Girls Soccer Rankings: Chino Hills takes top spot; Diamond Bar and Los Altos meet for first in Hacienda

1. Chino Hills (12-2-4) — No debate, when you defeat No. 1 Claremont 3-0, you become No. 1
2. Claremont (17-3-1) — The defending champs will be back, they’re too good not to.
3. Diamond Bar (11-3-3) — Tatum Lockett and her area-leading 21 goals makes her an early player of the year candidate.
4. Bishop Amat (9-4-5) — The Lancers are starting to find their groove, but need a big game with St. Joseph’s in town on Thursday.
5. Sierra Vista (13-2-1) — Every year the Dons dominate the Montview. This year is no different, perfect 8-0.
6. San Dimas (10-4-2) — Who can stop them in the Valle Vista? Nobody, right?
7. St. Lucy’s (7-4-3) — They’re good, but not good enough for Sierra’s top two, Chino Hills and Claremont.
8. Los Altos (11-5-2) — After a slow start, the Conquerors are back in the Hacienda race with a big home game today against Diamond Bar.
9. South Hills (8-5-3) — They use to worry about having one tough game against Walnut in the old San Antonio League. Bet they wish the San Antonio existed today.
10. Charter Oak (9-5-2) — Remember when they were undefeated and beat St. Lucy’s in a nonleague game. I wondered if they were the area’s best. An 0-4 start in the Sierra answered that.

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  • SGV Futbol

    South Hills was in the San Antonio…not the Hacienda. Fred, you gonna make it out to Los Altos today for the game?

    • SGV Futbol

      Sorry…meant not the Miramonte

  • Soccer Fan

    Good top 10. A few things I would change would be Los Altos at #8 and move them to #6. Also Charter Oak out of the top 10 and put Arroyo in that spot. Overall good teams representing the SGV.

  • We’re covering DBar at Los Altos girls soccer today

    • Soccer Fan

      That should be a great game! If Los Altos plays error free soccer on the defensive side they should be able to beat Diamond Bar. Diamond Bar is all about the set plays (corner kicks, free kicks, etc.) if you take that away from them they will have to rely on one on ones and they dont have the speed or better yet Los Altos is faster and more disciplined in defense. Keep us updated Fred.

      • You’ve made a couple of comments bashing Diamond Bar?? What gives! You were wishing them a loss against Walnut..NOW Los Altos….why do you have sooo much hate for their girls soccer team!?? ..Second, if Los Altos does lose today…what will your excuse be then???….

        • Soccer Fan

          Not at all! Just stating facts. Diamond Bar is a good team. I dont hate any teams just like to see a good game. No excuses if Los Altos loses, I mean Diamond Bar is favored to win right? So no excuses.

          • Well DB won today 1-0!!

          • Soccer Fan

            Congrats to them! I bet it was a great game!

  • Wouldn’t dismiss Charter Oak so quick. Remember, they BEAT Los Altos and St. Lucy’s. It’s the Sierra League, Los Altos, Diamond Bar, San Dimas or Sierra Vista might be 0-4 in the Sierra if they played Claremont, Chino Hills, St. Lucy’s and Ayala. It’s that good.

    • Soccer Fan

      Now the Sierra league on the girls side is the best league in the SGV. With that being said Charter Oak from a month ago is not the Charter Oak from now. They have lost a few key players on offense and defense. You are ranking these teams in the present not the past or even the future. I think this is the week that will determine the contenders from pretenders so we will just have to wait and see.