Breaking News: South Hills softball coach Scott Fisch placed on administrative leave

By Steve Scauzillo, Staff Writer
A long-time coach of the South Hills High School softball team in West Covina was placed on paid administrative leave Friday pending the outcome of an investigation of an alleged hazing incident, sources said.
Scott Fisch, both the softball coach and an 11th grade counselor at the high school, is being investigated by the district, confirmed Covina-Valley Unified School District board president Richard White.

He is temporarily relieved of his duties as a counselor and a coach, said Bill Brown, assistant superintendent of personnel services.

“He was placed on leave and is not at the school,” Brown said Friday afternoon.

Brown said the district received complaints “about potentially inappropriate and questionable activity involving the softball operations” and opened an investigation.

Neither White, nor Brown, would comment on the nature of the alleged hazing associated with the softball team.

“There is an investigation going on. That is all I can tell you,” White said Friday during a phone interview. “That is the personnel policy for his protection and for the public’s protection.”

The district is taking the complaint seriously, Brown said. He said the district has just begun looking into the matter and therefore he could not provide further details.

Fisch has been the Huskies softball coach since the 1987-88 season. He’s led the team to a CIF championship in 1997 and to the CIF finals in 2010 and 2011.

On Friday, the team was led by Assistant Coach Brandon Gonzalez with the help of junior varsity coach Ernie Rodriguez, in Fisch’s absence. The Huskies squared off against Glendora High School in a softball game at the San Dimas Softball Tournament.

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  • scotty bore as

    not shocked at all

  • FYI, will not tolerate any speculative comments as to the reason for Fisch’s removal. Until we learn more information, those comments will be quickly deleted, and IP addresses of those posting will be banned.

    • Scottie to hottie

      Did your DD not make the team either

  • Get Real

    What’s there to speculate?

  • reality

    Every teacher and coach is fair game these days. Sue somebody and get rich. You can always find a ambulance chaser to help you for a 33% cut.

  • Calione

    Wow, if Fisch’s indiscretions only affected a game , for any of the students who complained about his unusual behavior and suffered as a result I understand how tragic it truly is. Maybe you think this is a joke but I don’t think any of the numerous students who have suffered as a result of his actions will find humor in it. The administration is finally putting our children first and removing this man from causing further harm to students. When a grown man gossips and spreads rumors its time to take a look at how unusual that is.

  • scotty bore as

    one too many head first slides into home might have done him in? lol…he was not a classy guy in any way !

  • Scottie to hottie

    Just on KCAL… The dad is an idiot, remove you DD from the program… Why do you keep her on the team, SHAME ME ONCE SHAME ON YOU TWICE. Now you put your DD in a worse situation.

  • Scottie to hottie

    Calione , you must had something to with his removal you seem to know to much. Hmmmm…. We all have our guesses.

  • morgan

    This guy has been mentally abusive for years. Parents are afraid to speak up because they are afraid of what he will put their kids through. I hope this whole thing shines a bright light on what a horrible individual this guy really is. It’s about time the truth comes out.

  • F.R

    Unfortunately their is always going to be someone whose daughter didn’t make the team or is not getting enough playing time who have held a grudge against the coach, so now is a good time to bash him right?

  • truth

    Scott Fisch and his wife Judy Fisch are horrible people with a lot of mental issues. No one likes the Fisch family!!!
    If the kids cant trust there school counselor and coach who can they trust ??? Great team work Scott šŸ™

  • kps

    Wow..what a surprise! especially since he was such a stellar counselor.. bout time

  • Jim H

    If Scott was not an effective teacher and coach, his conduct would have shown it years ago. He has dedicated his life to South Hills HS and to the girls’ softball program and both are much better for his contributions. Best wishes Coach Fisch, the truth will see you back at the helm soon.

  • open minded….

    Fred, will you keep us updated on the outcome?

    • I will, learned today that girls volleyball coach Charm Doyle and former football coach Steve Bogan have been asked to assist or become assistants until issue with Fisch is resolved.

  • Daddy ball

    A player who was cut 5 weeks ago is now being allowed to play on the varsity softball team. Must make mom and dad proud now. Sounds like the problem are the parents and the new, soft admin. Judi North would have stepped up and supported her coach.

    • open minded….

      Maybe if YOU complain long enough, you can get her removed and then your daughter can get moved from JV up to varsity so you and your Spouse can now be proud. ” Just saying”