Bonita’s Justin Garza was a slam dunk Baseball MVP last year, but who leads this year’s race? You got me

Picking an MVP and a first team will be extremely difficult with so many teams not posting stats. Look at the San Gabriel Valley leaderboard, there are far too many missing names from top schools. I guess it is what it is, transparency has been replaced by teams choosing to hide players, stats, etc, etc. We’ll probably have to rely on coaches input more than ever, but the names listed below have priority with me, at least I can follow along how they’re doing during the season. There are no surprises that way. What’s impressive in all the stats is the pitching. If there’s anything to take away from this small sample, it’s that power’s down and pitching is the story this season. Just looking over the list, two candidates stand out, Baldwin Park’s Ben Fonseca who is 7-1 on the mound with a .480 average, and Bonita’s Parker Merritt, 7-0 with a 0.61 ERA.

Above: I know South Hills pitcher Adrian De Horta is a candidate, but who knows what his stats are. Speaking of stats, so how many home runs does Florida home run derby champ David Denson actually have? These are the kind of stats that should be shared with the community. I imagine South Hills shared Jason Giambi’s stats back in the day, so why not today?

Top Hitters
1. Frankie Ramos, Rowland .519
2. John Correa, Mountain View, .500
3. Jeremy Giles, Claremont .484
4. Bryan Menendez, Bishop Amat .480
5. Josh Martinez, Mountain View, .478
6. Elias Orona, San Dimas .475
9. Ben Fonseca, Baldwin Park .471
10. Robert Longtree, Ayala .467
Home Run Leaders
4 – Steven San Miguel, Rosemead, Nick Costello, Claremont 4HR
3 – Eric Flores, Glendora, Anthony Rabito, Ayala, Garrett Ouellette, Glendora, Dominic Hilo, Baldwin Park, 3
RBI Leaders
35 – Anthony Rabito, Ayala
32 – Logan Murratalla, San Dimas
30 – Nick Costello, Claremont
26 – Eric Flores, Glendora
23 – Zeph Walters, Diamond Bar
22 – John Correa, Mountain View
21 – Jacob Blunt, Bonita; Bernardo Flores, Baldwin Park

1. Parker Merritt, Bonita, 7-0, 0.61 ERA
2. Zeph Walters, Diamond Bar, 8-1, 0.95 ERA
3. Ryan Viramontes, West Covina, 2-2, 0.95 ERA
4. Ben Fonseca, 7-1, 0.99 ERA
5. Erick Gutierrez, Sierra Vista, 5-1, 1.17 ERA
6. Chad Hockin, Bonita, 5-0, 1.40 ERA
7. Jon Reid, Bonita, 6-1, 1.45 ERA
8. Jimmy Lambert, San Dimas, 7-1, 1.48 ERA
9. Bailey Falter, Chino Hills, 5-3, 1.59 ERA
10. Andrew Luna, Sierra Vista, 3-2, 1.69 ERA

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  • PFA Baseball

    Comical that HS level baseball becomes the one level in baseball that all of the sudden a coach seems to think he gets an advantage by hiding stats. (little league thru Big leagues stats are shared) the sad truth is college coaches use Max preps and other outlets to HELP recruit. Those coaches are selfish, lazy or border line ignorant. Nothing is too small when it comes to helping get advantages to play college baseball. It’s not the end all but it is most difently an advantage for colleges to start the recruiting process. And with so little games played, can a coach really get an accurate scouting report from stats? Keep up the great coverage. Kept fighting the good battle šŸ™‚

    Dave Coggin

  • Valley Athletics

    Without the stats is going to be hard to choose . dehorta does it on offense and defense . But with no stats and only the few times videos where posted you can’t gage his season . Zeph walters also had good pitching stats , good batting average and footage of hitting a big homerun against West Covina . He is my pick for the fact diamond bar does a good job with stats .i would like to see how Denson is doing also . His footage does not show much . Just a couple doubles .

    • StatMan

      Andrew Eppenbach of Amat should also be among the pitchers listed. He has an ERA of 1.69 and has been rock solid for Amat all season long–particularly against some very tough competition. Among his 9 starts, he has five no-decisions where he left the game with a lead that was not held onto. He has stepped up big-time in league play with must-win situations and came through.

      • Valley Athletics

        He was very good and I like how the coaching staff didn’t try to overwork him by pitching him only 4-5 innings .

      • fb102

        Thank you Mr. Eppenbach……

        • StatMan

          You are welcome…. It is true though…he HAS been solid. Look at who he has pitched against: Capo Valley, Esperanza, Lakewood, West Torrance, West Ranch, Serra, Alemany…No one has played as tough a schedule as Amat this season….

  • reality

    Trying to convince stubborn ego driven coaches to post statistics with logic won’t work. What will is when parents figure out their boys would be better served at San Dimas and Bonita. Then they would get a new HC.

  • j s

    David Denson only has one that was against Bonita. Jordan Abernathy from Damien has 6 HRs on the season, and would also be a top RBI guy. Where’s Grant Hockin too? One of the best pitchers in the area. Hiding stats is ridiculous. Sierra league disappoints me.

  • Valleyballer

    Everything is fine and dandy with the information listed above, but some questions have to be asked. First, who is accumulating the stats for these players? Secondly, I have heard some have very few at bats which really do not qualify them for the stats given. Just saying, but, sometimes, depending on the person jotting stats on the web site, you can make a player appear to be a MVP on paper when in fact they are the average Joe.
    Sometimes, maybe there needs to be a secondary system to actually verify what is actually inputted. I do believe most are honest, but, you also have some out there that are looking for a quick fix and feel good for something that will not last very long. Just sayin. Keep up the great work Fred,,,,, love what you and your staff are doing!

  • Every year it’s getting worse with baseball stats, not particularly in the Southern Section or Orange County, but in the San Gabriel Valley in particular. It’s so frustrating that our areas most dominant sport — baseball — chooses to do so little when it comes to promoting players.

    I’ve talked to area coaches about an easy way to fix it, particularly in the Sierra, Valle Vista and Hacienda. What you do at the next league meeting is establish a league rule that requires everyone to post schedules, rosters and stats so that everything is transparent.

  • bleacher watcher

    Funny how the discussion fueled a lot of twitter feeds on who is doing what. Put the stats out there. They are what they are, good or bad. Take credit for it. It all comes out in the end.