Bishop Amat baseball struggling, loses 9-2 to Chatsworth to fall to 1-4

“We’re not going to sacrifice the integrity of our program for rankings and records. We’re going to continue to play as difficult a schedule as we can. We think our body of work over the last six years, which includes three CIF championships, is one of the top programs in Southern California. Win or lose, we’re going to play a tough schedule and when all is said and done, we’re hoping our schedule has prepared us to play for a championship.
“It doesn’t get any easier, we got Lakewood, Tesoro, Alemany, Agoura, and you got to welcome the challenge. We’re scuffling right now, but we’re going to find a way to lick our wounds and pick ourselves up. We need to find out who the real tough guys are. We need to circle the wagons together and find out what we’re made of. This program has flourished for many years, and now it’s gut-check time.”
Bishop Amat coach Andy Nieto, who talks at length with the Scouting Guru at the 9:15 mark.

By Jack Pollon
It was about time the Chatsworth baseball team scored some runs.
After scoring two runs or less in five of their first eight games, the Chancellors broke out Wednesday for a 9-2 intersectional victory against perennial state power Bishop Amat at USC’s Dedeuax Field.
The big blow came from No. 9 hitter Garrett Kueber, who tripled home three runs in the fourth.
Kueber, who only had one hit the entire season, lined a fastball into left-center that rolled all the way to the wall.
“I was looking for a fastball and just went with it,” Kueber said. “I squared up real good on that pitch. It felt good.”
Chatsworth coach Tom Meusborn added: “It was a great time for it. He stung it.”

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  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Uh Oh, I understand BA wants to play the best to be the best, but the coach is going to have a lot of tired arms and low morale come league. Besides, the smoke and Mirrors thing about playing the toughest schedule is strange…There are tons of tough teams inthe SGV. Heck there are 6 ranked in the top 25. In the past Season, BA has lost to La Salle Twice, and to Monrovia in the playoffs. Take care of business in your area first. The past 3 years were great…I still consider BA a great program…BA should still qualify for a playoff berth, but in a higher division it may be tough getting out the first round. With their record I can’t see them getting a favorable draw.

    • At least split it up, play some area games to cut down on travel and some teams in Orange County or wherever. I agree, morale is everything. But something tells me once they get into league the morale with skyrocket again with each win.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Yeah, that’s only if La Salle is not the real deal. If they are able to beat BA twice, they could drop additional games. BA is just not swinging the bat well. It’s Obvious their pitching has not been great. They are going to have to score some how…bunt, Hit and run…steal. I think coach Nieto is suffering from having some of the biggest bats in Socal the past 3 years. When you have Ruiz and co, you gonna score big and have base runners due to walks and pitching around a kid like Rio. He better break out the small ball game plan. Your not going to beat the teams they play swinging for the fences…the pitching is too good. You have to put pressure on the other team.

        • AMAT 73

          Did you forget Rio did not play his senior year . If you are going to knock us , at least get your facts straight . Plus not too long ago Nieto was being knock for playing small ball . Young arms who are getting seasoned at the moment . The team will be ready for league and the losses now will pay off later .

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            I know Rio didn’t play, but he played the other two seasons…and he was weapon. I saw BA play last year. They lost due to a few situational mistakes. Most good teams do. However they don’t have a kid like Rio who can change the game with one swing. Knock by who for playing small ball? it was not me…. prior to last year they won it all. BA is facing good pitching, the way to counteract good pitching is to play small ball. BA only has one stolen base on two attempts….that’s not going to generate any kind of Offense. Socal Baseball seems to very good from top to bottom….Don’t think I am saying BA sucks…i am not saying that. I think the coach is going to have to mix it up.

          • TheCloser

            From what I can see they’re struggling with the sticks. The team only has 5 RBI’s in 112 plate appearances. Coach Beck will always develop competitive pitching which will keep them in most games but it’s hard to play the big boys if you can’t bang consistently or have speed to manufacture runs.

            Do they still get most of their kids from the Dukes/SGV Arsenal program? I have a son coming up in the next few years and I’m not sure about the politics of high school baseball so I’m also looking at Orange Lutheran, El Dorado, and Chino Hills for him. If yes, do they favor those kids?

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            I remember the Dukes were good back when I was played Baseball at Mtown. However, now High School Baseball is all about summer ball/travel ball. Reputation is everything. Word of mouth is everything. Baseball tryouts in my opinion are just held because they have to. The coaches sometimes already have their team picked based upon those club teams. A lot times they have players in the programs who let them know who the good players are, whether it be relatives, Friends or guys they played against the year prior to high school. If you send your kid out of area it’s risky if you don’t have a relationship with that coach or someone on that team…If your kid is a pitcher or catcher that really increases your chances of making the team at a top program.

            As Far as BA goes, I follow them when they play OC teams…Pitching was good, they have the talents…it’s just knowing when to make a guy bunt, sac fly or hit it to right side during a hit and run play. Even if he is your 3-4 hitter. I think Nieto, just needs to work on timely hitting and make the right calls at the right time. No matter what some will think I am hater.

          • TheCloser

            Yeah, back in the day the Dukes had Amat guys like Mike Young, Mike Lamb, Steve Medrano, Jesus Medrano, etc.
            I know the Dukes have a few teams with 7th and 8th grade boys but you don’t see them too much in the tournament scene. With the growth of travel baseball in the last few years the pipeline to Amat maybe getting smaller as more quality kids are spread among other programs that don’t sell Amat as a primary choice.

          • Valley Athletics

            SAw the dukes play 2 weeks ago . Pretty good 8th grade team. Wallace gonzalez little brother was on the team . 6’0 200 pound 13 yr old man child who has D1 colleges looking at him already . Most kid play at south hills , Damien , amat from that program . A lot of travel ball teams that keep there kids together now a days . Damien’s freshmen team last season had 15 kids from the patriots travel ball team . Diamond bar highschool feeds off the destroyer program . Amats team has many from the bombers and a couple from the arsenal .

          • TheCloser

            Is that Lexi Gonzalez’s little brother? If so, I’m sure he has the genes because she’s a beast! I’m trying to funnel some Placentia Mustangs players Amat’s way so we’ll see what happens. Just depends on the situation. My daughter is a freshman there but I always joke with her and tell her that her brothers are going to look good in Lancer colors but OLU Red and White.

          • Valley Athletics

            I don’t know if they are related .I only know about Wallace jr and jayson . Wallace sr. Is a coach for the 8th grade dukes and batting coach .

  • fb102

    Amat MAY do well in League because it’s a weak league. When the playoffs start, lucky to get outta the first round…depends who they play.

    29 kids on the Varsity roster…what a joke…The only one who ‘wins’ is Nieto…..$$$$….5 teams in the program, again Nieto wins…$$$$….Cut the kids who have NO chance of playing on Varsity as seniors, AFTER their sophomore season…Stop making ‘promises’ to players/families just to keep the $$$$ rolling in….

    While these players are on the lower levels TEACH them HOW to play….with SO many kids at practice, how can they get the reps to get better? The players’ Baseball PE period COULD be used to teach, but Nieto sends them to the batting cages to work on who knows what, while he chats away on his cell phone….

    For those of you who defend Nieto because he has won 3 championships in his tenure, ask yourself this… the varsity program playing at a high level as it was when he arrived at Amat? If the answer is no, why is that? Could it be Nieto won with players he inherited from Kendrena?

    • Valley Athletics

      Actually the league is going to be tougher now with Serra and cathedral instead of Santa Monica . Serra with Dominic smith and all those transfers are going to be the favorites for league champs . Serra has Been winning big games and losing some because of pitching .3 pitchers more will be available for league including USC commit sophmore Solomon bates . La salle is also good. Cathedral and St. Paul are decent also .

    • Guest

      100% Accurate… back in those early years, he inherited tons of kids from the West Covina Dukes, So Cal Bombers, SGV Arsenal, amongst others, Think Fox, Mistone, Reyes, Olivares, Paez, McClanahan, Zuniga.

      Looks like it’s time to coach em up and what’s happening now? Hmmmmm, good kids there right now and they compete, so he may get them going on the players own sheer determination. Hoping so, as it’s good for Valley baseball.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        if you watch this tape, you will see, he did not attempt to bunt, hit or run…or steal. One of his players got back picked at 2nd base. Like I said….it’s coaching.

        • Valley Athletics

          Very on point . They need to bunt , hit and run to get the struggling bats going . Claproth has 2 steals and Daniels 1 steal . Scott hurst is a surprise also , only hitting 211 for a kid who was hitting 600 for the arsenal in the summer and is a Fullerton commit . Coach can have him bunt to kick start him . He has the speed . They need to win against Lakewood to top last years start of 1 and 5 .

  • Valley Athletics

    amat loses another close one to Lakewood . A kid scored from 3rd on a dropped strikeout when the catcher hit the runner in the back . That mistake sent them to extra innings where they lost . Catcher is there 3rd string catcher . Starter is injure and will be back next month . Second string catcher is a transfer that will be eligible soon .