South Hills’ David Denson is already hitting tape-measure jobs in practice, forcing the softball team to take cover

South Hills’ David Denson, who smacked a 515-foot home run at the Power Showcase Home Run Derby at Marlins Park in December, which was longer than anything Bryce Harper hit at the event before becoming the top pick in the MLB draft, may force softball players to wear helmets if he keeps this up. South Hills assistant softball coach Garrett Fisch tweeted about some of Denson’s homer’s in practice, saying, “All the baseball players kept yelling “heads up” over and over again.” Those are shots to right. I’m wondering if the lefty can go the opposite way and smack one across Cameron to the golf course. Players have (reportedly) knocked it in the streets before, but nobody, not even the Giambi’s, ever reached South Hills country club.

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  • Sir

    I’ve seen the kid’s highlights and batting practice. He has nothing on Harper. He’s a straight pull hitter. Defensive skills are average and he can be beaten with an off-speed pitch. Good coaches and teams will exploit this, maybe not in high school but at the next level. So yeah hats off to the kid if he can keep up the BP All-American status.

    • Who’s comparing him to Harper, that’s not fair to anyone anywhere, Harper was a freak, a once in a generation player. But you’re wrong about one thing, he has something on Harper, it’s called the home run distance record in Florida. Next question.

      • John

        You know Harper was only a 16 yr old soph when he hit those bombs!!!!

  • M.Williamson

    He just hit a 480 foot bomb (HR) against covina today with a WOODEN BAT and won the game. He’s a beast!