Kurt Scoby leaves Alemany, is he headed for Bishop Amat?

After Fox Sports recruiting analyst Greg Biggins tweeted Wednesday night that he heard former Charter Oak and St. Paul running back Kurt Scoby was leaving Alemany, the L.A. Times’ Eric Sondheimer confirmed today that Scoby has in fact left Alemany, a school that he never played for. Sondheimer cited transportation issues as the reason for Scoby leaving Alemany. Since Scoby’s freshman year he has attended Charter Oak, Duarte, St. Paul, Cathedral and Alemany, but has only played football for Charter Oak and St. Paul. Rumors are going to swirl that Scoby will wind up at Bishop Amat. Scoby has indicated before he would like to play at Amat and still lives in the San Gabriel Valley. Plus, when someone asked Biggins where he thought Scoby would wind up, Biggins tweeted, “Rumor is Bishop Amat.” I was talking to a Bishop Amat football assistant last week who said they have everything but a running back, so stay tuned, this could get interesting.

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  • D-Mo

    BA is going to be a very good team this season, with or without Kurt. This being his senior year, he better not screw it up.

  • MakeTheRightCall

    With this going on, how can CIF mandate a sit out period for anyone who wants to transfer or is told to transfer? Ridiculous.

  • 12th man

    Amat looks good on paper every year!! The problem is they can’t attract the big uglys up front to compete in the Pac5 Homegrown athletes can only get you so far! Adding a big name like Scoby could produce transfers into Amat..I could see him going both ways..Where they could utilize his speed & strength somewhere in the secondary..Let’s face it!! Amat’s defense has not been up too par the last 4 seasons!!

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Do you think someone is going to transfer to Amat Because of Scooby…he is extremely talented however he moved around too much. Everyone sold his parents and him that Monrovia was too small of a school in too low of a division, the Mtown coaches raised this boy football wise….so he has been stuck moving from inland school to pac5 school..while his former Youth football teammates won titles and signed D-1. I am sorry to say but a lot people gave him bad advice, and they may have fell victim to that…Mtown signed 5 this season. I just saying stay home if you are good you are good.

      • 12th man

        I’m looking past all the negative & saying “Let this kid play” Trying to dissect & analyze the reasoning behind all the decision making for this kid is pointless at this time..Everyone makes mistakes..Instead we should all focus on helping this kid play somewhere! Anywhere!..Not having him on the grid iron would be a travesty to any team or fan of the sport~..Attracting transfers.. might be a lil far fetched..But you did bite on it lol..

        • OuttaYourMindTrib

          This transferring here and there and everywhere in between all before a Senior year, CIF needs to step in an make an example out of this situation. He should be done as a Football player in HS. Besides, there’s no way with all that moving around his grades are what they need to be.

          • Irresponsible

            Dude, I totally agree with EVERYTHING you said! Except for the whole grades thing. Come on man, you and I both know that these are private schools we’re talking about. Amat will find a way to make this kid eligible. His grades will magically be where they need to be by season’s start. It’s such BS. And the worst thing is that they Trib and Fred completely support and promote crap like this. This is NOT what’s best for kids. And propping up Scoby as an example hurts our youth. I, for one, hope Scoby fails miserably. I hope his epic crash and burn serves as a warning to our future superstars that this selfish, football-centric lifestyle is not the way to go. It’s sad to watch this kids piss his football career down the tubes.

          • Valley Athletics

            If it was that easy for amat to give him passing grades he would of been at amat already . This transfer is probably his most legitimate transfer. If he winds up at Santa margarita then it will be fishy .

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            i don’t think Fred and Aram support this. I don’t think anyone in the SGV enjoys watching a kid move this much…Kids need stability, and discipline. This article serves a purpose to all the transfer happy people in the SGV. Parents should really stop chasing programs and go to one place. This is a perfect example of how a talent player wasted 12 games of his career moving around. He could have spent this time keeping up on credits, getting help with school work and taking SAT prep classes. Now graduation could be issue, and a scholarship may not be offered.

          • jcaz

            I find it so funny how we often criticize high school kids for doing the very same things that other athletes do all the time. People like Lebron or Dwight Howard decided to move on, so that they could make more money of have a better rate of success, The funny part is that we say, more power to them because in the end, we all understand that its all about the money. Well, guess what ? These kids that your talking about have the kind of talent that you or I, never did, and if they’re making choices that might impact their future success at the next level then who are you to say that they dont have a right to make these moves ? Really ?

          • fb102

            jcaz, two VERY different things pros vs. HS…..In both cases there ARE rules regarding where pros sign and HS players eligibility. Pros have the ‘freedom’ to sign wherever they want, but there are rules.

            HS players have rules they must follow to remain eligible to play. HS players CAN pretty much play wherever they want to BUT they have follow the RULES. In Scoby’s case, at least 4 high schools in the past year. How he has GRADES to make him eligible is beyond me with so many changes.

            Do academics EVER factor into your equation for a player being able to play on the HS level?

          • jcaz

            Isnt it kinda funny how folks always want to use “reasons” or in this case excuses to not allow other people the right to do the very same things that others get to do ? Kinda reminds me of segregationist times when black people had to follow the “rules” and weren’t allowed to drink out of the same water fountain as white folks could. Actually, it is true, rules are made and guess what ? Rules are always changed to meet the times….For example, today we have professional athletes playing in the Olympics and we have even had a kid by the name of Koby bryant go straight to the pros without ever having to spend a day in college. Now, I don’t really know how old you are 101, but there was a time where the “rules” didn’t allow professionals to compete in the Olympics and a time when high school kids couldn’t go directly into the NBA. but guess what ? Those rules which impeded athletic completion are no longer accepted because these changes reflected the fact that its all about letting people work in a free market society. Look, 101, I respect you for your opinion, after all, you got a right to it, but honestly, who are you to say a kid cant try to take advantage of his right to succeed ? if you got a beef with the kid, then just say so, otherwise, get out of the way and let the kid make his own choices for crying out loud.

          • fb102

            jcaz, appreciate you ‘allowing’ me to have an opinion.

            NO beef with Scoby.

            What in my post is incorrect? Be specific. Answer MY question on academic eligibility for HS players.

            You write about choices. Hmmm. Seems Scoby has been making a LOT of choices in the past 3 years. How is that working out for him?

            Non-public schools have choices on whom they allow to attend their school. If so, Amat has every right to not allow Scoby to attend for whatever reason they see fit.

          • jcaz

            101, im beginning to wonder about you. Why is it that you seem to have a wild hair over this kid anyway ? Whats your beef with this kid anyway ? I mean, are you the big bad boggie man over at Amat who tells all the little children that they can or cannot attend the school ? Maybe its more personal with you ? Perhaps your kid is the guy Scoby’s gonna replace in the starting line up ? If the latter were the case, then I could certainly understand your point. Anyhow, what ever it is that you got against the kid, it seems to be a moot point right now if only because he’s not going to play for the Lancers. So you get your wish after all eh ?
            BTW, I hope you dont mind, but I have to laugh just a little at your expense here. It seems to me that both you and 73 are cut out from the very same mold. Every time I get into it with the guy, I often picture him standing on top of a soap box with his finger pointed at me demanding that I answer his questions. He’s like you in many ways. irritating as “F” but hey, you cant control who comes on this blog can you ? Oh wait, if it were up to you, yes we could….Ha ha ha
            73, just kidding, and 101, seems that you and I are the only ones still talking about this so, im done with this unless of course your still pointing that finger at me ????

          • AMAT 73


            Remember Andrew Bynum from the Lakers , he was one of the the last high school ball players allowed into the NBA . That rule has been changed (which by the way happened in 2006 ) they must now be one year removed from high school and be at least 19 years of age .
            Also you seem to be confused on my stance of Scoby attending AMAT . I never wrote I did not want him at AMAT . I wrote, under the right terms,testing , transcripts , attendence records ( much as LanceR wrote , it must be earned ) which you seemed to agree with him . To give him carte blanche entree would be wrong . If he can muster the grades , keep attendence current and continuous, he would be a solid addition to the team . Probably a moot point as he has been out of school at least a week now with no sign of enrollment at any school . As always I wish him well and hope he does see the field somewhere next season .

  • Carlos

    Really this is breaking news, who cares anymore!

  • Valley Athletics

    Pretty sure he will be at a school soon. He can’t afford to miss many days ..

  • What I’ve learned since this was published is that Scoby will likely wind up at Monrovia. Whatever happens or wherever he winds up I hope it all works out in the end. Can’t imagine why anyone would root for a kid to fail.

    • Royal Blue Thunder

      If he ends up going to Monrovia, the Wildcats just might be able to actually beat South Hills next season.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        It’s just a preseason game…However we will all enjoy Charter Oaks 1st round exit in the inland playoffs…that’s always fun to watch…I really enjoy Farrar’s teary eyed post game speech…and laughable Quote” the Inland is too tough” I wish we were in the South East and still had those Monrovia, Pasadena and West Co transfers” !! that is always fun to watch.

        • jcaz

          Weather or not I agree with your post, I actually respect the fact that your basically saying what you believe to be true. kinda like Non-sense, but in an “against” Charter oak kinda of way……Hum

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            J you have nothing to say about my post? You are going to compare me to Not since…You know I am absolutely spot on. You know your coach dances in weeks 1-10 and cries after that. Besides…how long do you think people are going to keep transferring in to get slaughtered in 1st or 2nd round?
            Who is coming to play with Brown and Washington, next year? Cif is going to match you up with Upland or Rancho Every year…and that’s the easy side of the bracket bra…

          • jcaz

            Im not a Charter Oak guy, but I do respect what they’ve done over there regardless of the outcome as of late. Having said that, what I meant in my earlier post was that I agreed (for the most part) on what you were trying to say. However, I was actually trying to be “tong in cheek” with that reference to non-sense

    • jcaz

      Aram came out with that earlier, but when he first posted that, it just seemed to me that it was just wishful thinking on his part. Having said that, I also am pretty certain that he wont attend Amat because there are far to many people over there who just don’t want the kid to play for the lancers. I will however say that maybe if he never becomes a Lancer, that perhaps he might want to reconsider becoming a Charger once again, if only to finish where he started at ?

  • Lance R

    Amat will get him tutored up to get the grades. They do that with lots of on the bubble players. Amat will not give him passing grades ala carte just for football purposes, Scoby will have to earn his keep to get on the field with Amat. He is a talent no doubt about it but if he expects to play at the next level he also needs to be good in the classroom. William Wagner was also a very good running back at Amat but he was always borderline to play because of grades. Tutoring helped Willie see the field on Friday nights. Scoby would be a good addition to the Amat football program but there are no gimmies at Amat, all is earned. This is what Kurt may need to get him to play on Saturdays at the next level. Amat may be the thing he has needed for the last 3 years instead of all this transferring around. Hope he ends up at Amat not for the football sake of things but to straighten things out for him and help him take that talent to the next level on the football field and in the classroom. He can also become a success in life after football.

    • jcaz

      I think you and I are the only two who really want him on our team….