This might not be a popular topic with school’s, but who has the worst athletic facilities in the SGV?

This is Los Altos’ stadium field, one of the worst I’ve seen. I’m not saying Los Altos has the worst athletic facility in the SGV, but it’s somewhere in the top ten. Can you think of other schools in need of major facelifts? If you ask who has the BEST athletic facility, I’d go with Damien.

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  • Steve Ramirez

    I don’t know about worst, but Gladstone has arguably the best baseball infield. It looks like Dodger Stadium!

    • I agree with you Stevie, it’s always been the SGV’s field of dreams

  • scotty bore as

    softball wise.the worst are Workman,Covina,Azusa,Bassett and Pomona .Happy Rock does have the best infield in the fish bowl!

    • You forgot St. Lucy’s. It’s so bad the best place to watch is from right field

      • Steve Ramirez

        But it has character.

      • scotty bore as

        you mean above right field, in the parking lot looking down! absolutely, with deer roaming above you scenic, the field itself.not so much, on the plus side the gym is awesome!

      • Ricky Rivera

        The St. Lucy’s field is one of the best fields to watch a game. The unbelievable view of the valley, you can park and truly tailgate while watching the game. I am with Steve on this one – character. The lack of a center/left field fence disqualifies it for CIF.

    • scotty bore as

      oops almost forgot WesCo as the bottom in softball

  • G-Stone128

    Coach Remkus did an amazing job with the G-Stone field. I wonder how many gophers he killed out in the outfield because it was not a nice place. Not sure about now, but when I was in school, Mountain View, Workman, and Bassett had poor facilities.

  • reality

    Yes go negative!! Always the best way to generate some hits. Next topic to throw on the wall to see if is sticks might be what school has the worst sports programs or what campus has the most gangsters and the always popular what school is the most unsafe.

    • It’s a legitimate topic

      • Zapruder

        I love this topic, we are adults here, a little bit of honesty isn’t going to hurt anyone. The “bones” are there at Los Altos. How
        many on-campus football stadiums have symmetrical seating on the home and
        visitor sides? I love that look, especially in big games (which they have
        had as many as anyone in Valley history). New bleachers and a turf field
        (I know that is expensive) and LA could go from worst to one of the best.

        • OuttaYourMindTrib

          Bleachers turf and a track… For sure it would be world class. The trees and area layout are beautiful.

          • I agree, it’s a great setting but an unsafe field. It’s the only stadium I know with TWO press boxes. Los Altos and Wilson were supposed to get new surfaces after La Puente, but that was screwed up so bad Wilson and L.A. are still waiting.

    • Not So Fast My Friend


      I’m sorry, that’s a horrible looking field. And a horrible field is an unsafe field.

    • Bulldoggy

      That one’s easy:
      Worst sports programs?

      Most Gangsters?

      Most unsafe?
      Diamond Ranch

      You can always count on the Pomona USD for the best of the worst!

  • Ricky Rivera

    Can’t forget the Covina district field, overused and abused grass turf.

    • OuttaYourMindTrib

      That place is a $#!+hole! Gopher infested sorry excuse for a field. I think LA and district field are tied for worst Football Facilities.

  • SGV Futbol

    Two words for you…LOS ALTOS! What an absolute disgrace of a stadium field. I love the people there, but after seeing injury after injury on that sorry excuse of a field, I’d seriously consider sending my kids somewhere else. Just sayin’!

  • Ricky Rivera

    The Amat softball field cannot be used when baseball is using their field and visa-versa. Makes a real scheduling problem. Funky design.

  • Tech Support

    To be fair wasn’t the LA field supposed to be redone (I thought all Hacienda-La Puente district fields were gonna get turf put in) but the district eventually didn’t have the money for it? Thought I read stuff about that a few years back.

    Or am I just making stuff up again?

  • BadaBing!

    I think its a great topic!

  • Ricky Rivera

    I agree with you Fred about the Damien HS Athletic facilities. Damien has the best gym in the valley to go along with a great football/track/soccer stadium, baseball stadium, water polo complex, tennis facility and an impressive weight room. They definitely reinvest their money into their campus and they have great support from their alumni. Damien HS graduates do very well in life and many give back.

    • bob the builder

      have to be kidding me, the Damien Stadium is an absolute dump. The Visitors side is a joke and the Press Box makes me laugh every time I see it. The track is a basic low budge all weather surface and the turf field is the cheapest grade of turf that money can buy. The gym, however, is top notch and I would say probably the best gym in the valley. The weight room has great equipment but the room itself is terrible. Who puts 40 tons of weight lifting equipment on the 2nd floor of a building that was built prior to WWII? There is no air conditioning
      and the size of the room is totally inadequate for a D2 Football Program. As soon as the temp. outside moves over 80% the room becomes an intolerable dungeon. Baseball stadium = above average, Tennis Facility = average, H2O Complex = good. As far as Damien investing their money into the campus, obviously you haven’t been into the classrooms, because the classrooms aren’t fit for barnyard animals. Bonita abandoned that campus in 1957 because it was obsolete then and 50+ years later it doesn’t appear as if anything, classroom wise, has been upgraded. In fact, I’ve seen bigger bathrooms then that room Damien calls a library.

      Now as far as the best stadiums in the valley that I have seen, I would have to say Arcadia, Monrovia, Diamond Bar, Baldwin Park
      (a little small but still very nice) are at the top of my list.

      • Ricky Rivera

        Ax to grind? Bitter is no way to go through life. Btw, I am not if you have heard, they got a brand new football coach

      • Corn-Deezy Dawgster

        I kinda disagree with the gym only because somebody screwed up on installing the bleachers…side that the team bench is always on, those bleachers were several rows too long and as a result, the last(bottom) 3 or 4 have to be kept back and some yellow chains hooked on poles block people from jumping down to the bench.

    • MoreKetchup

      I have played on Damian’s current football field and believe me, it is nowhere near great.

  • OuttaYourMindTrib

    Worst Vistor’s section… Claremont by a country mile. It’s a safety issue and CIF ought to shut it down.

  • chivo

    One of the best facilities around is Warren High school in Downey. It has a nice stadium,with turf field and tartan track, along with a 2 room weight room and a cardio room, with attached workout room. it has a rock climbing wall. They have all the football equipment available to succeed. They will be getting some out of area athletes coming next season because of the facilities.

    • Baldwin Park and Sierra Vista’s stadium/facilities are great too. These are school districts that managed themselves well, and now the students are reaping the benefits.

      • jcaz

        I agree. these two are very good along with the one over at Basset, however, I dont really believe that Damian is all that great. In fact, about the only good thing over there really, is the fact that there a liquor store across the street where you can get some munchies before the game to sneak in. LOL

  • Middy

    San Dimas field is great, bleachers on home side are terrible. Nicest Basset???

  • Colts

    Covina H.S. hands down worst on campus facilities, minus the gym!!!!!

    • Colt74

      CDF and Covina are going to be getting a facelift. CDF will also have an aquatics center. Covina is getting a new pool and a new football field/track.

  • The football field at LA is bad

    • HacHgtsMom

      My kid played there (Los Altos). He would get thorns in his hands and knees from all of the weeds on the practice fields. It has a good football atmosphere and lots of tradition. Those stands are sorry not to mention the wooden light posts ON the field.

  • Lupe

    As an oldtimer Conq it’s sad to hear the field has gone to crap. I loved playing there.

  • Justin

    At least these schools have crappy fields. Glendora high does not even have a football field they have to go to citrus.

  • Corn-Deezy Dawgster

    Workman unanimously. Walked via the north campus entrance from track, as I paced thru and up to the gym, felt like I was in the middle of a federal penitentiary. And the view with the wide epanse of shrub, weed whatever that is with those giant antennas….reminds me of abandoned Chernobyl

  • The truth and nothing but…

    Best: San Dimas (love the solar panels)
    Worst: St. Paul (bad field, dirt track, and restrooms, three toilets for entire pit)

    • in the stands

      Solar panels do not belong to SDHS.

      • The truth and nothing but…

        Thanks for the info but just to clarify, do SDHS use the power being generated by the panels or the panels don’t belong to them and they also don’t use the power being generated? I will be shocked if it’s the latter because those panels are right next to the visitor’s stands and looks like they are on school property. There are a lot of panels and they look big enough to generate enough electricity for the entire school saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

        • in the stands

          Yes, that would be great but my understanding is that those panels are owned by McKinnley Home for Boys. If you look at McKinnley they also have them in their parking lot. That strip of land is theirs behind the visitor stands.

          • in the stands

            Not sure where the money came from for those either. I understand the price tag was quite high.

  • The truth and nothing but…

    Bassett does have a nice football field, surprisingly much nicer than Bishop Amat across the street. Also with Jerry Urias, the former South El Monte OC running that program, they expect themselves to finish second and have a chance for first place in the Mount View next season. For anyone that doesn’t know what a miracle that is, as recent as before Jerry and Hector Spathias took over last season, I know quite a few midget pop warner team that could have beaten them. I saw those kids work out recently and it’s very impressive the improvements they have made.

  • Conq ’76

    I have to assume that since Los Altos is a part of LA County and does not exist within any city limits, that the county and the school district would be responsible for finding ways to finance renovations. Perhaps this is a contributor to the lack of upgrades to the fields at LA? In addition, they did build an entire new pool area awhile ago, when the existing pool was still operational, as I understood the situation.