San Dimas tournament: Bishop Amat and dominating Sabrina Anguiano shutout La Canada in title game

San Dimas Softball Tournament
Friday’s semifinal results

Bishop Amat 8, Charter Oak 0
La Canada 11, Northview 7, 8 innings
Saturday’s championship
Bishop Amat 7, La Canada 0

By John Honell
Sabrina Anguiano was almost perfect in pitching the Bishop Amat softball team to the championship of the San Dimas Tournament on Saturday with a 7-0 win over La Canada.
Anguiano allowed only one runner to reach base – Kelsey Drange, who walked in the fourth inning.
The senior, in addition to throwing a no-hitter, had two one-hitters and a two-hitter and didn’t allow a run in the tournament as she was a unanimous choice for MVP.
Amat scored all of its runs in the bottom of the sixth inning against the defending tournament champion Spartans.
“I wasn’t even thinking about (a no-hitter),” Anguiano said. “Those things just come as you play. My focus was just to get the win and my teammates backed me up, so I’m just thankful for a team like that.”

The Lancers had the leadoff batter on base in four of the first five innings but couldn’t solve La Canada starter Maddy MacKenzie.

“Maddy did a phenomenal job,” Spartans coach K.C. Mathews said. “She changed speeds and locations on them all game long but, if you give a team like that four, five outs in an inning, they’ll make you pay for it. We only had one runner and you’re not going to win many games like that.”

The Lancers broke through in the bottom of the sixth when their patience at the plate finally paid off.

They had only two hits but took advantage of five walks, a hit batter, an error and a wild pitch to put the game away.

“It was a little frustrating (getting the leadoff batter on base),” Lancers coach Jesse Mendez said. “But we hit the ball hard right at people and sometimes that happens. We were a little anxious at the plate but their pitcher did a good job. Her changeup had us off-balance and got us to swing at pitches a little out of the strike zone.”

Amanda Sanchez got the Lancers going with a one-out walk. Victoria Saucedo followed with another walk and Brandy Galaviz singled off the tip of the shortstop’s glove to load the bases.

Larissa Munoz walked to drive in the first run and Julia Valenzuela followed with an RBI single to put the game out of reach.

Sanchez reached base four times on three walks and a hit by pitch. Galaviz and Valenzuela each had two hits for the Lancers.

“Sabrina was the key,” Mendez said. “She had a great tournament. But our defense was very good. Our big hitters didn’t get the hits they usually get but they just have to learn to stay patient.”

The Lancers also threatened in the bottom of the fifth when they loaded the bases with no outs.

Galaviz led off the inning with a single. Munoz reached base on an error and Valenzuela loaded the bases with an infield hit.

MacKenzie then got her first strikeout and a pair of soft lineouts to get out of the jam.

Olivia Leyva and MacKenzie were named to the all-tournament team for the Spartans.

Catcher Lexi Gonzalez and first baseman Amanda Sanchez also received all-tournament honors for Bishop Amat.

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  • Get Real

    I hope Charter Oak has a stacked line-up. If they don’t, it’s going to be a long ride home.

    • Long ride home from where, San Dimas? They could probably walk.

      • What New ID ?

        Long ride home from San Dimas for the Glendora girls this week too ! Are they really that bad this year ? Thought it was their frosh team on the field but I heard that really was their varsity team. Had heard some positive things about their new head coach but it really looked like the assistant coach was running the team (obviously not vey well either). This is going to be a very looooong year for them if this week is any indication.

    • disqus_XdlDKudkim

      You better listen to Fred. Fred knows EVERYTHING about high school sports…

    • Steve Ramirez

      Get Real: That’s Charter Oak’s strength. I’d match their offense with anyone. They are arguably the top hitting team in the area. It’s in the circle where they have been inconsistent. If you’re La Canada, you’d better score some runs, because Charter Oak will.

    • What New ID ?

      Long walk home ! Steve was kind of correct in predicting the score – gave up a bunch of runs. What he did miss though was the 0 runs scored by that Top Hitting team.

      • Steve Ramirez

        For some reason I thought CO was playing La Canada. There’s a reason why I had Amat. No. 1 in our preseason rankings. I can’t see LC beating the Lancers, who have a top pitcher.

  • Both semifinals could get ugly, La Canada and Bishop Amat have way more in their arsenal. But I do believe La Canada wins it all.

    • Softball Guru

      Amat dominated the game and made La Canada look like a rec team. Illustrates the dominance the East Valley has over the West Valley in softball.

      • TheCloser

        New to this whole HS thing but been coaching and watching travel baseball and softball for years and there is no way La Canada ever would beat Amat. Not sure how Mr. Robledo would’ve came to that prediction but maybe he should employ Mr. Guitron again to get more insight.

  • Get Real

    Steve, that’s not saying much. In the SGV most high schools can’t play on both sides of the line, Amat can. Fred, what they did last year means little. La Canada doesn’t play anyone.

    • Steve Ramirez

      Just saying when CO loses, it’s usually 7-6, 9-7, not 1-0

  • 12th man

    CO overrated by the tribune staff! Looks like CO has more problems than just the Circle..Looks like the top hitting team in the Valley can’t produce vs quality pitching..Could be a long season! Some mite say Amat has the best hitting team they have nearly 40 runs in 5 games..

    • Steve Ramirez

      I think that’s true of any team, whether it be baseball or softball. Good pitching is like tires in a NASCAR race, you will go as far as they will take you. God bless!

  • scotty bore as

    little freddie cold? what a wuss…I mean,take a super sized MIDOL

    • FredJ

      I know you like me, won’t make you say it

      • scotty bore as

        actually fred J, I do like you, I respect most of the work that the “libero” does , but your knowledge of volleyball and fast-pitch softball is glaring…other than that ….you’re pretty good…I’ll be back in the Depot in Covina next week…let’s do lunch, Northwoods? or La Tolteca? you pick, I’ll pick up the tabe

        • Your funny, it was cool running into you at Depot and I don’t mind what you write either, I like everyone … I like Tijuana’s.

  • scotty bore as

    mister libero, I’ll go against your very limited knowledge of FP softball and say Amat whoops La Canada..soundly


    Leave a message…

  • TheCloser

    Amat has been preparing for this season playing in the OC winterball league against some of the best teams in the nation. I think they’re a more balanced team than La Canada and should get it done today.

  • TheCloser

    I think Amat’s sticks are going to surprise some people in the high school scene. For those in the travel world, they know that Amat has some solid D1 players on their roster.

  • disqus_XdlDKudkim

    Update as of 6:20, 3/9/13

    1. Bishop Amat (4-2, San Dimas Tournament Champions)
    2. Chino Hills (7-3, finished as Consolation Runner Ups at Tournament of Champions; 3-2 in tourney)
    3. Los Altos (3-2, play San Dimas at 10 PM tonight, playing for 9th place in SD tourney)
    4. San Dimas (3-3, play Los Altos at 10 PM tonight, playing for 9th place in SD tourney)
    St. Lucy’s (1-2, have dropped off the face of the Earth in regards to
    Maxpreps, I think I heard they were playing for 5th at Brea tourney)
    6. Ayala (4-1, haven’t played in a while; somehow went from 5-1 to 4-1 on Maxpreps)
    7. Charter Oak (3-1, played Northview today for 3rd place in SD tournement, haven’t heard the result)
    8. Bonita (2-2, no games on Maxpreps since Feb. 28)
    9. South Hills (6-2, finished as consolation champs at SD tourney)
    10. Duarte (3-2, already have half the loses they had all of last year)

  • Get Real

    FYI Saturday’s game between Amat and La Canada was a moral victory for La Canada.
    They held Amat to 7 runs and played out the game. The only team to do
    so. La Canada had one runner reach first base and had no hits and no
    runs, almost a perfect game by the Amat pitcher. The Amat defense was
    solid, but the hitting was a little off sync. Not a bad week all in all.
    They scored a ton of runs and did not allow a run against teams the Tribune consider good hitting teams, and maybe they are, they just didn’t show it this week.

  • Regents Rule

    St. Lucy’s former players doing great in college……..Katie Lange freshman of the week , Mavridis tearing it up, Swan tearing it up, O’Toole shutting down everyone……….Sosa? hmmm don’t see anything yet, interesting maybe someone can enlighten on her playing time. Mejia will destroy the softball program at St. Lucy’s.

    • Softball Guru

      Also, St. Lucy’s Harkness was the Atlantic 10 Rookie of the week

      • Softball Guru

        Britney Rodriguez hit a pair of HR’s for UCLA and Kristen Stewart hit her first collegiate HR for Utah this past weekend. The Chino Hills and Ayala girls are also doing well. What a bumper crop of D1 players the SGV produced last year!

        • Regents DID Rule.

          Softball Guru, how do you know so much? 1/2 of what you know is wrong. Don’t talk about people you really don’t know or people who don’t keep in touch with you MAV.

    • Softball Guru

      Sosa is red-shirting this year at UCLA. Lange plays for a DII school back east.

    • parents…….

      The next big catcher for UCLA is the kid at Citrus from Hawaii. She is working on her grades and just mashes….Sosa won’t see the field.

    • Regents DID Rule.

      Hmm typical Katie Lange name on top I wonder if it’s her mom or EX (coach) Laura posting. Let the past be the past let the adult college women have there college experience. Oh! get your facts straight before you post 1/2 of what you posted is not true and I’m sure your opinion of them is meaningless. You left out Hark who is at a REAL college making some real strides. If you kept in touch with these women you would have your facts straight. Oh you wanted to know about Sosa….. she would probably laugh at the comment and say move on I got PAC12 to worry about.

  • LoveBajaMalibu

    Why doesn’t St. Lucy’s report their scores.? also heard they had to forfeit a game at Brea Tournament. What was that about.?

    • Softball Guru

      I just went on their Maxpreps site, they only have stats for 2 players? They show a 1-2 record, have they only played 3 games? I thought all these issues were being corrected this year.