Shocker of the day, South Hills softball beats defending Division 3 champion Chino Hills, 3-1

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  • dodgerfan626

    That’s it that’s the best you can do! No info… wow i thought you were better than that…Hater!

  • JB

    Yeah i agree Dodgerfan626, but boy if it was Bonita, or Amat Fred would take up the whole page with info!!!!!!!


    Don’t get me started guys… After the South Hills Drama…He is nowhere to be seen hmmmm…wasn’t it him who broke the news…I thought he loved SH…But i guess he was brainwashed!!

  • Funny comments in here, see here’s how it works, I can’t be two places at the same time. I covered Northview-Baldwin Park while South Hills was beating Chino Hills in Chino Hills.. As you may or may not know, all the other baseball scores I posted were just results. I didn’t write up info on those games either. I felt the South Hills upset deserved its own headline, so I posted it with the hope that some of you at the game would comment on and talk about it. But rather than talk about the game, you chose to say what you said, and that’s fine. On games that we do not have a reporter at, it’s up to the school to call in and report the score for a write-up. But thanks for the comments, I enjoyed them all.