Sierra League Soccer: Damien wins 2-1; Chino Hills girls remain unbeaten in league with 3-1 win over St. Lucy’s


Damien 2, Chino Hills 1
Ayala 3, South Hills 1
Claremont 3, Charter Oak 1
League Standings: Damien (3-1), Claremont (3-1), Ayala (2-2), South Hills (2-2), Chino Hills (1-3), Charter Oak (1-3)
Chino Hills 3, St. Lucy’s 1
Claremont 6, Charter Oak 0
Ayala 1, South Hills 0
League Standings: Chino Hills (4-0), Claremont (3-1), Ayala (2-1-1), St. Lucy’s (1-2-1), South Hills (1-3), Charter Oak (0-4).

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  • Soccer Fan

    Finally got to see Damien and they are definitely not a bad team. If I had a say they would be top 5 in the SGV but definitely not #1 or even #2.

  • Soccer Fan

    Charter Oak girls have had a turn for the worst. After having high hopes for them they have just not been able to shake off the injuries and that just tells me they do not have depth in the bench as I thought.