Stevie R’s take on re-leaguing — Do it by geography!

Well, with the re-leaguing process in high gear and coming down the stretch. I thought I would put my two cents in, which is to do it strictly by geography. I talked to a local coach last week who said its just more fun to play schools you are in close proximity with, mainly because the kids know each other and get a kick out playing each other. I couldn’t agree more, so here is my re-leaguing proposal, which is based on pure geography. Now some school’s don’t have region partners, like Northview, South Hills and Covina, or Wilson and Los Altos, but I did try to keep them close to their general area, because I think that’s important. If that puts a team or program at a disadvantage, then do it the good, old American way — get back to work and get better.

My proposal:
1-Diamond Bar, Diamond Ranch, Rowland, Nogales, Wilson, Los Altos, Walnut
2-Covina, Northview, South Hills, West Covina, Edgewood, Charter Oak,
3-Glendora, San Dimas, Bonita, Azusa, Gladstone, Duarte
4-La Puente, Workman, Bassett, Sierra Vista, Baldwin Park
5-Ayala, Chino Hills, Chino, Don Lugo, Claremont,
6-Colony, Chaffey, Montclair, Ontario, Pomona, Garey, Ganesha
7-Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Los Osos, Etiwanda, Alta Loma

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  • Henry

    your proposal was how it was a while back when i went into high school… i dont know why they even changed it in the first place… smh

    • Ray_Morehart

      They changed it because schools didn’t develop their athletic programs. They took the easy way out and got the schools that had good athletic programs kicked out of their own leagues.

      • Henry

        and place teams already struggling in their own leagues into more powerful leagues which make them look even worse… i hope whatever happens will make it if anythiing fair for all

  • Ray_Morehart

    These proposals woud NEVER happen. The way that principals use politics towards their decisions on releaguing votes, geography will not be used to determine leagues any time soon. Leagues should be based on geography but the Covina Valley principals have already nixed that idea. They’ve already made a back room agreement that would keep South Hills away from Covina and Northview as long as Covina and Northview would vote for South Hills’ proposal. Along with their vote, they also agreed to play in non-league games where it doesn’t have playoff implications.

    • Steve Ramirez

      I know it would never happen. This is just how I think it should be, by geography. It was that way once upon a time, but there’s just too much politics now. Back in my day when you had some bad years, you just sucked it up and tried to get better. Today, you either ask for relief to get out of your league, or you get together with others and force the schools you couldn’t beat on the field out.

      • AMAT 73

        Back in the day you didn’t have as much transferring around by athletes as you do now . It is very hard for some schools to suck it up and get better at present time when your better players leave for greener grass on the other side of the fence .

        • WCDan

          73 thats a good point, tough for some schools to get better when their kids leave for greener pastures, whether they are drawn over to other schools or influenced by someone. To much transfering going on.
          Either way geography alone would make for some ugly mismatches and should not be the deciding factor although it should have a part in the decision making.
          I still think competitive equity should be most important, followed by geography. Just think how long of a season it would be for you Amat fans if you had to suffer through games against La Puente, Basset, and Workman due to geographic placement. (just kidding,I know this is about public schools). but even still the principle still applies.

          • AMAT 73

            WC Dan,
            Nice to see you posting along with the Old Bear . We just might struggle with that schedule if you read the other thread on AMAT’s demise . But it’s just too tough to keep schools together but the core of the SGV schools seem to be ok where they land . Where the trouble begins is the Chino area , Pomona DB area , and those out that way . To be fair you need to have SGV teams play in leagues that have schools in those areas , so there comes the travel. But like transfers , so is travel a part of high school sports today .

  • Fred J. Robledo

    There are some mismatches in these suggestions, can’t imagine Edgewood against Charter Oak or South Hills in football anytime soon, and that’s assuming Edgewood ever brings football back. Can’t imagine Gladstone or Azusa in the same football or basketball league with Glendora, but Steve’s overall point is spot on, geography should be the most important component, especially when matching public vs. public. Not only does playing neighboring schools renew the natural rivalries of years past as Steve suggested, but there are far greater advantages for the student-athlete, because we forget, student should always come before athlete. Closer bus rides allow schools to save money on travel, allows families a better chance of watching their son/daughters play and most importantly, it allows students more time to study (because of less travel) — a win-win-win all the way around.

    But like someone pointed out, it will probably never happen. Administrators and coaches are so caught up with winning and losing, common sense and practical decisions are thrown out the window.

  • Oso Viejo

    Who could ever take any of these self-serving, Mt. Sac Area hairbags seriously? Come on man. For me, I say sort the teams based on their mascot. Did it before, can do it again.

    Put your Cowboys and Indians together: your Baldwin Parks, Chinos, Azusa, and Alta Loma.

    Group your Canines together: that would be all of your Wolves, Huskies, and Bulldogs.

    Predators in another group: Falcons and Bearcats, Grizzlies, Cougars and Eagles.

    Put your felines all in a group: D Ranch, Chaffey, Wilson and Ontario. Guess they’ll have to put the new Edgewood teams there too.

    We’ll have a Bovine ‘n’ Equine group: Chargers, Colts, Brahmas, and Mustangs.

    Too many warrior types so we’ll need separate leagues for the defenders like the Nobles, Dons, Highlanders, Tartans, and another for the invader types like the Conqs, Vikings, Conquistadores, and the Raiders.

    Your figures from mythology and religion will be sorted together: Devils and Saints, Giants, Titans, and Olympians.

    Simple when you think it through. Huh?

  • Valley Athletics

    Like the first proposal with all the teams near the 60 fwy .south hills , West Covina , Glendora , charter oak , bonita and San Dimas . Would be a good fit .

  • Tar’en Supporter

    Yeah – this is way too unbalanced.

    But at the very least, as I mentioned in an earlier comment, they should put all of the San Bernardino Co schools together, and all the LACo schools together.

    But more importantly, there should be some objective criteria that governs the process. Leaving it up to horse trading and personal piques among the principals and AD’s is a nightmare.

  • Softball Guru

    Get Bonita and San Dimas out of the their candy leagues, compete for a change.

  • Aaron

    Better than in DII….