Is Bishop Amat headed to the Mission League? Not for all sports, Amat’s intention is to remain in the Serra and Pac-5 for football

Bishop Amat officials disputed a report on Wednesday that L.A. Times reporter Eric Sondheimer wrote that stated officials at La Puente Bishop Amat have told athletic directors in the Catholic Athletic Assn. that the school wants to join the Mission League for all sports. The CIF-SS has proposed changes for several private schools, including suggesting that Damien join the Catholic Athletic association for the next re-leaguing cycle that begins in 2014. This has many wondering how it will re-shape leagues, particularly for private schools. Bishop Amat athletic director Michael Manzo and football coach Steve Hagerty made it clear this morning if changes are made it’s the school’s intention to remain in the Serra League and compete in the Pac-5 for football, with the Serra potentially welcoming schools like Oaks Christian and others. For all other sports, Bishop Amat is working on a scenario in which it joins the Mission League, a league that could include Damien, St. Paul, St. Francis and others that are more geographically inviting to cut down on travel.

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  • Warrior fan

    LOL Amat has had enough their ready to go down where they think they belong big boy football was tooooo much for them

    • jcaz

      Oh, I see your back again. Hum, well, just to let you know, im still waiting on those tickets you promised me. You know, the ones that you were going to give me when you were going to raise that PAC5 banner in your gym last year ? Member….you member dont you ?? Oh ya, I forgot, you guys went one more game than the LANCERITOS did last year and ya, you beat up on us. Oh well, all I can say is that you and Margarita Bill sure did say a lot last year, but at the end of the day, you were both siting right there next to us watching someone else.
      Look, pin head, if you keep talking like an idiot in here, one day your going to look like an idiot because sooner or later Amat beats Alemany and this years team might just get the upper hand on Margarita Bills team. “IF” taht happens, and it may not, then all the crap youve been saying is gonna come right back on you.

      BTW, That dont mean Amat wins the PAC5, because quite frankly, thats not going to happen this year (sorry, im a honk not a homer gang), unless they have a total mid set change over at Kiefer.
      Still, its going to be fun talking smack to you if the Lanceritos kick your but this time around

  • Not Since 1995

    What did the Bishop Nomas Lancerito say to Roberto Duran…?

    No mas…
    No mas…
    No mas…

    2014 WESTERN DIVISION…here comes the Lanceritos…!

    Small boys play against small boys. Not Hate’n… Just the FACT…! Big boy football left La Puente nearly 20 years ago…!

    Damien, St. Francis and St. Paul…? Heh…heh! Heh…heh! Heh…heh! Talk about small fish in small pond…! Heh…heh!

    Not In 2013 either…

    • D’animal

      Henry, your an IDIOT.

      • Zapruder

        Can’t call someone an idiot, and use “your” incorrectly.

        • D’animal

          If you only knew, you can if its true. P.S. sorry English was my worst subject, was I supposed to capitalize English?

  • Observer

    @Fred… I believe you took it out of context. Nowhere in Sondheimers story did he mention Damien, St. Francis, or St. Paul. Maybe they’re paving the way to have a league set up with Oaks Christian and St. Bonaventure? Is that plausible as well?

    • Valley athletics

      Agree .

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    BA should go down. With Serra and Chaminade in the Western Div….The Lancers would be pushed…It would be safe to Say the 2013 team could not win the Pac5, Inland, nor Western Divisions. Anything below the western would be too Low. St Bonnies, STJB, Poly, Mater Die, SM, MV, Alemany are just too good, Have much more talent in their Demographics. Much larger areas to recruit. BA is counting on one super class to bring them back into the limelight. I am sure this years Freshman class had some talent, but the other schools Have Sophomores contributing and starting. That type of talent year in and out, is not at BA right now. Lets have some fun…and Imagine if BA had these players on the same team..

    QB – Brandon Cox – Pasadena
    RB – Kurt Scooby- ????
    RB – Dionza blue -Bishop Amat
    FB- Salgado- West Co
    Athletes- Noodles-West Co/Adreece Brown-Muir
    WR- Andrews-Bishop Amat
    WR -Bobo- Charter Oak
    WR -Broadus-DBAR
    Best Olineman from South Hills/West Co/D ranch

    SS -Anthony Craft- Monrovia
    FS – Dionza Blue- Bishop Amat
    CB – Andrews- Bishop Amat
    CB – Vaughns-Charter Oak
    LB – Valasquez-Bishop Amat
    LB – Walsh -Monrovia
    LB – Ortiz- Charter Oak
    LB -Ainsworth-Monrovia
    DL-Hauser-Charter Oak
    DE-Hornsby- West Covina

    In order for BA to win on Pac 5, they would need to have a Lineup similar to this or talent stacked like this. this is how loaded the top 10 teams in Pac 5 are… Is there enough talent in the SGV to win a pac 5 title yes…but how doe you get them all on the same team? You can’t…and that’s where SGV teams struggle when going up against Rancho, Cent, Vista, Poly, MV, Alemany, STJB, and st Bonnies….This is why I think they should go down….

    • jcaz

      None of the teams you just said were better than Amat won the PAC5 last year. Not one of them.
      At the end of the day, Amat basically finished the season in the same place as they did.

      However, the fact is that Amat could be just as good as all the teams you just mentioned. But is seems to me that it’s almost as if they’re in a street fight but with one arm tied behind their back but not willing to untie that other arm.

      The powers that be, have this mentality where they just dont want to make the commitment to win. Its a fact not a innuendo.

      If they did, we would see kids such as the one whos now at Cathedral in a Lancer uniform. We would see an Amat team making deep runs in the payoffs and while we may not always be raising banners, at least we would see more enrollment in a school where economics seem to often play such an important roll in an adults decision on where to send his child.

      Remember, athletics make a difference in peoples decisions and thars why many people sit here talking about schools such as Mater Dai and Santa Margarita as opposed to any number of other private schools.

      You know, what gets me most, is this notion that Amat doesnt do this or don’t do that. Man thats a bunch of Baloney because if your paying a football coach the kind of money that they pay at Crespi or at SM (and BTW, I have no idea how much the staff over at Amat make, but im sure its safe to say that they’re making a few more peso’s than the guy over at Basset is), then you expect much better than what you end up getting.
      The fact is that no body likes a loser. Am I right ?

      • fb101

        jcaz, Amat’s staff paid NOWHERE near what Crespi coach Jon Mack makes. NOT even in the same universe. + Mack doesn’t have to teach a class, JUST coach.

        Is your issue with the admin?

        • jcaz

          Friend (and right now im gonna call you friend), cause i dont know what else to call you other than to say that ive noticed two things about you with respect to most of your posts in here so far.

          The first thing that I have noticed is that you are clearly a homer when it comes to Amat football. Hey, nothing wrong with that. Its your team after all, and im sure you love you team just as much as I do.

          But being a homer also means that you live your life with blinders over your eyes and when that happens, you lose a lot of your objectivity and sometimes even some of your credibility.

          When you come in her and bash someone over at Charter Oak because someone happened to mention that the guys got more rings than the guy over at Amat, then your argument becomes rather silly.

          You know 101, the fact is, that no matter how much you might like someone, the fact is that if he’s not getting the job done, then you find someone who can.

          Sorry, but that’s just life. Thats just the way it works and it works even where you may very well call your place of employment because if Frankie ain’t making the sales, then guess what ? Frankie’s out washing cars the next day. So, to sit here and say that Amat isn’t winning because coach has to teach a class or coach has to do this or has to do that, is simply an excuse.

          The second thing ? Hum, ill wait on that one….

          • 12th man

            How does Alemany recruit players from the Pasadena area? The Mission Hills demographics is more inviting than the chicano village of La Puente for Pasadena Folks! (If you know what I mean) It’s like asking Wang Ho if he wants to play badminton at Crenshaw High School or Mark Keppel~

          • jcaz

            That's an amazingly raciest comment but for what it's worth, many of those same “pasadena” kids I'm speaking about are, for the most part, people of color. That being the case, why then would that matter ?

          • Valley Athletics

            Here is reason why someone I know from Pasadena that is not athlete chose alemany over amat . My buddy works and lives in Pasadena , so for him it is easier to drop off his kid to school at alemany and make it to work on time . The drive back to Pasadena from la puente in the morning is very bad . Takes about an hour on average .

        • jcaz

          BTW, how do you know how much he makes anyways ?

          • fb101

            Mack makes about $150k…….lotta cheddar for no playoffs AGAIN….

          • fb101

            This is ONLY regarding JMack – It’s been alluded to in the LAT’s….spoke to boosters at St. Bonnies who provided the 411.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        On any given year, Mater Dei, LB Poly, Servite, STJB, SM can win a pac 5 title. or at least make it past the 2nd round. In the last 20 years we have seen Everyone play in the 2nd round or deeper except for Amat. Where is Amat going to get the talent from to move beyond the 2nd round in the pac 5? You just don’t have the feeling the can or will. They are got in off of a coin flip and at large berth. The teams that finished below Amat shouldn’t be in the Pac 5. Servite is the exception because they just won 2 titles recently. Really..who are we kidding here?

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          If you are looking at how much The other private school coaches make, that’s what public schools in the SGV face when playing Amat…just keep that in mind as well

          • jcaz

            See, you cant have it both ways. You cant sit here and say Amats cant compete yet at the same time make excuses as to why public schools cant beat Amat, even when we see a public school such as Long Beach Poly win the PAC5

        • jcaz

          When people say Amat got in on a coin flip, it somehow disrespects the year that team had and at the same time, it says that they never earned the opportunity to have even been in that situation in the first place.
          Its like saying that if your a wild card team in the NFL, that you dont deserve to be in the playoffs because you didnt win your division, yet there has been at least 10 of those wild card teams that have made it all the way to the big dance.
          Look Green machine, you and I can go all day long about who’s better at this or that, or who gets the most talent, but the fact is that Amat could in fact win a PAC5 title if they made the right commitment to do so. Right now, and at this moment, they just dont want to do what it takes to win, and I blame it entirely on this coaching staff.
          Incidentally, your argument about not having the talent pool that other schols have is also a bunch of malarkey because, all those teams have to compete with one another for basically that same talent pool, yet year after year Amat without all that talent you speak about somehow manages to beat the very same schools you hold so dearly.
          Look, GM, over the last couple of years, Amats beaten, Servite, OLU, Mater Dai and St Bonies, and they have done it with out the talent ? Come on now !
          Oh and please, dont sit here and say that they all had down years when Amat beat them because then we are back to a coin flip type of a discussion and saying that all those trinity league teams need relief or something. LOL
          BTW, you came up with a list of good players earlier but even with all that talent on one single team, it doesn’t make them a champion. If it did, then why was SM such a juggernaut one week and then after loseing thier quarterback to injury, basically one and done team eh ?

          • fb101

            jcaz, what exactly do you ‘blame’ on Amat’s coaching staff?

            Does it put the players in a position to succeed? Do they call the ‘wrong’ plays?

            Please be specific……

          • jcaz

            Ok, fair question, but before I answer that, lets both agree to at least one thing here before we begin ok.
            Fair ?

            What we can both agree to here is that this coaching staff will never win the PAC5 championship. Now, we
            can both disagree as to the reasons why, but in the end, I am more than certain that you will, at the very least agree with that one single contention of
            mine. Right ?

            Having said that, you did ask me a question, and right now, I’m going to give you my answers to that question beginning with these issues: 1. Complacency, 2.
            Recruiting, 3. refusing to make the effort to win because they actually have to be teachers and maybe even counselors to young men in order to be successful

            1. This staff Is on a comfort level. In other words, complacency. They are not satisfied to do more to win. The reason for that is because this staff shows the faithful a few good wins here and there and all that does is that it gives people such as you and I the misguided belief that they are on par with the best teams in the PAC5. Yet when they get into the playoffs, they know full well that at the end of the day, that they will never win. So it begs the questing. Why ? I mean, why is this staff not wining ?

            2. They are not winning because they are constantly
            getting beat out by better recruiters. Those very same kids that are from the Pasadena area that are going to Alemany should be also coming right here to Amat. After all, Pasadena is about the same distance, if not closer than Mission hills, and the tuition is far less than what it is over at Alemany, so why is it that they are not coming here ? Because this staff is being out recruited and frankly, they could care less, because they have job security.

            3. BTW, this is self evident when you have the opportunity to have a man child such as Kurt Scooby playing in your backfield. Yet they refuse to do what at least three other catholic schools have already done.
            Given him a chance. Sometimes you have to work a little bit harder and sometimes you have to be a counselor or father figure to some of these young men, and help guide them in life especially if
            they don’t have anybody in their lives that fill those rolls. Am I asking a lot here ? No not really. After all, this is a Catholic school, so why cant they act as such sometimes ?

            So, when I gave you my litany of answers, you may not like them or have agrred to any of them. But they
            were my reasons. So, when you respond, just do me a favor and take off your “Homer” blinders and look at what I have to say as objectively as you can. Fair ?

          • AMAT 73

            Let me ask you this . How do you think the staff should go about better recruitment procedures to get players? What do they need to do ? Also you truely believe the staff is complacent with regard to winning ? If that’s the case why schedule a SM or RC if they don’t care about winning ? Why put in the long hours they do and many other things that go into it for the sake of a few good wins to keep the faithful happy ? Are you truely satisfied with those wins ? Yes, they are nice but a league and CIF title are the goal and whatever comes after . On the Scoby issue of not being at AMAT , are you really serious about him not attending AMAT ? Should the staff and school lower the standard of acceptance for the sake of wins or winning a title ???? Give in to the individual at the expense of the team ????? Remember this was an issue well into the season . Ask yourself this , why would the featured back at one of the top 2 football schools in the SGV transfer out and wind up at the Slime ???????? I read your reason but what are your soulutions ?????? I await your answers if you care to reply .

          • jcaz

            You may have a hard time believing this, but honestly, I
            really do hate long drawn out answers, but unfortunately, that’s kind of where I am when some is asking me a fair and honest question such as this so ok 73, here’s the short answer to some of your questions.

            Yes, I most definably believe that they are content with where they are so far and do not have any motivation to do anything more to win

            Look, 73, wining a few big preseason games during the season, and making it appear as if those big wins somehow justified good season over the last five years or so is ridiculous. As you well know they have exited in the first round every single time except for maybe once during that time and each and every year, they get out matched. They know full well before the season even starts that they are not even close to being able to win the CIF and they don’t do what other schools in the PAC5 do in order to win

            You ask me if they work hard at what they do ? Well, if they work so hard, why is it that they have been the coahing staff over Amat, longer than Harington has been over at Alemany but have yet to beat him even once during that time ? Better yet, why is it that he has basically gotten all the better players out of the
            Pasadena area and Amat hasn’t ? Its because hes doing something right and the staff over at Kiefer basically isn’t

            As for your misguided contention that a CIF title is the
            goal, please, don’t fool yourself. In fact you yourself just answered that one when you just said that they don’t want a kid like Scooby playing for them. I
            mean, Man what are you talking about here anyway ? what low standard are you referring to ?

            Look, 73, im going to let you in on a little secrete. Every year these same coaches have to deal
            with prema donnas. They exist at every level and I assure you that Amat has had no shortage of those same types over the last few years. If you think otherwise, then your fooling yourself because then you just simply don’t know what goes on behind the scenes
            my friend.

            Anyway, it makes no difference really because Amat probably wins the game against SM and maybe makes the playoffs, but guess what 73, you’ll be sitting here with me come thanksgiving and you’ll be getting ready for baseball season…just like you are right now

          • AMAT 73

            Just answer the questions please. What do you feel they have to do to recruit better ? What’s missing ? You just can’t say it’s a problem and offer no solutions . Also if you read my post I wrote a few goods wins are nice but they are not the goal and most of the people I sit with at the games are looking for bigger and more meaningful wins if you get what I mean . Scoby is another issue and as you saw he did not play one down for Cathedral which I commend them for taking the higher road concerning his education . How do you know that is not what was told to him by AMAT and he felt he could get a better answer elsewhere. Would it have been fair to the team to insert him at starting RB ????? Now give your solutions on the recruiting issue if you even have any . Free tuition , overlooking entry test scores, transcripts , and other aspects of acceptance to AMAT . As far as the primma donna issue just look at the Hauser issue . Great kid , outstanding ball player but he wanted to play where he wanted and the coaching staff felt he was needed on offense , which by the way he was if you looked at our O line . It’s a team sport and you play where the coaches need you . It was a mutual split and it worked out for Hauser which was great .

          • jcaz

            73, as Dr McCoy once said (and….actually I think he said more than just once) “Damn it Jim, im a doctor, not a football recruiter.” LOL….

            Look 73, I don’t work as a football coach. I don’t work as a high school administrator in either a public school or in a private school. In fact, its even safe to say that ive never even ONCE, had to spend a day going out on a recruiting trip with coach Bear Bryant, Bo Scmebbeckler, or even Woody Hays, but ill bet you donuts to belly buttons, these guys knew what they were doing because guess what ? it was their jobs !

            You 73, the knew what they had to do, because for some unexplained reason, they always seemed to have gotten some pretty good talent to come play football for them. Wouldn’t you agree ?

            So, you, how can they recruit better ? Well, to better answer that question, and, maybe if you truly want a real good answer there, then why don’t we go hang out for a day or two over at Alemany, or Mater Dai or even over at Long Beach Poly, because for some mysterious reason (and I say that because it aint happening over at Amat), these folks over there seem to be doing something right, and that is to get good talent into their programs, and yes 73, that means them having to scratch and claw and, even compete.

            Boy what a concept eh ? I mean, here I am, just a simple low key blogger, and even I can recognize a half azz job when I see it. Can you ? Or are you just like 101. Making up excuses every time this program gets bounced in the playoffs

            Now, its interesting you mentioned cathedral 73, because here you are beating down on a kid that you know absolutely nothing about. tell me, have you ever spoken to him ? have you ever sat in a room across from him ? If you haven’t, then how in the world are you able to sit here and tell me what kind of a kid he happens to be ?

            Yet, even with all that, here you are commending that very same school for doing the right thing for him, yet for some mysterious reason, if we were to have done the very same thing, then we would have been somehow “lowering our standards.” Man that’s simply way over the top, even for you my good friend.

            As for the Prima Donna issue, well, wow, where do I start.

            Look, 73, like I alluded to you earlier, don’t
            ever paint yourself into a corner on this one here because guess what, the folks over at Amat as well as in almost every successful program out there have always had to deal with these types of people. I could sit here and just go off on stuff specifically relating to our program, but the fact is that I would never stoop so low as to start pointing fingers at specific kids. And just between you and I, perhaps its best to not even go there because your calling someone out by name, just as you did just now, really isn’t to cool of a thing to do. So we’ll leave that one alone for now ok.

            And finally, in answer to your last question, bottom line is this, if a player is better at what he does then he starts. That’s the way it is and if it hurts your feelings then im sorry. In fact, it happened last season and it’ll happen again this year as well, and not only at Amat BTW (the list goes on and on, IE Oaks Christian etc…). That’s one of the many reasons why kids leave
            the program and go and play somewhere else.

          • AMAT 73

            Why would you bring up college coaches on recruiting when we are discussing high school ??????? First off the lure of free tuition and a ticket to the big show (NFL ) is a much easier product to sell , I think you will agree . As far as MD , Rolo does a damn good job but being in the OC kind of helps his situation as far as the talent pool . LBP is the only game in town in their area with no tuition needed and a 3000 + student body to pick from helps and isn’t that the beef of many in the SGV on it not being fair to have to compete with the large enrollments of the IE schools with the teams of the Sierra . And as far as alemany , well guess what , they just landed Scoby. On that subject show me where I ever bad mouthed him . He himself admitted he needs to work on his grades . I know what it takes to enter AMAT and so do you and my saying we should not lower standards for the sake of a top athlete is not bashing , it’s the truth in my opinion .What’s expected of all who enter are the standards I spoke of such as grades , entrance test scores if the grades aren’t there, and a few recommendations as all who want to enter AMAT are expected to supply . Really Jcaz are you that nieve in that you can’t figure something is being offered that shouldn’t be , such as no tuition to pay or something along that line . And if you don’t know that Mnsgr does not hand out free tuition just because , then you are really out of touch with his way of his doing business. You must qualify for it and not only on the athletic field .I wish Scoby only good things and hopefully he truely does understand that a solid education is a needed tool to succeed in life. So what I gather from your post is you have no idea what is needed to be done to recruit a player at the high school level but you have no hesitation in blasting our coaches on a that subject and can’t even come up with one suggestion how they could do a better job .By the way Mack does make 100k plus and with added perks is probably close to that 150k when all is said and done .

          • jcaz

            Look 73, I used those coaches names purly as an example. I could have used high school coaches, but I figured that you'd get the idea when I used those examples. As for recruiting, duh. I just told you that I'm not a recruiter. Never spent a day in my life trying to be one, but it don't take a Rhodes scholar to figure out that what ever is going on over at Amat just isn't getting the job done. Btw, dint you find it somewhat surprising that scooby (according to you) is now enrolling over at Alemany ? If that's the case then that's just another example of someone, yet again doing what it takes to put a quality program out in the field. You know 73, at the end of the day, were just not going to agree with one another here because you just don't get what I'm talking about. I mean, you can sit there and come up with all these reasons you've just spoken about, but at the end of the day, they're simply a bunch if excuses.

          • AMAT 73

            It’s a good possibilty he will not play a down for alemany going by his past history .What could they have done right , that Cathedral did wrong to cause him to leave ???? I would really like to hear your answer to that question .
            My point to you is how can you bash on the staff when you have no idea what goes on in the process of high school recruitng . My points are not excuses , but let me ask you this . Would you want the school to lower entrance requirements and give free tuition to athletes for the sake of a PAC 5 title ????? As far as me not getting what you are talking about , you are correct, simply because you haven’t pointed out what they are doing wrong and offer no solution for them to get it right . If you were to say give free rides or not require an entrance exam or over look grades , then I could see where you’re coming from but without anything from you how can I even think to agree ??????? I know of one situation where the ball was dropped on the recruiting front by the school concerning the coaching staff and it had nothing to do with an athlete and I totally disagree with what was done in that situation because it did hurt the program but I don’t run the school .

          • jcaz

            I guess were just going to agree to disagree because actually, there's no point to this discussion anymore

          • AMAT 73

            Can’t even say I dissagree nor agree with you as you offer no solutions nor suggestions to better the recruiting situation . At least I gave you my thoughts on what should not be compromised for the sake of a top level transfer .

          • jcaz

            I guess were just going to agree to disagree because actually, there’s no point to this discussion anymore

  • The criteria for moving up and down divisions is fairly simple to me. If you’re consistently winning a title or advancing to the finals and semifinals year after year, you should get a bump. If you’re consistently qualifying for the playoffs and finishing in the top half of your league year after year, you should remain where you’re. If you’re consistently finishing in the bottom half of league and not making the playoffs, you should get relief. However, when you judge it by a league-by-league basis, and lets use the Pac-5 as an example, because that’s the topic here, you should drop the league that performs the worst and replace it with a league that is deserving. Is the Serra the worst league in the Pac-5? No. Is Bishop Amat a team that consistently does not make the playoffs, no? Therefore, Amat should stay where it is. Only 8 teams out of more than 40 in Pac-5 reach the quarterfinals, that does not mean all those that don’t win a first round need relief. Being one of the top 16 consistently means you’re performing better than 60 percent of the division.

    • fb101

      SOLID take Fred. Now get AT to agree with you….PLEASE!

    • tommy gun

      Fred, If you go by league performance in the playoffs over the past 5,6 7 years, then the Serra is indeed the worst league within the Pac-5. I personally don’t think Amat should be moved out of the Serra league, but I do think the entire Serra might need to be moved down 1 or 2 divisions.

    • Warrior fan

      cry us a river Fred Amat is a team that needs help year in and year out to make the playoffs dont leave that part out. And come on Fred top 16 you mean ranked 16th out of what use to be i think 30 teams (below 50% last year) which is now 33, is finishing slightly above 50 percent and even at 60 percent thats barely making the cut and barely making it and not growing is not enough even amat knows it thats why their ready to go.

      Now maybe the not since will come to an end when they drop down oh but down there you do have a Serra and Chaminade team that takes no prisoners.

      • What I’m saying Warrior is that Amat is in the top 50 percent of the Pac-5. Do you think over 50 percent of teams in the Pac-5 need relief?

        • warrior fan

          I think for Amat sake moving down and building the program back up would be good instead of sitting around the 50-55% mark in the pac5. So yes i think teams that been around the 50 and below mark needs relief and teams like Serra who has beaten pac5 opponents and teams like Narbonne, Chaminade, Lompoc, and i think Edison should be placed back in the pac5 but completely re-leaguing is ridiculous because teams like Alemany for instance came from the mission league and is a competitor in the pac5, they made semi, 2nd round and first round exit in the three years they have been in the pac5. i think cif needs to get rid of the door mat teams and replace them with some D2-D4 powerhouse teams. Teams that are 50% and below needs to be replaced in order to make the pac5 more competitive. And if thats done then youll have more than only 6 different out of 33 pac5 teams to win it all.

  • warrior fan

    hahahaahaha poor fred now your sole argument is going to hold no weight. i wonder how will you rank your lancers now when they drop down to d4, Chaminade and Serra will still run that division. Look on the bright though maybe Amat wont need help every year to get in the playoffs and maybe their recruiting might take a turn for the best, that is if they can go far in the d4 playoffs like we did.

    • Observer

      You should reread the article. It’s been updated. It doesn’t appear they are movin down to d4

  • chivo

    I feel Amat should stay in the PAC 5. I think it`s time for the them to re-shuffle their defensive staff, because Amat gave up more points this season than any other in Hagearty`s reign. DiFiori is a good defensive coordinator coach, but does he has issues with other coaches, which means he is not open to suggestions or adjustments. That can create back door issues. Just saying.