With Damien football coach Greg Gano resigning, who will be the next Spartans coach?

Damien football coach Greg Gano ended the speculation Sunday by announcing his resignation after struggling in four seasons as the head coach, compiling a 20-22 overall record and no postseason victories despite reaching the playoffs twice. The school hired Gano in 2009 in hopes of winning championships, something Gano had done at his previous post at Los Altos, where he won four CIF titles. But Damien and Gano struggled over philosophical differences on how to get the program to the next level, and Gano never could lure the type of players he had hoped to turn the program around. So, who do you think will be the next Damien head coach?

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  • Spartan 4 Life

    Whoever it is? The AD shouldn’t be involved. He’s out of touch with the new time & generation!!!

  • chivo

    Matt Bechtle

    • UCLAman

      I hope it is but I doubt the old man AD will hire him – hell want to go back and get Larson or something stupid.

  • no-step

    Gano won at LA because Verti was at Amat, and the players there abandoned BA (despite all of the “fidelity” the honks brag about) and went to the big fish in the little pond. Gano didn’t have to coach. He just put his D-1 players into the D-VII league they played in.

    • FredJ

      That’s like saying Maddox doesn’t have to coach at Monrovia, he just has to roll out his D-1 players and let them win D-10 championships. Doesn’t work that way, it takes coaching and players to win titles.

      • Bulldogs have bite

        That’s D-11 for Monrovia, but the rest of your statement holds true. Look at what happened to USC, 5 star recruits all over the field and they barely finished with an above .500 record. You need a good coach to win at any level.

      • 90’s Spartan

        You bring up a very interesting point here. It has been pointed out that Monrovia has the most D1 talent in the SGV, yet struggles with the bottom of the Sierra. I wonder what the problem is. Could it be the coach? Personally, I don’t know. Interesting thought though.

      • Galileo

        the best talent generally wins championships.obviously Monrovia had the best guys in D11 wasnt really competitive.how did they fare against Sierra also rans Ayala and SH..where was the coaching on those nights ?

    • 90’s Spartan

      I wonder if Gano’s resignation was influenced in part by not wanting to compete at a high level. Remember, when he took the job, Damien was in the Central Division (D5) before moving up to the Inland after he was hired. Now they will most likely be in a Private school league and Gano has decided to move on.
      I know it’s not the only reason for his resignation, just an interesting circumstance to consider.

      • SpartDam

        What kind of talent does Damien have coming back? Did any Soph or jr start?

        • UCLAman

          If they don’t start recruiting over there the next season or two will be worse than this year.

        • PAC 5

          I heard that Damien had a good sophomore class and a good big freshmen Qb .

      • FredJ

        Gano has made up his mind this would probably be his last season long before CIF came out with its reconfiguration suggestion

        • 90’s Spartan

          Fair enough. I was just pointing out an interesting circumstance. You do know that he was unhappy that they moved to the Inland. Anyway, I know that’s not why he decided to step down.

        • Galileo

          GGs mind was made for him by the administration, you don’t think for a minute that Hemenway say, good job do you? he was doomed when Hemenway was tweeting the losing Damien score(s) into your live Friday night games

  • FredJ

    Given that former Amat principal Merritt Hemenway is now the principal at Damien, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hemenway brought on one of Hagerty’s former head coach assistants like Verti, Gallagher, or Di Fiori ..

  • FredJ

    I’ll give you one name that has asked and is absolutely interested: Former St. Paul coach Elijah Asante …

    • UCLAman

      Old man AD and 70s Spartan alum will push for a Damian grad. They have been burned by non Damian guys twice now. The new Father will want a Damian guy too.

      • 90’s Spartan

        I know Morrison was a Damien guy, but who is the other Damien guy who burned them?

        • UCLAman

          2 non Damien guys burnt them – Pasquerella and Gano.

          • 90’s Spartan

            I wouldn’t say Pasquerella burned them, he did well for Damien. I understand what you’re saying though.

  • Why Not

    I hear Tom Salter has been on campus recently

    • 90’s Spartan

      I love my old school, and I would love to have Coach Salter work there. However, I can’t see how this move makes sense for him. He’s got a great thing going at Upland. I would be very surprised (but thrilled) if he were the next HC at Damien.

      • Owen55

        Tim Salter is at Upland, Tom his brother is an assistant at Amat. Tom would be a great choice, run a really tight and smooth program and will draw top players.

        • UCLAman

          I doubt Salter will leave Upland for Damian for a pay cut.

          • Why Not

            UCLAman pay close attention there are brothers Tom and Tim. Tim is at Upland and Tom is a CC. Tom is the more likely candidate. He work for Damien principle when he was at Amat.

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            Just throwing my .25cents in. If Tom Salter is in CC, why would he want to make that drive back to Damien and then back home? Culver City isn’t exactly around the corner.

          • Cougar

            Tim Salter has enough years in the public school system to retire..take full retirement from Upland Unified..substitute a couple days a year for his bennies…then draw a solid football salary from Damien…double dip to make it worth the money….He has been itching to get back to Catholic School Football for a while…the parochial league is right up his alley…problem isn’t so much Coach Carrol etc….it is the fact that unlike old Amat who used to schollie the athletes..even pay for transportation..DHS refuses..that,plus a drive from Chino Hills and beyond can be difficult….GG is a system coach…and always recruited at LA…tough to recruit a kid to drive to DHS AND pay to play…he was exposed at DHS….but he will land on his feet…always has since the WC Pony Baseball Days..and painting houses.

        • 90’s Spartan

          My mistake. Is Tim the former Culver City coach?

          • Owen55

            Yes sir and Amat’s head coach in 92&95 when they won it all.

          • fb101

            and CURRENT AD at Culver City. Did NOT coach ANYWHERE this past season. Just GOT the AD spot at CC and would have get a HEFTY pay raise to consider coaching again. He also live s in the CC area so a LONG commute or move would be in the cards.

  • D-Mo

    The question should be “who will be Upland’s new coach?”

  • Spartan 03

    There are a lot of talented coaches out there who can get the job done. Whoever may get the job, he and his staff are going to have to have support from administration. Damien guy or non-Damien guy, if neither knows how to handle the politics of a private school it’s not going to matter. With Dr. Hemenway now principal, it’s going to be interesting if he’s going to want to use his Amat ties to find a coach. I’m sure Mr. Carroll is going to want a Damien guy, but how much say is he going to have as a new AD was being groomed this year and is he even going to be around next year.

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about Dr Hemenway from current staff. Hopefully everyone can work on the same page to help the school perform well academically and athletically.

    • UCLAman

      Hemenway is the interim principal – hell be gone in 7 mths. Old man AD will again have his hands all over this – what about sonny boy? Why isn’t he in line for the job?

      • 90’s Spartan

        Don’t be so sure about Dr. Hemenway.

        Also, of course the AD will be involved in hiring the next head coach, just like he was involved hiring Gano. That’s part of the AD’s job.

        I don’t think his son is interested in being the HC at Damien, but I could be wrong.

        • Spartan 03

          Yes, Dr. Hemenway introduced himself as the future principal to faculty and students, so the interim title is gone. Jeff grant is co-AD this year, I don’t know how long the grooming process is going to be, but it’s a sign Tom Carroll is on his way to retirement. Either way, with all the different ties, there should be a big pool of candidates to choose from.

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            Whose on your short list? Or who would you like to see?

          • Spartan 03

            Normally I am a fan of a head coach that is new and no one really knows as they usually have more drive to win and bring new ideas. In this scenario, you need to have experience of coaching in a private school environment and being able to handle the parents who are paying for their kid’s education. So, I would be happy with an assistant who is on a current staff at a private institution and who is looking to make himself known and is going bring new ideas and passion to the team. With Dr. Hemenway’s ties to Amat, we all know they have excellent assistants there and understand what it takes to be successful. The staff is just as important as the head coach and Dr. Hemenway understood this and helped the head coach in any way.

          • fb101

            Really? Then how could the ‘brain trust’ at Amat have brought in Verti to be the head coach? Verti was TOTALLY unprepared to a FIRST TIME HC ANYWHERE let alone PAC5 Amat. Amat’s ‘brain trust’ went after the CHEAPEST hire and the results were shown on the field and are finally beginning to be cleared up.

            How does Hemenway ‘help’ head coaches at Amat? Please be specific.

    • 90’s Spartan

      What worries me is the limited selection of Damien guys available who are have head coaching experience. I would settle for someone who is not a Damien guy but could fit in with the Damien community.

  • FredJ

    How would Roddy Layton do at Damien? He would be an interesting choice because he’s a players coach, he has incredible enthusiasm and talent would follow him.

    • 90’s Spartan

      Interesting question. I believe he would do fine if he integrates himself within the school community and holds his players accountable off the field as well as on the field. If he is the mentor that some portray him to be, he might be a good choice.

    • sabado-gigante

      The players would follow him until they find out they have to pay 7000 in tuition.

    • http://twitter.com/gfisch66 Garrett Fisch

      That’s what you guys thought when Gano arrived

      • 90’s Spartan

        Fair point.

    • Galileo

      first and foremost you need a coach that is familiar with an all boys private school setting.GG never was,never believed in it.he was a sham…….


      Roddy doesn’t want any part of Big Lou and Co.

      • Spartan 03

        Don’t think it’s going to be too big of a problem seeing Damien is on its way out to an all Parochial League. This is something the possible coaches might take into consideration.

    • tor eckman

      What is a “player’s coach” at the high school level? Would love to know your description.

  • wormseyeview


  • Not Since 1995

    How can Gano be gone but Hagerty still is drowning in the marsh of Bishop AmNOT? Why…why….!

  • Chris Walker

    Most of you haven’t been around very long, can tell by your comments. First off Gano resigned because he had a choice resign or get fired.
    Fred your comment about Monrovia is only proof that you don’t need coaching if you have enough talent. Monrovia is stacked with talent but struggles against well coached teams with zero D1 players. You and Aram need to get off Gano’s jock, he is done.
    Damien was Gano’s chance to prove he could coach, and all he did was prove that we were right, he can’t coach.
    Gano isn’t going to get no top program, look what happened to Morrison, he is at Workman now. Gano’s term at Damien was no better than Morrison’s and he may have even ended up with a worse winning percentage than Morrison.
    Look at what happened at Damien, Gano was given four years and each year it got worse not better. No quality program is going to hire this guy.

  • Jerry East

    A.D. Tom Carroll is Damien’s biggest problem. He undermines all the Head Football Coaches and is a periah to the Football program. The likeyhood that there will never be another truly successful football team at Damien until Carroll is gone is sad but true. It’s a bad situation for the next Head Coach, just ask Gano, Morrison or Pasquarella.

    • 90’s Spartan

      Coach Carroll has certainly become difficult to deal with, but it would not be fair to blame him entirely for Gano’s lack of success. A good amount of blame has to go with Coach Gano himself.

  • New York

    A HUGE aspect of winning football games is the quality of the assistant coaches. You can have great head coaches and/or coordinators, but if those guys or the position coaches are not teaching/coaching the positions, then the team overall will not be ready to win big games. Look at Amat’s roster of assistant coaches. It is clear that they have enough high calliber assistants to assure that every position on the field is taught very well how to play the game. No other local program has a roster of assistant coaches like that.

    • 90’s Spartan

      I agree. When Gano first came to Damien, he brought Fair, Merrill, and Garrison with him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001974979773 Jerry Smith

    I love the resignation term. Gano was gone after the last game. Now lets see who the next guy this admin puts in. Baseball another big Q mark too!

    • PAC 5

      Heard that Damien already had a couple key baseball players transfer to Bonita .

  • chivo

    Well this what I was told by a Damien insider. There are over 30 applicants already for the football job, even Scott Morrison, Bob Baiz Jr, and get this Elijah Assante. So the look for a new coach begins. I was told they want a either Damien guy or someone who has private school experience.

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