All Valle Vista League Football: San Dimas’ Jake Payton most valuable player

All Valle Vista League Football
Most Valuable Player: Jake Payton, San Dimas
Offensive MVP: Javon Taylor, Northview
Defensive MVP: Justin Bugh, San Dimas
First Team Offense
Backs: Andrew Espinoza, San Dimas
Backs: Shazeb Mallick, Covina
Backs: Josh Logan, Wilson
Backs: Josh Avila, San Dimas
Backs: Frankie Ramirez, Covina
TE: Christian Alba, Northview
TE: Noah Repp, San Dimas
WR: Terell Mosbey, Pomona
WR: Cody McNeal, San Dimas
WR: Terrance Manderville, Nogales
OL: Roger Padilla, Northview
OL: Andrew Arocho, Covina
OL: Carl Gregorio, Northview
OL: Fidel Castro, San Dimas
OL: Elia Semu, Covina
First Team Defense
DB: Michael Peters, Covina
DB: Kris Lopez, Northview
DB: Aaron Rivas, Northview
DB: Andrew Espinoza, San Dimas
DL: Anthony Urrea, Covina
DL: Jared Brito, Northview
DL: Christian Alba, Northview
DL: Erasmo Isiorida, Northview
LB: Roy Torres, Northview
LB: Azeem Victor, Pomona
LB: Terrance Manderville, Nogales
LB: Justin Turner, Covina
LB: Joey Sanchez, Northview
K/P: Albert Reyes, Pomona

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  • Mr SD

    San dimas Jared Trujillo was the lineman of the year. Jr

  • ZeeMan

    1 person for SD got all-league on defense? kinda odd considering the fact their defense shut out northview who has a total of 7 guys on defense that got all league

  • IntheKnow45

    Kind of funny, Pomona HS LB Azeem Victor was just rated the #6 LB in CA and #62 in the nation and recently committed to UW and has 11 other Division 1 offers. How many other VV players are gonna sign?

    • Colt74

      I don’t know. I have not researched how many kids transferred to a school for their senior year and got offers.

    • BeachRat

      Too bad with all of Pomona’s signings they couldn’t even make the playoffs. The Valley Vista is full of Great High School football players. But not full of D-1 football players. It’s about getting kids to go to college, which all of the Valley Vista teams do their best to do. It’s not about getting kid’s who aren’t D-1 athletes to sign. Heck, If the Victor kid was at any other Valley Vista school he would have signed, the only difference would be that he would have had playoff experience and if he went to San Dimas, Covina, or Northview, he would have learned how to compete for a championship. Too bad those Pomona kids don’t know that feeling. He I bet coach Perez over at Northview could have gotten a 6’4, 230lb linebacker a D-1 Scholarship too. The kid would have the cross town rival trophy to remember too. Coach Z would have made that kid a 2 way player, and if he was at San Dimas would have been the League MVP. STATS don’t lie. Kids, if you want to be respected no matter what you look like, you need to go to a program that is 1) successful, and 2) going to compete for a title

      Pomona….stop talking about all the guys you have that pass the look test and try winning some games. All the other guys are tired of laughing at you for beating your butt year in and year out with inferior talent, wishing we had 1 spec of the talent on your team. Problem is, most of those kids would quit because they don’t know how to practice hard.

      Enjoy this my blog friends. To all the coaches out there that read this….have a good laugh because you know I speak the truth.

      Oh yeah, Pomona…..try to at least look like a coaching staff. Leave your backpacks, skinny jeans, and pre-game dancing for the kids and try to act your age.

      • IntheKnow45

        Btw, you sound just like a HS coach/pimp. “Win games for me, Son…” But you won’t push for the kid to get a scholarship… You are just an everyday pimp type of guy, aren’t you? Go 7-4 and get some kids signed… Oh, that’s right, SD parents can afford to pay their kid’s tuition… Food for though, you clown… See you Feb. 5th…

  • BeachRat

    Hey INthe Know45. Too bad Azeem Victor didn’t have a tackle against San Dimas. In fact, he didn’t even have 60 tackles on the season. Great looking kid, too bad his coaches couldn’t get him to play like he looked.

  • IntheKnow45

    I knew I’d strike a chord. Victor actually had well over 100 tackles. Correct yourself. Let me know when Northview, San Dimas or any other school has BCS HC’s stopping by to see your kids. Btw, if the RB from Northview doesn’t get a ride, it will be a travesty… Also, when is the last time a kid from Northview got a ride? Silence, crickets… I want PHS to win bad as heck but if we can get kids to college in the interim I’ll take that… Also, I’d like to send a shout out to Titus Teague who graduates from the University of Louisville and he did it in 7 semesters and he has another season of eligibility. Titus starts his Masters program in January. All of it paid for via FB… BeachRat, how many kids from San Dimas even get a sniff? Daniel Joseph was a GREAT player and guess what he’s doing? Let me tell you, he just helped me load up some laminate flooring at YOUR local Lowes Hardware. At Pomona, he gets the same thing as Titus Teague, a scholarship, an opportunity to further his education – for free… Also, BeachRat, I will tell Azeem to shoot you some tickets to the UW-UCLA game next year, it’s in the Rose Bowl.

  • Saints Fan

    Its’ Really a shame, we should congratulate all these kids on their achievements, Offense, no problem with this list, I am sure there are kids that got slighted, but this happens every single year. Now on the Defense, this is where this list does NOT represent the Defensive Players in the Valle Vista League that had the best seasons.

    You have 7 Players from Northview on the D, so let me see, They held the vaulted League Champs to 335 yds of Offense (oops that is kind of a lot considering the Starters did not see the field in the entire 4th Qtr and at least half of the 3rd Qtr) Javon Taylor (Offensive MVP) who I absolutely think is a beast had a wopping 84 yards (with I guarantee some after the 1’s were on the bench) against SD — so who get’s 1 Guy on the Defense team – great kid, but not the best player left.

    Start with the LB – I actually think this group is pretty good. Bugh was the most dominant with Torres a very close run (Torres is a beast). Turner from Covina deserves it (94 tackles). Victor ok, D1 prospect fine, Manderville another specimen but had 5 tackles vs SD, Sanchez NV 77 tackles on year, low but OK. Howerver, if you want to consider the SD guy’s below who really were up on the Line as Outside LB’s, then Manderville, Victor & Sanchez should have been replaced on this list by them as their season’s paled in comparison.

    Now we get to where SD guy’s got royally screwed.

    DL: Anthony Urrea, Covina – 31 Tackles
    DL: Jared Brito, Northview – 82 Tackles (OK, Give that one)
    DL: Christian Alba, Northview – 89 Tackles (OK Give that one)
    DL: Erasmo Isiorida, Northview – 73 Tackles

    SD Comparisons

    Austin Hill – 147 Tackles 13.5 Sacks
    Denzel Mitchell – 98 Tackles 13.5 Sacks

    And these guy’s NEVER saw the field in the 4th Quarter and most of the 3rd Quarter as Coach Z pulled his “1’s” for sportsmanship

    DB: Michael Peters, Covina – 26 Tackles 7 Picks
    DB: Kris Lopez, Northview – 87 Tackles 2 Picks
    DB: Aaron Rivas, Northview – 66 Tackles 0 Picks
    DB: Andrew Espinoza, San Dimas – 43 Tackles 2 Picks

    SD Comparisons

    Mitchell Giles – 105 Tackles 6 Picks
    Ricky Ramirez – 88 Tackles 4 Picks

    And these guy’s NEVER saw the field in the 4th QTR and most of the 3rd QTR.

    Again, I am sure there are several other kids who could have been on the team, however, it just doesn’t make sense with that many kids on the First Team from Northview when there were others that produced on the field at higher levels and never saw a 4th Quarter except against Bonita, Monrovia and the 2nd / 3rd Round of Playoffs. Ya fine, you can argue they played more games, but then why don’t we calculate Tackles per minute played instead of per game, average will jump much higher.

    Straight from Maxpreps

    #Name Pos GP Solo Asst Tot Tck/G Sck 1
    Justin Bugh(Sr)San Dimas (CA)MLB 12 64 93 157 13.1 16.0 2
    Austin Hill(Sr) San Dimas (CA) DE 13 49 98 147 11.3 13.5 3
    Roy Torres(Sr) Northview LB 11 35 94 129 11.7 4
    Mitchell Giles(Jr) San Dimas (CA)SS 13 50 55 105 8.1 2.0 5
    Erasmo A.Isiordia(Sr) Northview DT 11 27 73 100 9.1 2.0 6
    Denzel Mitchell(Sr) San Dimas (CA) DE13 36 62 98 7.5 13.5 7
    Justin Turner(Sr) Covina (CA) LB 10 47 47 94 9.4 1.5 8
    Christian Alba(Sr) Northview TE, DE 11 27 62 89 8.1 8.0 9
    Ricky Ramirez(Sr) San Dimas (CA)DB 11 31 57 88 8.0 1 0
    Kristian Lopez(Sr) Northview CB 11 27 60 87 7.9 1 1
    Nicholas Ybarra(Jr) Northview CB 10 21 62 83 8.3 1 2
    Jared D Brito(Jr) Northview DE 11 20 62 82 7.5 5.0
    Cesar Ortiz(Sr) Northview DT 11 23 57 80 7.3 2.0
    A.J. Ossorio(Sr) Covina (CA) LB 10 30 48 78 7.8 4.5
    Joe R Sanchez(Sr) Northview (Covina, CA)FB, LB112156777.01.0

  • Mr SD

    U sound just like Mike Victor the famous street agent who uses his relationship with ron english to get underground payments from parents to get them hooked up. By the way what happened between you and coach rice? Its great to get guys signed but how many actually start taking classes in the fall becuase they didnt meet ncaa requirements. Btw i know if coach z get a d1 takent they get signed just ask allen brown and klye salm. Your an idiot. U need to have a great all around program and not one the is build on false promises and poor production

  • Darkside

    Saints fan be quite with your stats you should be working espn instead of crying over the Internet cry me a river San Dimas dominated league and chocked in the playoffs but for a league that has been ran by a covina team for the past 2 years what Northview did this year was unexpected . These kids played there hearts out all season it came down to the last game of league to determine a league champion , as a former player I ve played under both z , Jim and Perez and Perez has done more to try and get his students out then both of those previous coaches ever did. You or us don’t decide the all league and neither do stats obviously thanks to you we see that so stop crying to us and go cry to your San Dimas coaches get over it