Former Charter Oak and St. Paul running back Kurt Scoby is now enrolled at Alemany

If you’re ready for 2013 football, Aram already has posted his “way to early all-encompassing top 25 football poll.” Check it out.

Above: Kurt Scoby (left) was on the rise his sophomore year at Charter Oak. What will he do his senior year at Alemany, where he will make an SGV return against Bishop Amat?

ON THE MOVE AGAIN: Kurt Scoby confirmed today that he is at Alemany and determined to work on his grades in preparation for his senior year. “Before I think about football I have to work on my academics,” Scoby said. “Football is the least of my concerns. I’m super excited to have the chance to play at Alemany, but my school work is first.

Technically, Alemany is Scoby’s fifth high school. He spent his first two years at Charter Oak, where he had a super sophomore year. He left Charter Oak the spring of his sophomore year for Duarte, but never played there. Scoby transferred from Duarte to St. Paul, where he thrived until the firing of coach Elijah Asante. With Asante gone, Scoby left St. Paul and transferred to Cathedral. He never played at Cathedral, opting to transfer again to Alemany, where he hopes to play his senior year.

“That’s the plan,” Scoby said.

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  • 12th man

    Alemany continues to pick up all the big names & recruits..Makes you wonder what type of benefits are persuading athletes to go that way? Has to be more than just the name..Perhaps free enrollment or apartment? lol..

  • Heights Gal

    How sad to see this kid throwing away his high school years. This much movement is bound to create massive instability in his academics, not to mention his social and emotional development. I mean how do you create any lasting relationships if everywhere you go you bail out after a few months. I feel so badly for this kid.

    • jcaz

      What are you so sad about anyway ? The kids only doing what other folks do in any similar situation would do. Tell me something, if you were working digging ditches at 8 dollars an hour and someone offered you a better job with more money, and a better situation, would you be feeling so terrible about losing all those friends and all those lasting relationships you made over at “Acme ditch digging ?” I DON’T THINK SO….. LOL

  • Desert Rat

    Over/under he transfer before the school year is out?

    • New York

      Probably to Sierra Canyon

  • warrior fan

    Do i smell yet another Serra league title and possibly a Pac5 championship. Bottom line is we have to be top 3 favor to win it all next year with Alif Graves running the zone read with Scoby next to him and a load of veteran starters on defense man next year will be SWEEEEEET…….Sorry BA but if will soon be 4 and counting… i cant wait

    • jcaz

      This time, I couldn’t agree with you more. Alemany is good, has always been good, and now with this addition, I cant see anyone stopping them, and when I say anyone, im not just talking about the Serra league

  • Lupe

    Maybe since this kid is out of the Valley we can on move on & only talk about him the week they play Amat or other SGV teams,

  • SGV

    This kid is a joke to high school football. Commit and stay true to 1 school. No colleges are going to want him. Man up and be accountable to 1 school. A true star RB will be at 1 school and make the best of it and be a team player. This KID is not a team player and an individual. There are many more RB better them him playing ball.

  • Valley Athletics

    Will see if he even plays next year. I can’t see his grades being good with all that transferring . Has cif cleared him to play?