Jackie Robinson, Glenn Davis, Tracey Murray and Pat Haden among those selected to CIF-SS top 100 athletes of all time

The CIF-Southern Section celebrated its 100th anniversary by selecting the 100 greatest high school athletes in Southern Section history. Each athlete attended a Southern Section School. There were 14 chosen from the combined circulation areas for the Whittier Daily News, San Gabriel Valley Tribune and Pasadena Star-News listed below. Who do you think should of made the list? To view the full list, visit the CIF-SS website. Spokesperson Thom Simmons said the list will be posted later today.

1918 – Chris Paddock, track, Pasadena
1937 – Jackie Robinson, baseball, Muir
1939 – Jack Kramer, tennis, Montebello
1940 – Ralph Kiner, baseball, Alhambra
1943 – Glenn Davis, football, Bonita
1963 – Bob Seagren, track, Pomona
1964 – Stan Smith, tennis, Pasadena
1971 – Pat Haden, football, Bishop Amat
1979 – Bruce Matthews, football, Arcadia
1979 – Gary Zimmerman, football, Walnut
1979 – Jill Sterkel, swimming, Wilson
1981 – Mike Powell, track, Edgewood
1989 – Tracey Murray, basketball, Glendora
1996 – Stacey Nuveman, softball, St. Lucy’s

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  • jcaz

    Whenever you make up a list such as this, you invariable come up with a lot more conundrums than maybe you thought you had when you started it.
    This list has a couple of problems.

    First of all, how is it that folks who were are never around in the early part of the last century even able to determine who was the better prep player as compared to any others who may have competed in other schools or sports ?

    Second of all, when all time lists such as these are made, invariably they are influenced by at least two types of prejudices.

    The first one is that theses lists are almost always based on the fact
    that the kid went on to do very well in the pros, but in actuality, that fact should never be a determining factor in qualifying for this list.

    The second, not on how good an athlete he or she was, but on weather of not he was popular in some others way, long after that person graduated from high school.

    For example. In the early 70’s there were a couple of very good football players who attended San Fernando high school , Charles White and Anthony Davis. Neither of these two became great pros, but id say that either one of them, were probably just as good is not better than who made that list for those respective years.

    Also, was Mat Lienart really the best high school athlete in 2001, or was it based on the fact that the kid played 4 years at USC ?

    • Hosscart

      Charles White and Anthony Davis played for LA City Section Schools. Not Southern Section Schools.

      • jcaz

        City section schools are a part of the CIF…….

  • standing on the sidelines

    how about the Blair phenon twins, James Mcallister and Kermit Johnson