Football Playoffs: Little Rio Hondo Prep one step away from playing for a state championship

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By Steve Ramirez, SGVN

Rio Hondo Prep, since losing to Mission Prep in late August, thought about nothing but getting revenge on the Royals and winning the CIF-Southern Section Northeast Division football title.

The Kares, after beating Mission Prep, 28-21, last week and accomplishing that goal, now are looking for a little bit more.

They get their chance tonight when they travel to San Diego to face Santa Fe Christian, of Solana Beach, at 7 in a CIF State South Region Division IV Bowl game at Del Norte High School.

The winner advances to face either McClymonds, of Oakland, or Central Catholic, of Modesto, in the CIF State Division IV Bowl, slated for next Friday at 4 p.m. at Home Depot Center in Carson.

“We’re just happy to be here,” said Rio Hondo Prep Ken Drain, whose Kares, after scoring the school’s 14th CIF-SS title, are shooting for their first state championship. “I never thought we’d get this far. A couple of weeks ago, we were about sixth in the (state) polls for state playoffs. It’s not like we were thinking we were going to make it. It kind of fell together, with all the teams above us losing and we made it in.

“It’s a big plus for us. Our whole basketball team is on the football team, so that makes things a little difficult for basketball. But that’s all right, we can live with that, because getting to this state playoff thing is pretty cool.”

But first the Kares (12-1) must take care of business and Santa Fe Christian (10-3), which won San Diego Section Division V, offers quite a challenge.

The Eagles, who run a variety of offensive sets, including an option attack and Wing-T alignment, feature one of the top running attacks in San Diego. It’s led by junior Tony Miro, who has run for 1,057 yards and 14 touchdowns. but the attack also includes senior quarterback Hunter Vaccaro, who has run for 785 and 14 scores, and senior Conor Keith, who has 581 yards and seven touchdowns.

Vaccaro has also thrown for 793 yards and eight scores.

“They’re a good team, obviously, otherwise they wouldn’t be here,” Drain said. “They run an option offense. They are a combination of Big Bear, Flintridge Prep and Boron. They’ll run most of the time, kind of like we do. They run it really well, and don’t make a lot of mistakes.

“Defensively, they’re solid. They crowd it in, put eight, nine guys in the box and look to stop the run. I’m sure they will do that against us, which is OK. Colby (Rivera) is a good quarterback and we have some good receivers, so if we have to throw that’s fine.”

Rivera has been steady all season, throwing for 1,474 yards and 19 touchdowns. Receiver Jake Holguin has 36 receptions for 529 yards and nine scores.

But the key again will rest with running back Nate Tayco, who has averaged close to 200 yards a game in the playoffs, including 171 and four touchdowns against Mission Prep last week. He has run for 1,665 yards and 29 touchdowns for the season.

“I’m sure they’ll try to take the run away,” Drain said. “We’ll probably try to run first and see what happens. If we’re not getting anywhere, we’ll start opening it up.”

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    Good LUCK TO YOU RIO HONDO and get the ~W~. Come ON fellows let’s all wish them GOOD LUCK and they do represent the BIG SGV!

    • fb101

      AP, RHP lost LAST night.

      Have not heard much from you on HS football since the Aztecs were SMOKED by the LP Warriors.


        Smoked, hahahahaahahahah … You almost made me spit my coffee out. Wow I look pretty foolish, sorry to hear they loss and Monrovia plays tonight! LP, we have dominated you guys FOUR YEARS running, OKAY , I’ll give you this season, But how about when we smoked you in your house and put up 50 points!!!! hahahahah… Thanks for the LAUGH! AZUSA JV’S TEAM went undefeated will be BACK! AZUSA FOOTBALL!


        fb 101??? maybe you failed that class and might need to take it again! HAHAHAH.. SMOKED, what a joke! The reason you don’t see AZTEC PRIDE to much is, this new format doesn’t work at my job! HOW ABOUT THIS THOUGH… Are season wasn’t a TOTAL disaster winning the MIGHTY GLADSTONE GLADIATORS FIVE YEARS RUNNING! “SMOKED”, OH YEAH…. One and OUT MIGHTY WARRIOR in the playoffs! fb 101 EPIC FAIL!

        • fb101

          AP, Excuses, excuses…..YOU are not ‘giving’ ME A N Y T H I N G….you SELF important blowhard twit….

          You are/were ALWAYS posting on these blogs when the Aztecs are rolling. Now that they are coming back to earth NO support. Format or not, not a PEEP from you when the WARRIORS wiped the field with the Aztecs.

          Not even a congrats to the Warriors when they win.

          AP, ALL BUSH league team…..

          • AZTEC PRIDE

            You want AZTEC PRIDE’S blessing??? HAHAHAHA… So for all these years what name were you using before 101, WISHING AND PRAYING LP would win AZUSA,, and don’t say you were using 101 all the time you meaningless piece of turd! The only thing you can blow out, is your BIRTHDAY CANDLES and that’s easy because there’s only one of them on your cake moron. By the way, I just mentioned that I cant get on Fred’s blog at work but I’ve been on here when I can! Whenever you want to talk REAL MAN fb101 let me know you BLOW HARD twat and the word suits you fine!. One more thing just like UCLA broke USC winning streak,, well all good things must come to end! AZUSA will be back and by the way one and done, we never shared the LEAGUE TITLE!

          • fb101

            Okaaaayyyyy. You mad? Why you mad?

          • AZTEC PRIDE

            Wow what a quick reply? MAD? HAHAH,,, Don’t try to turn this around and use your PSYCHOLOGY 101 on me, because you probably never even took the class! You, and I mean You 101, came on strong with the insults and name calling, so now don’t come on here and turn this around! How’s this MEMORABLE SEASON LAST YEAR.. LP is undefeated and rolls into Citrus College and plays for the League title and undefeated season! AZUSA crushes your undefeated season and by the way smokes LP., AZUSA ends up the LEAGUE CHAMPION, who plays San Dimas, and a game they should have won. Learn how to TALK FB 101, without the name calling and maybe the person won’t come back as strong! AZTEC PRIDE!

          • AZTEC PRIDE

            What a coincidence, that’s what happen to Gladstones undefeated season this YEAR! …

          • fb101

            Ummm ok…..did I hit a NERVE?

          • AZTEC PRIDE

            Okay , this article is becoming the AP vs fb 101 debate. Let me ask you something BREW 102 are you fan of LA PUENTE? Or you just threw a JAB at the BLOW HARD TWIT Hahahahahaha….If you are, don’t be a coward and hide behind your moniker and be proud to be a little warrior!. I have never seen you say anything about LP until several days ago . I’ve been on here for about 5 years now, okay… so I’ve been on here tooting the AZTEC bugle and been shit on for all those years, because I mention a few things about a school in a FOOTBALL LEAGUE from the bottom of the barrel. So yeah BREW 102, you did strike a nerve and it’s called the SCIATIC NERVE, the one that runs down your AZZ! I’M OUT, AZTEC PRIDE

          • fb101

            AP, been an LP Warrior fan WAY before these blogs existed.

            How does one SEE a person SAY something on a BLOG?

            Happy Holidays and good luck to the Aztecs NEXT season.

          • AZTEC PRIDE

            You know what I mean GHOUST RIDER!


    Hey FRED… how about you and ARAM put something up, LIKE THE SCORE ABOUT RIO HONDO’S GAME last night! Wow looking like that commercial Fred,from SOUTHWEST AIRLINES, “GOTTA GET AWAY”. LOL.. And to make matters worst, I get fb 101 SCHOOLING ME? hahahaha…. Also throws a JAB in how his mighty WARRIORS smoked the AZUSA AZTECS! WOW…

    • Steve_Ramirez

      Did u get my tweeter feed? Had scoring updates all night.

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  • reality

    For up to date scores and stories try the “In The Huddle” blog by Aram Tolegian of the San Gabriel Valley News. There is great stuff every day.”

  • Colt74

    Amat/MtSAC..Gener to Hawaii!