your team last year was a bag full of kittens. Funny how quick you are to call us classless and then defend your foolish announcer. It seems like you’re the one with all mouth all of a sudden. Maybe LS needs to have an “era” before proclaiming the end of one? We’ll be back, plenty of underclassmen on our team. Your trash talk is weak, just like that softness between your ears. Thanks for letting us off easy and letting us have the lead for a half, I would hate to be beat by a dozen touchdowns.

          • The Chef

            You people in the Hacienda are sooo sensitive aren’t you. So are you saying that winning by a dozen touchdowns is reflective of your class or an inability of a classless coach to control a classless team. Either way Gumby, I guess we will be seeing you for quite some time in the Southwest because finishing 7-6 (with a forfeit for using an ineligible player none-the-less) is hardly an indication that you have outgrown the Division.

      • WCDan

        Lets see now,
        -Offer up a running clock to the opposing coach at halftime? Check
        -Don’t throw a single pass in the entire second half? Check
        -Pull out the entire O line by mid third quarter? Check
        – Play the entire bench in the forth quarter? Check
        -Run the same 3 or 4 plays till the game is over? Check
        What else can a coach do to stop the scoring, tell the kids to take a knee when they hit open field?
        Tell the reserves to not play hard when they’ve been dying to get in the game and play?
        How do you go from arguing with one blogger to calling a whole group of people you don’t even know “a bunch of louts” and call a coach who you also don’t know names on this board? Yeah your a
        real smart one.

    • trytoseeitmyway

      The thing is, La Serna DIDN’T run up the score like WC did last year. With the win, La Serna gets that loss off their backs. They get the last laugh.

      • Bulldogs have bite

        I always thought running up the score was passing with the lead late in the game? I didn’t know running the ball with your second string offense is also considered “running it up.” We were just trying to chew up clock. But if nobody is going to make a tackle, it is not our fault the endzone kept stopping the clock right? They get the last laugh, and the dubious loss in the record books I might add.


        The score was 35-17 they couldn’t run up the score even if they tried. WC also didn’t run it up on you guys last year.

  • WCDan

    It was a nice run by our Bulldogs this season and I am proud of how the boys turned their season around to make this deep playoff run. Considering all the injuries we had I thought the coaches did a pretty good job of making lemonade out of what could have been a lemon of a season. La Serna played a great game and was dominant on the defensive front, they were well prepared for what the Bulldogs were doing on offense, hats off to the Lancer team and coaches. The announcer on the other hand went out of his way to make an a– out of his self. Despite the announcer I thought the La Serna coachs were a class act as they chose not to pull the revenge card at the end of the game when they probably could have scored again from our red zone, instead they just ran the ball and we got a stop.
    The Bulldog defense played a great game but seemed to get tired in the second half because we could not sustain enough drives on offense. Offense was limited in their play calling probably due to injuries on the line and at QB.
    @ Paulcrewe 18, I also liked the one drive we had when WC ran spread with Noodles in the shotgun just before half, would like to see that developed with more variety next season so that defenses have a harder time adjusting to it. Maybe that would make us more flexible on offense for those good teams that have had a tendancy to stop us when we rely too much on the wing. One other thing that hurt us this season was not being able to control the blitz, maybe hot route communications between qb and recievers would help control those situations. I say this knowing it’s easy to be an armchair qb from the stands and come up with thoughts like this, I’m sure there are many factors that coaches have to deal with that we as outsiders may not know about, injuries, grade issues, attitudes, abilities of certain players, etc.
    Thanks to all the seniors for another great season of football, good luck in all you do, hope to see you come and support your team next year. Too all the underclassmen coming back, the work for next season starts early in the off season, hit the weights and lift with a purpose, build and condition yourselves and get faster, study your game, good luck next season.

  • Fred Olsen

    Maybe if Mark Pasgurella was coaching WC would’ve won, not!

  • 12th man

    Looks like the Pac5 will be snubbed from a bowl game this year…Open Division(Narbonne) Division 1(Vista Murrieta) Division 2(Lompoc)

    • PAC 5

      What if mater dei wins . Vista and narbonne both lose ?