Bishop Amat’s Dionza Blue changes his mind, opts for Boise State instead of Fresno State

Bishop Amat running back/defensive back Dionza Blue had a change of heart. After announcing he would attend Fresno State in mid December, he announced his intention to sign with Boise State on Saturday. Blue posted a picture of the Boise State Bronco on his twitter. He also had other offers from Hawaii and New Mexico State.

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  • Livingston William

    Is the kid going to go to school for reals? Boise State has real nice facilities. I think I would like to be studying on Waikiki Beach in January rather than looking at the snow. . . . . you can still change your mind kid.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Dionza’s stock has risen, and Boise State is a great school. Since he is from socal, he can enjoy nice weather during the breaks. From a football career standpoint, he is making the right choice. Boise is producing great DB’s right now, and he should get a chance to start on team that gets national recognition. However, I don’t think he should change his commitment again. This is a huge decision he is making and I am glad he is looking out for himself and career. Good luck!

  • Robert Rodriguez

    Nice decision. Good football program great school I’ve been to the school a couple of times I have a son in his final year there. AMAT 08. Good luck

  • Not Since 1995

    Wow…! This kid changes his mind like Grandma 73 changes his Vegas Casinos…!
    Why all the changes…? Why can’t this kid make a decision and commit to it? Where are the parents to help this kid keep his word…! Oh…that’s right…we’re talking about the Bishop Nomas football program…!
    Another black eye to this tale program. What do you think it says to all other college recruiters think…? Commitment…? What a joke…?

    Hawaii, Fresno State, Boise State…Not exactly at the the top of the US New & World Report Universities…! Not hate’n…that’s just a FACT…!