Just Tout it Out!

Twitter brought you 140 characters. Tout is bringing you 15 seconds. That’s Tout’s slogan. I love Tout, which works just like Twitter, only it allows you to send short video clips instantly. Whatever game we’re covering, we can do an interview after the game or record a highlight and Tout it to you within minutes on the blog, through widgets or on Twitter and Facebook. Because we joined forces with Tout, our reporters get 45 seconds, but we want to see what you can do with 15. If you sign up to Tout and friend us just like you would twitter, you can share video you shoot at games. Do your own interview or highlight and Tout it out. We’ll share it. Athletes can record themselves, tell us the final score and share their thoughts on the game. It’s a lot of fun and another way to keep you all involved. You’ll also find this widget on our home page.

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  • Thanks for the suggestion Fred!