What happens if Damien and St. Lucy’s forced to play with the privates? We’ve got scenarios

This is what makes a blog fun, to talk about the what ifs? I have some interesting proposals and scenario’s to share after speaking with sources involved in the discussions. What if, as CIF suggests, Damien, St. Lucy’s and Pomona Catholic are forced into the Catholic Athletic Association. Damien and St. Lucy’s are considering legal action to challenge the move to the CAA, but if everything plays out as CIF suggests, Damien, St. Lucy’s and Pomona Catholic’s preference, sources explained, is to be placed in the Camino Del Rey Association. St. Bonaventure, also, would prefer the Camino Del Rey Association if it has to move.

Then what? According to sources, teams in the Camino Del Rey Association would likely include: Bishop Amat, Bishop Montgomery, Gardena Serra, Cantwell Sacred Heart, Bosco Tech (boys), St. Bernard’s, St. Bonaventure, La Salle, St. Paul, Cathedral (boys), Mary Star, St. Monica, St. Joseph (girls), Damien (boys) St. Lucy’s (girls) and Pomona Catholic (girls). There would be 13 boys and 13 girls schools. More schools could be added or subtracted, but lets use this scenario under consideration. At that point, Camino Del Rey Association teams would be divided into two leagues for all sports except football, sources explained. And it would not be the same teams in the same leagues for all sports. Each sport (baseball, softball, basketball, etc), will look at the group of teams, and try to place them in two leagues with geography, competitive equity and playoff divisions in mind.

Just using geography, however, teams most likely grouped together for most sports include:
League One: Damien/St. Lucy’s, Bishop Amat, St. Paul, Cathedral/Pomona Catholic, La Salle, Cantwell Sacred Heart, Bosco Tech (boys)
League Two: Bishop Montgomery, Gardena Serra, St. Bernard’s, St. Bonaventure, Mary Star, St. Monica, St. Joseph (girls).

Football, however, would be completely different.
There are at least three football proposals already on the table for Camino Del Rey Association officials to examine, sources explained.

Proposal 1
Serra League, which would compete in Pac-5
Oaks Christian, St. Bonaventure, Bishop Amat, Crespi, Alemany, Loyola
Mission League of eight teams, divided into two leagues
Mission one: Notre Dame, Chaminade, Serra, Damien
Mission two: St. Paul, Cathedral, St. Francis, Harvard-Westlake
League D: La Salle, Bishop Montgomery, Salesian, Cantwell, Verbum Dei, St. Bernard’s
League E: Bosco Tech, St. Monica, Mary Star, Bell Jeff, St. Genevieve, St. Anthony

Proposal II
Eight team Serra League broken into two leagues, all compete in the Pac-5
Serra League Archdiocese Schools: Alemany, Amat, Damien, Serra, St. Bonaventure
Serra League Private schools: Crespi, Loyola, Notre Dame, Oaks Christan.
Mission League
Cathedral, Harvard Wesltake, La Salle, St. Francis, St. Paul
Del Rey
Bishop Montgomery, Bosco Tech, Cantwell Sacred Heart, Salesian, St Bernard
Camino Real
Bell Jeff, Mary Star, St. Anthony, St. Genevieve, St. Monica, Verbum Dei.

Proposal III
Serra League: Alemany, Bishop Amat, Crespi, Loyola, Notre Dame, Oaks Christian, St. Bonaventure
Mission League: Cathedral, Chaminade, Damien, Harvard-Westlake, Serra, St. Francis, St. Paul.
Del Rey League: Bishop Montgomery, Bosco Tech, Cantwell, La Salle, Salesian, St. Bernard
Camino Real League: Bell-jeff, Mary Star, St. Genevieve, St. Monica, Verbum Dei, St. Anthony.

Again, these are scenario’s shared with me under consideration when the new league cycle begins for the 2014-15 season.

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  • The worst scenario for Damien for football is proposal two. If the Spartans are grouped into league with Amat and Pac-5, they’re in trouble.

  • Jastrab

    Fred, why? Damien has around 1,000 boys, better facilities than Amat and probably now the administration and coach to take advantage of being able to draw from the ESGV and the talent rich IE. They for years have underachieved in football. What I am surprised at is Hemingway’s involvement (if he is at all involved) in fighting this issue of being in a private school league. Damien has been hiding in public leagues back to the day of the San Antonio League (SAL). He knows and feels comfortable in a private league as Amat has always played in that arena back tot he Catholic league when Damien was Pomona Catholic.

    • Because like St. Paul and St. Francis, Damien isn’t anywhere near Pac-5 yet … Much better of in one of the Mission League scenarios

  • Get Amat out of the Serra League and out of the PAC 5- they should be in the Mission League with ST. PAUL-DAMIEN-CHAMINADE-SERRA-CATHEDRAL-ST. FRANCIS and the Serra League should be LOYOLA-NOTRE DAME-ST. BONAVENTURE-CRESPI- ALEMANY-CHAMINADE.
    Amat should be in the Western Division.

  • The way the Camino Del Rey works now is that the leagues are redone on two year cycles. Teams can be moved up based on performance and some can be moved down based on performance. For example in ’11 and ’12 St. Bernard’s went undefeated in boy’s basketball in the Camino Real League. This year they were moved up to the Del Rey and replaced with Cathedral (who struggled in basketball in the Dey Rey). There really isn’t much geography used (although adding a team as far as St. Bonaventure really makes no sense to this at all. They are a better fit for the Mission League if anything) since the Basketball leagues were

    Del Rey
    St. Bernards (Playa Del Rey)
    Bishop Montgomery (Torrance)
    La Salle (Pasadena)
    Bishop Amat (La Puente)
    Serra (Gardena)

    Camino Real
    Bosco Tech (Rosemead)
    Cantwell (Montebello)
    Cathedral (LA)
    St. Monica’s (Santa Monica)
    Mary Star (San Pedro)
    St. Paul (Santa Fe Springs)