The Tribune Football season is over, it’s time to select the all-area team, player of the year and coach of the year ….

The Tribune all-area football team includes a player of the year, coach of the year, defensive player of the year and 25 of the most deserving players that fill out an all area team. It usually includes a QB, 2RBs, 3WRs, 5 OL, Placekicker, Punter, All-Purpose, 3DL, 3LB, 3DB, Safety. We will sort it all out this week, but I’m always curious what you think?

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  • Colt74

    POY- B-Mart

    COY – Albert Sanchez ( Gladstone )

  • fan2go

    brett walsh monrovia for defensive player last 2 years he has collected 333 tackles, last year 198 tackles second in cali and he has a 4.3 GPA i feel that he is one of the most underrated players

    • Joe Amat

      This is the East Side list, but I expect Walsh to be all over the Star News . I would love for Fred to consider adding a “Scholar Athlete” to the Awards each season and one overall at the end of the school year to honor outstanding young men and women like Brett Walsh. THIS would be the highest honor a kid could recieve.

  • Greenmachine

    COY-Sanchez EL Monte

  • Greenmachine

    EL mOnte
    Abel Barrajas WR 1348 yards receiving 18 td’s

    Ruben Jimenez LB 134 tackles 16 sacks


    COY –
    Albert Rodriguez, because there is no team over matched in their division as South Hills and brought them back to the playoffs from back to back 3-7 seasons. Albert Sanchez would also be a good choice.

    QB –
    Brandon Martinez

    3WRs –
    Bryce Bobo, Jack Austin, Abel Barrajas

    2RBs –
    Cade Lindsay, Peter Aholoka

    5 OL –
    Daniel Flores, Gorden Smith…

    Placekicker –
    Brandt Davis,

    Punter –
    Jack Schneider

    All-Purpose –
    Aaren Vaughns

    3DL –
    Eric Prevost, Luis Cordova, Alex Hernandez

    3LB –
    Eric Ortiz, Matt Cisneros, Sal Velasquez

    3DB –
    Darren Andrews, Dionza Blue, Jordan Robinson

    Safety –

    Khari Garcia

  • reality

    Reggie Turner. If he does not get injured Bonita playing on Friday without a doubt.

  • G-Stone128

    Player of the Year – Martinez (El Monte)
    Defensive Player of the Year – Walsh (Monrovia)
    All Purpose – Kevin Amezquita (Gladstone)
    Coach of the Year – Sanchez (Gladstone)
    Running Back – Vaughns (Charter Oak)
    Running Back – Payton (San Dimas)
    Wide Receiver – Barrajas (El Monte)
    Wide Receiver – Bobo (Charter Oak)

    Lineman – Bettancourt (Temple City)
    Lineman – Hernandez (Charter Oak)
    Lineman – Romero (West Covina)

    Linebacker – Ainsworth (Monrovia)
    Linebacker – Sanchez (Gladstone)
    Linebacker – Bugh (San Dimas)

    Defensive Back – Andrews (Bishop Amat)
    Defensive Back – Peters (Covina)

  • SGV4life

    Gotta be Fuzz!

  • SGV Athlete

    COY-Coach Sanchez ends a storied 14 year career with the best season in Gladstone history (10-2).

    QB-Kevin Amezquita did it all this year.
    Passing-1,421 yds, 17 TDs, 3 INTs.
    Rushing-1,383 yds, 22 TDs, 24 2-pts.

    LB-Aaron Sanchez was the work horse on O and D
    Rushing-637 yds, 14 TDs, 12 2-pts.
    Defense-143 Tackles

    • SGV Athlete

      UPDATED stats:

      QB-Kevin Amezquita
      Passing-1,570 yds, 18 TDs, 3 INTs.
      Rushing-1,615 yds, 24 TDs, 28 2-pts.

      LB-Aaron Sanchez
      Rushing-654 yds, 14 TDs, 12 2-pts.
      Defense-154 Tackles

      • SGV Athlete

        QB-Kevin Amezquita-Montview Offensive League MVP
        LB-Aaron Sanchez-Montview Defensive League MVP
        OL/DL-Adrian Solchaga-Montview Lineman League MVP

        Montview League MVP SWEEP!

        • SGV Athlete

          Final argument for Gladstone players:
          QB Kevin Amezquita-1st Team All-CIF Northwest Division
          RT Christian Lopez-1st Team All-CIF Northwest Division
          DL Adrian Solchaga-1st Team All-CIF Northwest Division
          LB Aaron Sanchez-1st Team All-CIF Northwest Division

  • in my eyes

    Honestly, Eric Ortiz should be the defensive mvp. This kid just never let up and was consistent the whole season. Clutch Linebacker in arguably the toughest division in socal and still showed up on every play with BIG hits.

  • Steven Morales

    This area has provided us with some great players this year. Charter Oak is definitely one to be praised. I have followed Charter Oak for the past two years and the quality of players produced is off the charts. Having said that, CO should have at the very least 7 players making the All Area list.
    RB, WR, LBs, DLs, S, P.

  • PAC 5

    Poy- b – mart
    Qbs – Simko and Haynes
    Rbs – J Robinson , turner, Vaughn’s and blue
    wR – Austin , Andrews, bobo , K bell and C broadus
    Lineman – too many to mention
    D backs – blue , Andrews . Lepp , Garcia , bell , broadus
    Linebackers – Velasquez , Ortiz
    Defensive line -none come to mind .

    Kickers – mancilla and d ranches kicker

  • cdf

    covinas mike peter DB/KR 7ints, 26 tkls 5 kick/punt returns

  • humpty

    George Campos (Sr)2000 yds passing 18td’s
    Avery Duffus (Jr) 1500 yds rushing 9td’s

  • disqus_vymCciWdeL

    Coach Beltran, La Serna. His teams have been underdogs for three years in a row and they just keep getting better. They are on the brink of their first CIF championship again.

  • PigskinDiehard

    The best placekicker in the area is Vizcaino at Damien, anyone who actually saw him play would agree.

  • Ballin

    B-Mart POY
    Simko, Palmer QB’s
    G-5, Payton, Turner-RB
    Bobo, Austin, Barrajas-WR
    Vaugh, Jimenez, Ainsworth, Ortiz-LB’s
    Sanchez G-stone,Sanchez El Monte- COY


    Yo Fred, I am trying to post a link from hudl for a highlight real but the site is saying comment awaiting moderation

  • Carlos

    I think the Charter Oak Chargers starting 5 OL Oscar Perez, Daniel Flores, Gorden Smith & ect…;

  • tyrone jenkins

    Craig Snyder for coach of the year no doubt! who would have thought he would have taken a team that was so underrated to being tied for league champs after being last place the previous season. He and his coaching staff are some of the beat around … on a side note losing in the playoffs to eventual finalist downey that should count for something

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Don’t make your picks based upon name recognition!!!!

  • AnonMan

    Velasquez, Ortiz, Reyes-(Damien)

  • coach J

    Player of the Year – Brandon Martinez- EM

    Defensive Player of the Year – Eric Ortiz- Charter oak

    All Purpose – Aaren vaughns- CO

    Coach of the Year – Albert Rodriguez – SH

    Running Back – Reggie Turner – Bonita

    Running Back – Payton – San Dimas

    Wide Receiver – Barrajas – El Monte

    Wide Receiver – Bryce Bobo – Charter Oak

    Wide Receiver – Jack Austin – Chino Hills

    Kicker – Davis – Bonita

    Punter – Jack Shnieder – CO

    D-Lineman – G5 – Monrovia

    D-Lineman – Louis Cordova – CO

    D-Lineman – Eric Prevost – CO

    O-Lineman – Pailake Aiono – SH

    O-Lineman – Juan lemas – WC

    O-Lineman – Daniel Flores – CO

    O-Lineman – Gorden Smith – CH

    O-Lineman – Adrian Solchaga – G-stone

    Linebacker – Sal Vasquez – BA

    Linebacker – Andrew Hauser – CO

    Linebacker – Ainsworth – Mtown

    Defensive Back – Dionza Blue – BA

    Defensive Back – Muleck Henderson – WC

    Defensive Back -Jesus Artega AHS

    Safety – Kahari Garcia – CO

  • Not Since 1995

    Ol’ Hagerty gets my vote for under achieving coach of the year…no doubt!

    Who would have thought he would have taken a Lanceritos team that was so overrated to being an “At Large” team after last year when they were merely a “Coin-Flip” from being out of the playoffs! He and his coaching staff are something … ! On a side note, losing in the playoffs to underrated LB Poly should count for something…! Maybe getting fired…?

    Just Asking…

  • Dpoy

    Defensive player of the year should definitely go to Sal Velasquez. I’m a realist, there defense wasn’t that great. But without him, they were nothing. The kid was a coach out there doing things he shouldn’t have been responsible for. He had a non stop motor and led his team on both sides of the ball.

  • Guest

    kicker- agustin pinto south el monte
    kid has a strong leg and its his second year kicking!

  • mike smith

    Qb el monte Brand martinez rb payton and reiggie turner bonia]t kicker Salas rosemead] safety koff aroya] WR JACK AUSTIN AN sTEVEN SAN MIGUEL]ROSEMED Wide Receiver – Barrajas – El MonteLinebacker – Ainsworth (Monrovia) Defensive Back – Muleck Henderson – WC Linebacker – Ainsworth (Monrovia) PLAYER OFF THE YEAR COY – Albert Sanchez ( Gladstone )

  • MVL

    i think bmart as QB Abel Barrajas for WR and Ruben Jimenez are great

  • SGV4life

    Sorry MVL and other small leagues but you don’t get all valley votes. The all league votes were plenty. All Valley are for the best players in the best leagues. That’s just the way I see it!

    • MVL

      Ruben Jimenez is a hell of a linebacker

  • Player

    RB: Cade Lindsay he played only 8 games and rushed for 1692 yards he scored more than half his whole teams points. He was in a very difficult league with 2 CIF semifinalist teams. he also played both ways so he had to be tired the whole game. No one got the ball 40 times a game and still gets an average of 7 yards a carry. he had 2 games over 300 yards

    All: Aaron Vaughns was great out of the backfield and also very good as a receiver and he was great at returning but they didn’t let him do that much he also played a little defense but probably to keep him fresh they didn’t put him there as much

  • MVL

    COY- Joel Sanchez he made history in the school history with a mvl league title and cif

    I’m just saying that coach Sanchez has made the El Monte program better