Do you believe in twitter rumors? SoCalFootball tweets that John Monger is leading candidate to take over at Damien

Fred’s thought: Not sure there is any truth to John Monger at Damien. He retired in 2005 after building a powerhouse at Chino for 19 years. He was so great the stadium was named after him. Monger was a finalist for the Damien position in 2009, but the school hired Greg Gano instead, who resigned earlier this week. Damien principal Dr. Merritt Hemenway said the school will accept applications for the Damien football position through Jan. 7, so hard to believe any decision already has been made. I can tell you there’s one coach out there that has applied and feels he could take Damien to the next level, and that’s former St. Paul coach Elijah Asante, check out his youtube channel

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  • Galileo

    Fred, I don’t believe there’s any chance at all that Hemenway would hire Assante, he is absolutely not his style……

    • Kevin Criss

      Asante is very unique, he has a style like no other coach, He is a proven winner!!! He is a cutting edge coach. Results

      • Galileo

        how did the self-promoter do this year with all his recruits? no way in hell does this guy fit into what Hemenway and Damien want….

        • UCLAman

          Yup. Now that Hemingway is at Damian look for the Amat assistants to be the front runners.


    Being a Damien alum I know our football program needs a huge overhaul . I’ve read several blogs and all I’m really hearing is Damien needs to hire an alum. That would be nice but it takes more than just being an alum to put together a successful football program. You need a players coach one that kids want to play for and for a coach and his players to have that mutual respect for each other. Not to mention you need to have athlete’s in order to win and a players coach can bring you those athletes. I saw this blog today and Fred must think a lot of Mr. Asante to put up his You Tube Channel so I decided to watch a few of Mr. Asante’s video’s. I’m prepared to say I found them very informative and impressive. What I see in the first video is Mr. Asante’s team is very disciplined and you can see the respect they have for their coach by how they respond to him, they pay close attention to him when he speaks and to me that’s speaks volumes about him as a coach. It’s a huge accomplishment to beat a team as highly regarded as Mater Dei and you can see how excited the team is that they just beat Mater Dei when you can hear them singing on bus on the way back. Mr. Asante seems to me to be a players coach. In another video Mr. Asante says he has Mater Dei, Santa Margarita and other power house programs on his pre season schedule which shows he knows how to get his team ready for league play by playing the best of the best. That speaks volumes about Mr. Asante as a coach. In my opinion he knows what he needs to do to win!

    • Kevin Criss

      Great observation, I like your view. Well written. Asante is the future, smart, articulate, crafty. coach. He’s for real, I admire his wisdom and strength. He will rise again, he’s a winner!!!! Results

      • fb101

        Kevin Criss/ : 2 posts for Assante….How are you related to him?

    • 90’s Spartan

      I wonder what really happened at St. Paul this season.

      • FredJ

        One word: Parents

        • fb101

          and at Damien there are NO parents?

        • Galileo

          yes, the parents of the students, who write the checks who fund the school got tired of a fat guy being the show……simple as that…what was the fat guys record before he was bounced Mr Libero?

        • sgvfootballparent

          Fred I heard from an inside source myself “RACE” played the biggest part. St Paul is just not ready for diversity. They basically closed the door on diversity and you need it in any program. I heard back in “06” about racism there and chose not to believe it when a relative’s son went there and now it comes up again. Now I have to believe it does exist there. Racism why that kid left back then. Asante obviously didn’t get let go as coach for any significant reason because he still teaches there from what I hear and that a lone speaks volumes. It goes much deeper than football and coaching. If you kept up with St Paul or the blogs a lone you found St Paul did MUCH WORST without Asante.

        • C’mon NOW

          If you only knew the truth, we’ll let you believe his story and run with it!!!!

    • UCLAman

      Ask St. Paul why he got fired. Oops, I mean resigned.

  • KR

    John Monger would be an EXCELLENT hire. He has a great record – Damien must’ve regretted ever letting him go in the first place

  • Colt74

    Heck..if it’s on twitter it MUST be true! I know I am still excited about the tweets of North Korea discovering the Unicorn den!

  • disqus_KSIJpa2ssI

    Did Assante just hire Karl Rove?

  • Moosh

    John Monger is the best qualified for Damien H.S and Damien football.

    • SGV Football Fan

      With no disrespect to Coach Monger he has had an exceptional run but he is coming up on his 65th birthday and when he gave up football he said it was time to do it. Monger hasn’t coached football in 7 years not to mention Damien needs a younger coach who is going to have longevity, has time to rebuild the program and who is currently in tune with and coaching high school football. I’ve also heard Monger’s health is an issue.

  • Moosh

    Whoever made the comment about to old to coach its about experience… And if you knew John Monger he looks like he is in his forties and I know he can probably out run me and i’m in my late thirties ( what people will say ) healthy as an ox… there are many High School and College Football coaches that are in their seventies and very successful!!

    • 90’s Spartan

      I am intrigued by the idea of Monger coming back to Damien. However, I know that the last 2 times Damien tried to get him, he had some conditions attached that Damien was not able to meet. I wonder if his conditions have changed or not. Basically, what would it take to get him and would it be worth it compared to getting another applicant?

  • Carson Football Dad

    Asante was great at Carson. He advanced his team to the CIF City Section Division I Championship Game as the #1 seed. What an accomplishment.

    • tommy gun

      A 2nd rate Pop Warner Coach could have taken that group of athletes to the City Finals. Just for the entertainment factor, I sure would like to see him get the Damien job.

  • Galileo

    Monger would be the pick if the Athletic Director TC made the choice, he’s not making the pick though, Hemenway is and he’ll look for a young gun ,someone who has experience at a private HS,someone who understands and believes in the mission of the school(something GG didn’t)

    • UCLAman

      One of the Amat assistants is a shoe in, go to the bank on that. After the amount of $ they paid Gano for no results, they will go the cheap route and yong and inexperienced means chaep.

      • 90’s Spartan

        All of the likely Amat assistants who would be candidates already have head coaching experience.