Boys Soccer Rankings: Damien still No. 1, but Sierra Vista, Walnut closing in


1. Damien (9-2-3) — The Sierra League is no joke, so if you’re in first, you’re the leader of this poll.
2. Sierra Vista (12-1-3) — The Dons have been the most consistent over the past five or six years and have an eight-game unbeaten streak.
3. Walnut (12-1-1) — Rebounded after shocking 2-0 loss to West Covina, but still tied with Walnut in the Hacienda. Both 5-1.
4. South Hills (8-5-3) — Showed how good they can be in a win over Damien, and how vulnerable in a loss to Ayala.
5. Diamond Bar (10-4-2) — Tied for first in the Hacienda with Walnut. Both are 5-1. Should be a great race to the finish.
6. Nogales (8-2-1) — Dominating an average Valle Vista, but nice to know the Nobles are back on the soccer landscape.
7. Claremont (7-5-1) — Maybe the best seventh-ranked team in years. Seriously, the Wolfpack can beat anyone.
8. Los Altos (9-6-2) — Not completely out of the Hacienda picture, but at 3-3, they have some catching up to do.
9. Ayala (9-7-3) — Gives the Sierra four strong teams capable of beating one another.
10. Baldwin Park (7-4-1) — Should be so much better than 2-2 in the Sierra.

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  • Soccer Fan

    Would disagree with the Sierra being the toughest league in the SGV. Dont get me wrong its one of the toughest but definitely NOT toughest. Taking it that ive seen the top 5 teams play and 8 of the top 10 I can easily say that Sierra Vista should be #1 and Walnut #2. If you wanted to give Damien credit for being in the Sierra then I would say they are no better than a #3 but I would bet my money on them being #4. Just my opinion on how they have played when I have watched them.

  • From top to bottom, the Sierra is by far the best. Damien, Claremont, South Hills and Ayala are extremely good, and Chino Hills is no pushover. In the Hacienda you have Diamond Bar and Walnut, the rest are so-so. In the Montview all you have is Sierra Vista (Azusa, Gladstone and Ganesha don’t cut it this year). In the Valle Vista Nogales is the best team (enough said). The MIssion Valley is a mess this year. So yes, the Sierra, in a landslide, is by FAR the area’s best league. When you say you’ve seen the the top 5 and eight of 10, remember that some will look better against inferior competition. There is a reason the Sierra is in DIVISION 1 and other area leagues are D-3, D-4 and D-5. It’s because it’s the best league.

    • Soccer Fan

      Sorry to break it to you Fred but this is not football where the Division dictates the better team. You claim that Damien is the best because they play DIVISION 1 well sorry to burst your bubble but they lost to Hesperia (D-4) & tied Montclair twice (D-4) & tied Valencia (D-3). Lets not forget they tied Los Altos (D-5). As for Claremont lost to Chaffey (D-4). If you would of said this on the girls rankings I would of agreed. Divisions do play a big part but not in Boys Soccer. I could keep going but I am a supporter of all SGV teams so I will just stop here. I just like to do my research and better yet go to as many games before I start talking. As long as all teams in the SGV represent and maybe one or two bring home a CIF title then im happy.

      • Name a league that is better and explain. You might find that difficult.

        • Wells

          Overlooking the proofreading errors, this top ten is just fine. CIF does a far worse job.

          Soccer fan has not offered any concrete facts to support his opinion. As an example to support Fred’s opinion that the Sierra League is the best league – South Hills has beaten three Hacienda League teams and tied two others.

  • sgv athlete

    Sorry fred thats where you are wrong my friend. Leage does not dictate what division you are in. And belive me ive seen some d1 teams fall pretty hard to ‘lower” division teams. Example crescenta valley took div 4 last year. Made it to. The regional final and lost to paramount which is d2. But in there path they took out salesian, el rancho which was nationally ranked, and lets not forget about Millikan which holds the record for most goals in a championship match.btw this was set last year. Prior to that salesian held that title. My point is this just because you have a tough league does not mean you are put in a tougher division. Because we all know in boys soccer divsion does not matter. If your goin by strength of league and not by actual scouting reports. Then that is entirely up to you. But what you are saying about the leagues and div. Is wrong

    • Wells

      SGV — league does dictate the division. Leagues are placed in divisions. It has to do with the strength of the league and success in the playoffs. I do not know why the Sierra is currently in D1, but eight years ago (or so) The Sierra League was in D1 because Damien won three championships in four years even though no other team in the league made it past the second round of the playoffs.

      The one point that is completely accurate is that division does not dictate the strength of the individual team. The is little difference between the strength of the top 6-8 teams in every division. The #1 team in Division 5 can compete with any top team in Division 1. The biggest difference between divisions is that the first round or two in the lower divisions can be against average teams; whereas winning in Divisions 1 and 2 means putting together a five game winning streak against great teams.

  • sgv athlete

    I see your point. But forgot you forgot min. Your going on strength in league. That is false. But what you are saying about damien is part true. Fyi they won 1championship I believe that was in 2005. Let me ask you this .. why do u think the valle vista is d5 and the montview d4. Back when I was in high school baldwin park and ganesha would make deep runs in cif.yr after yr. And well sierra vista or la puente didnt get past the secound round with the exception of one yr bassett making it to the semis thats was in 2007. I see your point. But if we are going by your statements then the valle vista shouldve been in d3 and the montview in d6. Look in the end its just politics. So dont let it get to you. I support everything in sgv soccer. So thats all I have to say. For now.

  • sgv athlete

    Oh and I could be wrong about the montview. Not getting passed the second round. Sorry about that.

  • sgv2010

    Great agruments, but correct me if I am wrong. Every three to four years CIF realigns the leagues based on the performance in the post season. I believe they use a point system, the schools league gets 1 point for a first round win, 2 points for a second round win, 3 points for a quarter final win, 4 points for a semi-final win, and 5 points for winning a championship.

    This might help us understand why leagues go up or down in divisions. Examples: Mountain View won division 6 titles back to back (SGV Athlete, if Sierra Vista was in D6 they would do the same), league moved to D5, Salesian won titles in D5, league moved to D4. Cresenta Valley and El Rancho won titles in D4, leagues moved to D3.

  • sgv athlete

    Sgv 2010 you are absolutely right about that. They do realign the leagues based on postseason performance. But help me understand this. Example. In 2005 mountain view was d5 and they won the division over oaks christian. And they made decent runs in cif the years after. My question is this why didnt they move to d4 or. Stay in d5 after they realigned the leagues. Instead they moved them to d6 as you stated.

  • sgv athlete

    Btw el rancho was d3 before they went into d4. Again they made deep runs in cif in d3

  • socceristhebest

    I wish there was more soccer coverage on this site..

  • socceristhebest

    also, is Mission Valley League no good good this year? I’d like to see how they are doing..Because 9-6-2, 9-7-3? Not that impressive..