BREAKING NEWS: Damien headed to the Pac-5 and will be in the same league with Bishop Amat

STORY: The Serra League football proposal passed at Tuesday’s Catholic Athletic Association meeting, which puts Bishop Amat and Damien in the same league and both in the Pac-5. What are your thoughts?

Serra football proposal that passed and will begin in 2014.
League 1: Alemany, St. Bonaventure, Chaminade, Crespi, Oaks Christian.
League 2: Bishop Amat, Damien, Loyola, Notre Dame, Serra.
League 3: Cathedral, Harvard-Westlake, St. Francis, St. Paul
League 4: Bishop Montgomery, Cantwell-Sacred Heart, La Salle, Salesian, St. Bernard, Verbum Dei.
League 5: Bell-Jeff, Bosco Tech, Mary Star, St. Anthony, St. Genevieve, St. Monica.


The final proposals came down to the Serra and St. Bonaventure proposals. Serra won over the St. Bonaventure, listed below.
League 1: Crespi, Damien, Notre Dame, Oaks Christian, St. Bonaventure.
League 2: Alemany, Bishop Amat, Chaminade, Loyola, Serra.
League 3: Cathedral, Harvard-Westlake, St. Francis, St. Paul
League 4: Bishop Montgomery, Cantwell-Sacred Heart, La Salle, Salesian, St. Bernard, Verbum Dei.
League 5: Bell-Jeff, Bosco Tech, Mary Star, St. Anthony, St. Genevieve, St. Monica.

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  • javier

    There should not be any 4 team leagues. If the goal is geography here are mu suggestions. LEAGUE A: move Harvard-Westlake from ‘C’, makes ‘A’ more competitive. LEAGUE B: Chaminade belongs here and all schools are situated along 101 freeway corridor. LEAGUE C: La Salle belongs here closer to rival St. Francis along 210 freeway and makes it easier so Damien cannot complain about traveling. LEAGUES D and E look good.

  • javier

    Not bad, but do believe La Salle belongs in League #3 with St. Francis and make it a 5 team league. Plus geographically it makes more sense.

  • MonkeyWrench

    Wiff a wheel Pac5 Coach now. Damien may b preparing for da challenge. Da last juan seemed to be more interested in losing than winning.

  • Patrick Tyrone

    all I can say is “opps”! lol

  • Kurt Stone

    Damien will become better over time, but I can see their hesitation in joining this league. Damien will suffer for a few years or so, while it adjusts to the more competative league. Amat will face the same level of competition they are used to, and I figured Amat would stay in the Pac 5 division. I see Serra as a very comparable team to Alemany. It was time Serra competed with tougher teams, rather than the St Pauls, Cathedrals, or St Francis league. Chaminade got a good boost up also. I can’t say Damien is comparable to Crespi, but Damien will hold its own in time. Damien needs to man up and build. Dr. Hemingway is a great leader, and he has a great coach leading the way. It is all about attracting the players now…….We’ll see.

  • jcaz

    This is somewhat confusing to me. First of all, are all of these teams in the PAC5 or just the top two leagues (1 and 2) ? Also, seems to me that Serra and Chaminade should have changed places because to me, Chaminade looks to be the sacrificial lamb in that league and would have ben much better off, competitively speaking, being placed in league number two than in number one.

    In addition, if the plan is for league 1 and two to have play one another every year, then your basically have 9 games already accounted for, so that only leaves you with one game in which to play any other team with.

    BTW, if league 1 and 2 are the only leagues here that are in fact, represented in the PAC5, then how are the playoffs seedings going to work themselves out ? Obviously the champ gets in from each respective league, but then what happens after that ? Do the second place teams have to do a coin flip ? And how many of these teams get in ?

    Also, what of the Marmonte league ? will it still have two divisions ? If so, then can you still call the PAC5 the PAC5 with all these little sub divisions including the “new Serra” existing within the revamped PAC5 ?

    Finally, did anyone figure out a way to get the Inland powerhouses, IE Corona Centennial Et all, into the top division ?

    Just asking…..

    • Kurt Stone

      Only the top two divisions listed here are in the Pac-5 division. The others are in their already respective divisions. The amount of teams that make it into the playoffs is the top three teams from each division, if it is a 5 team division. If it is a 4 team division, then only 2 teams from that division make it.
      The Marmonte league is going back to a one bracket league, as they have lost St Bonnie and Oaks Christian. But I believe they also lost a team or two from the public schools in that league.
      As for the IE teams, I wish they would merge them into the Pac-5, so that we couldget a true reading of who is the best. But maybe that’s too much to ask for.

  • Jefe

    I feel bad for Damien. This is not going to make them a better football team, at least not for the next 10 years.

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