All Hacienda League Football, Bonita’s Reggie Turner named player of the year

All-Hacienda League Football
Player of the year: Reggie Turner, Bonita, Sr.
Offensive player of the year: George Campos, Rowland, Sr.
Defensive player of the year: Adam Romero, West Covina, Sr.
First Team Offense
QB: Tanner Diebold, Bonita, Jr.
RB: Aaron Salgado, West Covina, Sr.
RB: Tyler Brown, Diamond Bar, Jr.
RB: Avery Duffus, Rowland, Jr.
RB: William Bryan, Diamond Ranch, Sr.
WR: Kanya Bell, Diamond Bar, So.
WR: Cody Lepp, Walnut, Sr.
WR: Cordell Broadus, Diamond Bar, So.
TE: Miguel Romero, Rowland, Jr.
OL: Raul Gomez, West Covina, Sr.
OL: Ryan Contri, Bonita, Sr.
OL: Joshua Bucholz, Diamond Ranch, Sr.
OL: DJ Heard, Bonita, Sr.
OL: Spencer Hoff, Bonita, Sr.
PK: Brandt Davis, Bonita, Sr.
First Team Defense
DL: Kammy Delp, Diamond Ranch, Sr.
DL: Christian McQueen, Bonita, Jr.
DL: Louie Barrera, Los Altos, Sr.
DL: Greg Lawton, Rowland, Sr.
DL: Joey Franco, Los Altos, Sr.
LB: Bradley Ojala, West Covina, Sr.
LB: Josh Peyton, Diamond Bar, Sr.
LB: Joey Hubbard, Bonita, Sr.
LB: Noah Montoya, Bonita, Jr.
LB: Adrian Campos, Rowland, So.
DB: Sidney Jones, West Covina, Jr.
DB: Muleck Henderson, West Covina, Sr.
DB: Kanya Bell, Diamond Bar, So.
DB: Diego Arias, Rowland, So.
DB: Allen Salguero, Diamond Ranch, Sr.

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  • Steve Patterson

    Not to take anything away from these young men but really, who votes for all league? How can the 3rd best quarterback based on pure statistics be voted 1st team ahead of George Campos of Rowland and Tyler Peterson of Diamond Bar? Both Peterson and Campos threw for more yardage, had a better completion percentage and a much better td to int ratio, as a matter of fact Diebold threw more interceptions than touchdowns, a feat neither of the other two came close to achieving. Is this league so watered down with talent that a qb with 12 interceptions and ONLY 11 touchdowns can be named first team? I’m sure Mr Diebold is a fine outstanding young man but to be named the best qb this league can offer, any one who can read a stat sheet will tell you that something is shady in the way votes are cast. Campos and Peterson, you two deserve to have this recognition, outstanding job boys.

  • Jeremy Johnson

    Allen Salguero, Josh Bucholz, Kammy Delp, William Bryan all juniors Class of 2014

  • Tom Cobham

    I would have to agree that there is some back room deals being made on these votes. You are correct in saying how does the leagues overall 3rd best in stats be the leagues 1st team league player unless there isn’t something funny going on. The Diamond Bar QB, Peterson, had a 56% comp threw for 2114 yards with 23 Td’s 16 int’s, and a QB rating 87. He also rushed for 4 Td’s with for 408 yards. Campos at Rowland had a 57% comp, threw for 1986 yards with 18 TD’s and 6 Ints with a QB rating of 99. He was not a runner. Diebold had a 56 % comp, threw 1774 yards, 11, TD’s 12 Int’s and a QB rating of 71. He ran for NO TD’s and a total of 38 yards rushing for the entire season. There should be some type of recount, because there is definitely something funny going on. I thought “Daddy Ball” was over and once in high school kids were to stand on their own and prove themselves. This selection just shows that Bonita coaches dont want to win they have other objectives and its obvious to make Diebold some type of “Star” It is a tragedy because its is at the cost of the entire program. Most of his TD passes are behind the line of scrimmage to Turner and if you look at his stats it looks like he padded his stats against teams that were sub par. Look at his stats against some quality teams: Santa Fe (playoff) 7/19 52 yards 0 Td’s 2 Ints, Los Altos 7/24 79 yards passing O TD’s 1 Int, Diamond Ranch 9/25 149 yards 2 TD’s and 1 int. His best game was against 1-9 Walnut and he was 17/20, 302 yards 1 TD and O Ints. So him being first team all league totally devalues the players who truly deserved this recognition and makes you ask the question what is really going all with the coaches. Because I believe these nominations are done by the head coaches only and is similar to how youth baseball all star voting is done. You vote for my kid and I vote for yours. Total BS! Some would then ask what is Bonita’s coaches really thinking about because he has no business being 1st team anything. I want to finish by saying this is nothing against the kid himself, like you said Steve, but if you want to be held up and touted as the best player you better have the stats to back it up.

  • Chris Walker

    I saw this first team list and had to comment when I saw the QB. I have been to at least three Bonita games. This kid lost more games for Bonita than he won. If he had the third best stats that must be doctored, no way. You want to know the reason why this kid made first team, this kid is Podley’s little boy.
    The coaches do make deals, that is very common in these meeting. I remember a few years back the two Los Altos running backs got first team. One of them had something like 250 total rushing yards for the year. The next year this same kid didn’t make first or second team.

  • Tom Cobham

    Then I think someone should ask the Schools administrators what are were relay teaching are kids, because if you work hard it doesn’t really matter. Because you will never beat someone out who is the coaches favorite or their daddy is donating money or something to the school. So these all league teams should be strictly based on stats because isn’t that what football is really all about. It is a game of stats. I could see some type of spirt or sportsmanship award being voted on by the coaches because these type of awards cant be measure in stats. But when it comes to who is the best in each postion it should be based on stats along with a committee of non involved coaches and spots reporters.

  • Two words for you: Where’s Noodles?

    • Bulldogs have bite

      Good question. But I think what worked against Noodles was that he spent half the league games at QB and the other half at RB. So the coaches really could not put him at either spot due to half of them seeing him at the QB posistion and the other half seeing him play RB. If they voted for an All purpose spot, I’m sure that would have been a great spot for him. He’s just a sophomore, he will have a couple more years to earn that all league patch!

  • Steve Patterson

    Well if it is the HCs that vote then Bonita will never win an outright championship with the new coach if this is how he evaluates talent. Hubbard, Montoya, Turner, McQueen and Heard all worthy of 1st team honors. Hoff, Contri and Davis most certainly 2nd team. Diebold….shouldn’t even be in the same conversation. Having seen Bonita play this season, every one of these players played their hearts out especially with the game on the line, inspiring their teammates and rallying not only the sidelines but the crowd in the stands. When the Bearcats needed to rally to win, Diebold never talked to his players, he stood by himself on one end of the sidelines away from his teammates never inspiring. Stats don’t lie and neither does the character to lead and from what I’ve heard in the stands from the parents, Bonita hasn’t won a single game in the past two seasons when trailing in the 4th quarter with Diebold at the helm.
    In last year’s CIF game against Arcadia, Bonita chose to run the ball on almost every down even though they trailed the entire time, I think they attempted less than 15 passes. This year the Hacienda League’s 1st team QB was benched for the remainder of the 1st half for a sophomore QB in their first round loss against Santa Fe because of turnovers and inefficiency. As a matter of fact the only time the entire game that Bonita was able to sustain a long drive was when the sophomore was in. Curiously enough Diebold was back in in the second half and Bonita’s offense continued to sputter having to punt on their first 4 offensive series, being shut out in the second half and losing 11-10. This is who you vote for 1st team All League?
    Food for thought: 2 of the 3 first team receivers are from Diamond Bar yet Tyler Peterson is not even mentioned…..who do you think was throwing to these All League receivers?
    C’mon coaches give credit where credit is due and accolades to those who truly deserve them. Don’t trade integrity for fancy uniforms, it’s not fair to those who dedicate themselves to your program and work their tails off to be the best and give the best.

  • FredJ

    I don’t know about back room deals, but when there is a four-way tie for first, all four teams feel they should be equally represented

    • Steve Patterson

      What is this, AYSO, where every kid gets a trophy? Respect the game and all the hard work, committment, blood, sweat and tears involved and reward the best of the best. Isn’t this why it’s called first team all league? In a day in age where statistic are easily kept and shared I think it would be clear cut as to who is deserving of honors and who is relegated to a 2nd team or honorable mention. I would like to know my kid made 1st team based on merit not because his team needed one more spot to fill on an all star team.

    • Tom Cobham

      Fred you guys should doing some unbiased reporting and telling the real story on how they got the Qb spot all round. Reporters jobs are to put the unbiased facts out their so the public can make an opinion. Not to put your opinion out as fact. But, I forgot you guys claimed Diebold was going to be the “comeback” player of the year, and that he was the third best QB in the valley. To be a come back player you need to be injured, he was benched as a sophomore for bad decisions and bad play. You guys also listed Damian’s Qb as #2 in the valley. I would say looking back now, both of those predictions were way off base. Since it was a four way tie where are the other 3 teams? Really Bonita should have had least amount of players, not the most with 9. Because when it came to league they choked in so many games. If you want a better way of doing it you get sports reporters, coaches from outside the area and or JC coaches to sit on a committee to vote for the all league players, based on their stats.

  • Aaron

    @Steve Patterson what’s your axe to grind with Diebold? Kid is a solid high school player, once thought he’d develop beyond that, but his future is certainly on the diamond. Solid character though. For Davis, he’s been the best kicker in the Hacienda for three years and barely got the honor as a senior, made all-state as a Soph. What’s your axe to grind with my Alma Mater? Apparently the other coaches finally decided to reward Bonita with a lot of guys…funny. You also can’t vote for your own players, although I think you can nominate them for consideration. Remember the year when all of WesCo’s line was on all-league, probably not.

    @tom_cobham:disqus what’s your point? I’m sorry Diebold is more of a manager, even though a gun-slinger. There was definitely a lack of developing his younger receivers but don’t blame the kid, just the guys who make the decisions.

    5-6 another year, this is on the coach and not injuries this time around…sorry but the tirades don’t help.

    • Steve Patterson

      No axe to grind with the kid only pointing out why I disagree with his selection as all league just as I disagree with your opinion that he is a solid high school football player. As for character, I don’t know the kid off the field but I’m sure if he focused on football as much as he focuses on baseball he would have developed into the type of leader and qb that the coaches were pinning their hopes on all season. My nephew graduates this year so doubtful I’ll be in the stands next season but with the players that are moving on and graduating there will be some huge gaps to fill and if Bonita is going to hand the reins over to this kid for a third season well I can’t imagine I’ll miss much.

  • Tom Cobham

    Hey Aaron, like Patterson said I also have no axe to grind just pointing out where you are way off the mark. Like I said earlier, don’t vote a kid all league when he has nothing (stats) to support that honor. Because numbers don’t lie. You say Diebold is a “manager” and is “a solid H.S. player” well, I would again strongly disagree. Lets not forget they keep numbers for everything so it is easy to confirm. I would agree that he seems like a decent kid off the field, but while on the field he seems more concerned about his blond locks then the game of football. As mentioned above he has never and I repeat NEVER, has been able to bring his team back from trailing in a game and win and especially if being behind in the 4th quarter. He also has sub par running ability for a spread QB. I believe this is because he does not want to get hit, he is a great slider and runs out of bounds a lot. With several of these slides and out of bounds runs being short of first downs and not staying in bounds when he should have to keep the clock moving. If you were to subtract the few long runs (nothing over 20 yards) he had this year, from his totals he would have had negative yards this year just as he did last year. So it would have been his second straight year of negative yards rushing for the entire season. If you look he had negative yards in the following games: South Hills -20, La Serna -5, Los Altos -10, Diamond Ranch -17 and finally Diamond Bar -39. So not really the type of guy you want leading a “run and shoot” spread offense. We come to his game management, again sub par. You make it sound like it was all the coaches fault that the younger receivers never got any balls, well you are off again. In most passing offenses QB’s have 3-4 receivers running routes, so the manager (QB) needs to mange the receivers and make the proper read. One of his problems is his pre snap reads, he cant read defenses. He never can read/see the blitz when it is coming. Because if he did he should check out of the called run play to a hot read quick pass play, but he does not. Then when it is a pass play he has mechanical issues which telegraphs it is a pass and who he is throwing to. He likes to throw to only one kid (a baseball buddy) and he looks at him the entire time. The defense picks up (and I am sure Def Coordinators too) on this and double and triple covers this one receiver. So he should then make the adjustment and find another receiver who will probably be uncovered. Because if one guy is double or triple covered someone is going to be totally uncovered. There were several games I attended where he had wide open receivers jumping up and down waving their hands and he still couldn’t see them. So I don’t know how you say it is on the coaches, they don’t have a radio in his helmet telling him what to do, it is upon him as the offense manager on the field to execute the play. The coaches set up the play and call it, but he must still make adjustments and execute it. A good game manager does not throw picks that are converted into points which ultimately cost Bonita several games this year. Good managers have low Int numbers (not more then TD’s) maintain ball possession, move the chains and keep the clock running. This correlates into sustained drives which result with points on the board. Not picks in the end zone.

    Patterson was right when he mentioned he was benched after the picks and the inability to sustain a drive in Bonita’s only playoff game. I don’t think any league 1st team QB was ever benched, especially in the playoffs. Bonita put the sophomore in and the team came alive and starting playing with some pop. All the people I was sitting around noticed this and made the same comment. He was the only QB the entire game to lead a multi 1st down drive in the game. Then after halftime, unknown why, Diebold returned for more of the same 3 and outs. The final offensive play of the game for Bonita showed more bad game management too. It was 4th and 6, and I guess just outside of Davis’ leg. So Bonita sent everyone on deep routes. At this time there was over a minute left in the game, Bonita did not need the hail Mary, it just needed a first down. Once all the defenders dropped back and the rush came, the line did there job and created a nice pocket. He should have stepped stepped up and ran to pick up the first down. But instead, he ran laterally in the back field and was almost sacked then, he threw an off balanced hail Mary pass to his favorite receiver, in double coverage, who made a valiant effort, but was unable to bring it in. So if he would have run for the first, Bonita would have gotten more downs. They could have kept the ball on the ground, eating clock time and gotten it to the side of the field Davis liked. Then let their all state kicker kick the game winning field goal. He would have then won the game and set a new state CIF field goal record. Then Bonita would have moved on to play again. That is what it is all about in playoff, win or stay home. But because of bad game management and not knowing the game situation and what was really needed he tried the desperate play. Lets also not forget this is not a 1st year player this is from a two year varsity starter. After the game lots of parents and fans were saying they should have stayed with the sophomore, because he moved the team.

    Stats were developed so coaches and committees could compare players to see who really is the best. This is also why the QB rating system was designed too. It looks like high school uses the same formula as the NFL. Look at these following numbers and tell me if he would also be a solid HS player in your opinion. A 55% completion average, 2547 passing yards, 23 rushing yards, 12 TD’s and 13 Ints, with a QB rating of 73. Funny, these numbers are just about the same as the leagues 1st team player. But guess what, they are of Jets QB, Mark Sanchez’s and everyone in the league and media are calling for his head. I also don’t think you will see Sanchez in the Pro Bowl this year, or any year. So how does the same type of stats get you the title of 1st Team All League QB. The system failed and so did the coaches with each setting up votes for their favorite players. The leagues real 1st team QB, is Diamond Bar’s sophomore QB Peterson.

    This is no tirade, I have no dog in this fight. My step daughters have graduated and have moved on. I like to watch and debate HS football. I guess that college statistics class just stuck. I also hope the Bonita coaches are done with this two season project at QB and move on to the next guy. Hopefully, he has what it takes to turn the program around.

    • Steve Patterson

      Tom you are obviously very passionate about Bonita football and it must have been hard to watch this team this season. We laughed with my nephew after every win and even harder after every loss considering how they should have won every one of them. But it was heartbreaking to see him crying after the Santa Fe loss in what would be his final high school game. A tough way to end a very successful high school career, at least on a personal note. (and yes I would have voted him all league too)

      I completely agree that Peterson from DB should have been selected 1st team all league at QB just based on statistics and the fact that he outplayed Diebold in their win against Bonita.

      I talked to my brother in law yesterday and he made a great point, maybe the opposing coaches voted for Diebold to assure he would be the starter next season (what coach in his right mind would bench the current all league qb, right?) therefore increasing their chances of victory. If Diebold is next season’s starter which I believe he will be, then the coaches need to scrap the offense and go with a strictly run orientated offense a la San Dimas and just use Diebold as a “manager” periodically throwing a swing pass to vedugo just to pad the yardage stats and keep the arm loose.

      • Tom Cobham

        Steve I am sure your nephew played his heart out as most of the kids did. I wish him good luck in his future endeavors. Bonita cant go to the San Dimas style of offense because it requires a QB who can run an take hits, something they dont have with Diebold. If he starts I dont think I will be going to the games next year. I might see how the new Damien coaches do in rebuilding that program

    • Aaron

      I honestly don’t know if Tanner Diebold will be the guy next year, college statistics classes, I hated that class. However, I read the pulse of Bonita relatively well, and look at the stats almost every Saturday morning when I wake. It seems that you are putting too much blame on a 16 year old young man. For all we know he’ll develop into something great next year, that I do not know.

      What about the defense that couldn’t hold a lead if they they were getting chased by an actual Bearcat the way the acquiesced.

      Maybe that’s where we differ, I blame the coaching a lot this year more than last year…last year they could have groomed him along with how much they ended up running. This year there was a definite lack of mental toughness which showed the first three games and then the last two. I bleed green and white but the tirades this year from the head coach that I was related to about…to supposedly orchestrate a fiery leader, that stuff doesn’t work for me anymore because very few people seem to be able to back it up with their coaching skills.

      Where do we go from here? Well the roundball guys are with Eckler and the Baseball guys are already with Knott getting ready for another year. I’d probably be more mad about the coaching if I saw all of it in person. It is what it is, and hopefully the boys can turn it around because two years of 5-6 don’t cut it.

      • Tom Cobham

        Aaron, I would agree the defense needs a lot of help the secondary is terrible. They never play man coverage only zone and we are always 10 yards off the guy. I was always amazed that we never have anyone deeper then 10 yards from the LOS, and that is the safety. We never play 2 deep safeties like most schools, which makes no sense. If a team runs 4 deep receivers and 2 beat their guy the safety can only help one, because he has no depth to play any kind of angle. So I would agree that is true about the defense and the HC is a defense guy. So I am surprised by the terrible play on that side of the ball. in respect to Diebold you are right he is only 16, but should we wait until he is 18 to play Qb. Most every other HS Junior his 16 too and they get the job done and some even younger, the DBar QB probably only 15. I think what it really comes down to his his heart not really being into the game, let alone the position. That position requires a special kid, not just a guy who looks the part. It requires a guy who is hungry, quick minded, great football knowledge and is willing to do whatever it takes to get his team a win. I too would agree that 5-6 record wont cout it and especially next year when some of these other schools will have stronger teams based on returning players.

  • david theard jr

    its Dj Theard not Heard! haha