Report: Damien and St. Lucy’s seeking legal counsel over CIFs decision to place them in Parochial leagues

The L.A. Times’ Eric Sondheimer posted today that Damien, St. Lucy’s, St. Bonaventure and Oaks Christian are consulting with legal counsel in hopes of avoiding being sent to Parochial leagues beginning in the 2014-15 season. Damien and St. Lucy’s along with Oaks Christian and St. Bonaventure lost an appeal with CIF on March 19 trying to avoid being sent to the Parochial Leagues. Damien and St. Lucy’s were moved out of the Sierra League and Mt. SAC area alignment to the Catholic Athletic Association, which is scheduled to place the schools in a new league by the end of the month.

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  • reality

    I would not want to compete on an even basis either. “Where’s my lawyer?.

    • SGV 4 Over 30Years

      So it looks like CIF will once again cave in to the private schools money. What will happen if Glendora doesn’t get out of the Baseline League, can they get an lawyer to get out? Or what if South Hills gets placed in the Valley Vista, Can the other schools get a lawyer and keep them out? How many of us remember when Damien and St Lucy’s did this exact same thing about 10 years ago. Why should don’t the public schools get together and refuse to play against schools that opperate under a different set of rules. I’m not hating on the private schools. It should just be a level playing field for all teams in any league.

      SGV4over30 Ouuuuttt!!!!

      • There are a different set of rules. You have to pay to go to a private school, whereas public schools are FREE, and not only free, you can transfer to any public school you want and only sit-out 30 days. At some levels, paying vs. free is a wash. It equals out. There are private school sports powers, and private schools that don’t do anything, just like their are public school powers and public schools that don’t do anything.

        Having said that, I’ve always been of the opinion private schools should compete with private’s (in league and CIF), and take on public schools in non-league games, tournaments and state playoffs — Especially in basketball and football. I’ve always thought league and CIF is where you should be separated, then let the best of the best meet in the state playoffs.

  • SMH

    Did Charter Oak, South Hills, and Glendora, or any other schools that got moved out of their CIF area/region/league ever take CIF to court?

    • SMH, answer is No.

      Glendora and St. Lucy’s do have a legit beef, but not a strong one. The argument is over travel time that is required of a Catholic League that could perhaps place Damien/St. Lucy’s in a league (for all sports) with, for example, Bishop Amat, St. Paul, Cathedral, St. Francis, Loyola or La Salle…. Damien/St. Lucy’s will argue that the travel time will affect study time and grades because of travel. It will also cost more to travel further distances. But traveling to Chino Hills isn’t much further than traveling to St. Francis. St. Paul or Cathedral isn’t much further than traveling too Ayala or Claremont, and Bishop Amat is similar to traveling to Charter Oak or South Hills.

      • can’t wait for your ALL AREA SOCCER & BASKETBALL

      • 90’s Spartan

        Travel wouldn’t be bad in the league you proposed. What division do you think that league enters for the playoffs in football? Do Loyola and Amat go down or does everyone else go up?

  • no-step

    If private schools were winning championships in every sport, every year, I could understand segregating them into their own leagues, never to play public schools. That is not the case. Schools should play and compete within the similar geographic areas as any other school.

  • Dirty Hawk

    Cry me a river. Funny how these private schools have all the money in the world to:
    Pay their head coaches $100,000 + per season
    Pay for multiple assistant coaches
    Pay to travel out of state for games
    Pay for multi million dollar gyms, weight rooms, and other sporting facilities
    Pay for expensive lawyers and lawsuits
    and yet a bus ride that is a few extra miles longer then usual is going to break the bank?

    • 90’s Spartan

      Damien’s main concern is travel time, not necessarily cost.

      • Dirty Hawk

        Travel time? Then why did they schedule Los Alamitos this year, which last time I checked was father away then Amat, St Francis, and St. Paul? Maybe, If they are so concerned for their kids travel time, they shouldn’t admit into the school anyone that lives outside the La Verne/ San Dimas general area. That way they don’t have anyone having to spend a lot of time traveling back and forth to school everyday.

        • 90’s Spartan

          The football team didn’t miss class time due to traveling to Los Al because the game was at 7 pm. If they are traveling at least 30 miles (the distance to St. Francis) for away games that begin at 3pm during the week, then the athletes will be missing a significant amount of class time during the season for pretty much every other sport.
          FYI :
          St. Francis is 28. miles away
          St. Paul- 28 miles away
          Amat- 15 miles away
          Loyola- 38 miles away
          Cathedral- 31 miles away
          La Salle- 20 miles away

          Compared to:
          Claremont- 5 miles away
          Charter oak- 6 miles away
          South Hills- 10 miles away
          Ayala- 9 miles away
          Chino Hills- 12 miles away

          That is what Damien is concerned about with respect to travel time and missing class time for athletes in season. Remember, sports other than football play at least 2 times per week during league play. That is Damien’s argument. It has nothing to do with how far away their students live, but rather with how much class time will be missed so that athletes can make it to their games on time.

  • Your not serious right?? angry because NOW they will actually have some competition against schools that can also compete with the recruiting game!!!

    • 90’s Spartan

      If you issue is fair competition with school who recruit vs. those who don’t, then what do you do about public schools who recruit?

      Personally, I think Damien should move to the private school association, but not because of competition. From a competitive point of view they are appropriately placed right now. They don’t dominate anything and they’re not overmatched either. But there are other benefits to going and they should go.

      Here’s my point: you seem very concerned with competitive fairness and there are many public schools who dominate their league in more than one sport with out of area kids. Damien doesn’t dominate in anything. So what do you do with the public schools who play the recruiting game?