La Verne Lutheran, where are you? Covina looking for a team to fill out Christmas tourney

Note from Covina coach Will Bissman:

“We had a last minute drop out and must find a team to fill in 16-team bracket. There will be no charge. All games played in the recently remodeled Covina High school gym. If interested, please contact Coach Bissman immediately by phone, text, or e-mail; (626) 484-6383;

1. Damien
2. La Salle
3. Rowland
4. Cal (Whittier)
5. Covina
6. Bishop Amat
7. Los Altos
8. South Hills
9. Northview
10. Charter Oak
11. Mountain View
12. Sierra Vista
13. South El Monte
14. Azusa
15. Bassett
16. ???????

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  • SpartDam

    Where is the wrestling news? NorthView just had a tourny over the weekend. Come on writers give these boy n girls the respect they have coming,they put more into their sport than any others kid.

  • basketball junkie

    Why is the #1 team in the valley not playing in Orange County tourneys instead of beating up on South El Monte and Bassett?

    • The No. 1 team in the Valley — Damien — Just played in an extremely tough tournament up North. Love what Damien does, they play the best in the Valley and test the waters outside of it. That’s what everyone should do.

      • socalhoops fan

        While Damien plays in a good tournament Glendora continues to rack up wins playing handpicked cupcakes. CIFSS has caught up with Glendora’s schedule and not giving them the high seeds like in the past.

  • gtownalum2008

    There in the marantha tourment during that time sorry talking about la verne luthern i tried tell the coach when he messsege get arcadia there not busy atleast it fills up the roster prob would be a win anyways


    La Verne Lu will never be the same without Eric Cooper. They have
    already lost to LB Jordan and Chino Hills. They would never have lost to
    these teams with Cooper at the helm. Damien officially has no
    competition as the number one team in the valley.

    • gtownalum2008

      i beg to differ those are 2 good teams they lost to the jordan game went to ot and they didnt have there big man from afriacia because of paper problems and chino hills is always solid and glendora could beat damiean i think to


        LB Jordan has already lost 7 games, what are you talking about. Chino Hills is a decent team but like I said if Coop was there they wouldn’t have lost those games. I can definitely see Damien and Glendora as the top two teams in the area now and at the end of the season.

        • gtownalum2008

          WELL my bad i just saw that but all to quality teams except dimond bar and it will take them awhile but the lvl coach is former glendora guy and from one of the players they like him alot

  • coach

    Just wondering if la verne lutheran was suppose to be in this tournament as is did they sign a contract? if they did not then you have no reason to ask why are they not there…. teams pick they’re tournaments based on coaches feel and teams schedule not yours Fred…… waiting for your response

  • sgvfan

    fred are you covering the northview covina game tomorrow night?