Rumor: Could the Mission League turn into a North-South Super League?

With Damien, St. Lucy’s, Oaks Christian and others possibly moving into a Parochial League beginning in 2014 under the urging of the CIF Southern Section, some schools already have had preliminary discussions of how it will work. One of the suggestions I heard was turning the Mission League into a 12 or 14 team Parochial League made up of a 6-7-team North and 6-7 South Division, similar to the Marmonte Division, which is made up of 12-teams with an East-West Division. This is pure speculation, but here is how a 14-team Mission League might look:

North: St. Bonaventure, Oaks Christian, Chaminade, Serra, Harvard-Westlake, Alemany, Crespi
South: Damien/St. Lucy’s, Bishop Amat, St. Paul, Cathedral, St. Francis, Loyola, La Salle

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  • GP AKA Green Machine

    For what sports? La Salle? They don’t stand a chance in Football, but Basketball and Baseball they do…But if they get in that league, expect Pasadena kids to leak over to that school. Muir/PHS…watch your kids!!!

  • fb101

    What league(s) are Notre Dame and Serra gonna go to?

  • tommy gun

    The biggest problem with this alignment is that the North is infinitely stronger in all major sports then that of the South. The North Division is D1 caliber and the South Division is D7 caliber for most of their teams with the exception of Amat and Loyola who I would say are about D3, maybe D2 caliber.

    What they need to do is, allow the parochial schools in LA County to form 1 Super Conference and have that Super Conference league all of their teams according to abilities in each major sport. With this they will have all of their sporting teams grouped into Fall, Winter, and Spring sports. Allow the Conference to re-league as they see fit according to major sporting teams trending up or down. The top division would be placed into the Pac-5 with the mid level division being placed into the Western and the lower division placed into the Mid Valley, or something thereabouts.

    • jcaz

      Amat and Loyola have always been D1 schools, regardless of what YOUR opinion is

      • tommy gun

        In life, nothing remains the same forever. And FYI Amat has not always played football in the top division. In fact Amats first Championship was in the Lower Division. For the record, I don’t believe that Amat should be forced to move down in Divisions if they don’t want to. I do, however, believe that Amat is currently out classed in Division 1 and has absolutely zero chance of contending for a D1 Championship at this time. That 10-0 Freshman class that Amat had this year didn’t sport any wins vs. the top Freshmen teams from the Marmonte, Moore, Southcoast, or Trinity leagues. Had they played the best team from each of those leagues they would have ended the season 6-4 and Pac-5 playoff wise that equates to, at best, a 2nd round elimination.

        • jcaz

          I think that what your basing your opinion on here, is the fact that Amat has won only one playoff game in the last four years. However, if you base your conclusion just on that one single argument, then what your doing here is to completely dismiss the fact that Amat has in fact been in the PAC5 playoffs more often than most of the other teams in those leagues you've just used in your argument with, with respect to the freshman team. Btw, let meremind you of a few things here because you seem to want to dismiss quite a number of factors, when you made your conclusion. The simple fact is that Amat has played and beaten the very same teams you seem to give so much value to. Have you forgot the wins againt matter dai, or st bobbies ? What about OLU, or even Servite ? Your argument is clearly flawed, however, I wiukd agree with you if you were to say that Amat will never win unless they decide to make the same comitment that other teams have made. Now, there's a big difference between not being able to win, and not wanting to win. Right now, The powers that be simply do not want to do what it takes to win. They just don't. Big difference between the two my friend

  • Galileo

    Fred,you have 3 all-boys schools in the South that wont fly……

  • dadofacat

    Shouldn’t Maranatha and Rio Hondo be considered the same as these schools and be in a parochial league?

  • PAC 5

    Will this be for all sports . So if this happens I would think in football they will be in the PAC 5 and would replace the marmonte league , because the strong marmonte teams will be in this league . In baseball amat , Harvard westlake , alemany . La salle , cathedral , crespi. Would hang in any division . Especially the class of 2015 for amat , Harvard westlake and cathedral that have great players in that class . Basketball is where it can be tricky .