With three months before the high school football season, we’ve got ten questions?

I’m already fired up for the fall. This is your football thread to discuss anything you want, the 10 questions, transfers, whose expected to transfer, coaching changes, gossip, whatever. We’ve got a lot to talk about over the next three months

VBULLDOGS1. Will Antonio “Noodles” Hull, who transferred from West Covina to Diamond Bar, regain his football eligibility after CIF declared him ineligible citing an athletically motivated transfer. Hull’s family has hired an attorney to appeal the decision. My guess is nothing will change. If it didn’t change for South Hills’ Jordan Canada, it probably won’t change for Hull.

2. It appears Damien has had more high profile players transfer out than transfer in since former Bishop Amat legendary coach Mark Paredes took over. Before Damien heads to the Pac-5, will it do anything in the Sierra or Inland with Paredes in charge? My guess, they’ll probably go 5-5.

3. Will Gladstone and El Monte, who had two of the best season’s in school history, even make the playoffs after graduating so many talented players, especially Gladiators QB Kevin Amezquita and Lions QB Brandon Martinez? I say probably not.

hagerty4. Is Bishop Amat quarterback Koa Haynes good enough or great enough to lead the Lancers to a Serra league title without a top back returning? Is Bishop Amat good enough to make the playoffs, period? The past few years Amat has been idling. They’re not going up, they’re not going down, they’re stuck in neutral. Will that change? Probably not, expect another second or third place finish in the Serra, and probably a first-round playoff exit.

payton5. Will San Dimas junior football standout Jake Payton, the Valle Vista League player of the year, remain at San Dimas? I’ve been told by a very reliable source that he is seriously considering transferring and that the wheels are already in motion. Stay tuned!

6. How many players will transfer to Charter Oak knowing they’re going back to the Hacienda League and probably the Southeast Division by 2014? And before it leaves, is there any chance of getting past the second round in the Inland Division? Over/Under is 5 on players transferring in, and no, they probably won’t get past the second round.

7. Will we ever watch Kurt Scoby play football again? He’s been at Charter Oak, Duarte, St. Paul, Alemany and now Monrovia. It’s his senior year, will he play? I’d set the odds at 70-30 that he never plays high school football again.

medrano8. Is West Covina football, after winning back-to-back Southeast titles in 2010 and ’11, on the decline? I’m afraid so, by 2014, Edgewood is taking over!

9. How good will the South Hills freshman football team be with head coach Steve Bogan in charge? He might be the first freshman football coach with four CIF titles.

10T. Who will be the top recruited football player in the Valley? Sadly, can’t think of many.

10T. Who are your sleeper teams for 2013? I’ll give you three, Diamond Bar, Bonita, Duarte.

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  • Steve Ramirez

    I refuse to think about football until I’ve had a few days of RnR!

    • WCDan

      Steve, football will eliminate your need for R&R, it’ll get that energy flowing again.

    • FredJ

      We’re sports writers Steve, every day’s a Saturday.

  • WCDan

    Question #7- Ha, your dreaming Fred, but maybe in baseball.

    • FredJ

      Joking about Edgewood, but serious that West Covina could be on the decline. I think they peaked in 2011. If they don’t rebound from last year, you could see more players transferring out the same way you saw players leaving South Hills. Charter Oak should own everything by 2014.

      • WCDan

        Yeah I knew you were joking, as for WC rebounding from last year, their season actually wasn’t too bad. They were definately way down from 2010/2011, but even in a down year they did make it to the semifinals, and they beat two pretty good playoff teams on the way, lets also remember that despite missing their starting qb, three linemen, and two other key runningbacks, they still managed to lead La Serna at halftime in the semifinals.
        Now as for WC being on a decline, the last two seasons freshmen classes were 9 &1 and 8 & 2. The 9&1 team (last season) was one of the better looking classes that WC has had in a while. Those two classes will be sophomores and juniors this next season, so they could help at the varsity level.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    1. I Think Hull will be denied. I have never read about CIF Reversing a ruling over the summer. Fred have you?

    2. I saw the Damien Campus, it looks like a old church….I also think that going to a all boys schools would not be fun. 3. There are too many good schools in there area which are Free. Why pay to go to Damien?

    3. Rosemead vs Arroyo for the MVL title. The other schools had historic players which gave them historic Seasons..Rosemead has the best talent Arroyo has the best Program.

    4. I don’t think Koa has any help. If they can’t win it Blue, Andrews, Cook Valesquez and co…they are not going to win with a team with no Sr Next level prospects. There will be no playoffs in 2014 for the Lancers.

    5. If Peyton Transfers, god help SD. Where would be go? Amat??? Bonita? Glendora???

    6. Charter Oak is losing it’s luster…Next year when they finally get in the Hacienda, DBar will be the power and probably beat them that year. Then Transfers may want to go back to South Hills. They will run the West Co/Covina scene at that time.

    7. I’ve been Officially placed under a gag order. I can not discuss Kurt Scoby

    8.West Covina will always be decent. However the South East is tough. I think it may be time to upgrade the offense to attract different players and make it easier to win with less talent. It’s not every year you get players like Solomon, Salgado, Lee, Etc…When you do, you can run the wing, when you don’t you need to run something else.

    9. Read Answer #6… South Hills will be the school choice in that area. They have always had a bigger line than CO, but CO always took their skill players. SHills line with CO Skills may equal success in the Inland

    10. It Looks like Donovan Washington at CO is with an early offer from Boise State.

    10. I’d Like to see where Peyton goes…if it’s a SGV team with some other pieces…They could be pretty good.

    • FredJ

      Disagree that Charter Oak is losing its luster, and the place I hear Payton is most likely to end up at is Upland … Go figure.

      I also think South Hills could be good in 2014 back in a league without Charter Oak, Chino Hills and Ayala.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Yeah…SH just has to hold on to their best skill guys. If they did that, they would probably be better than CO CH and Ayala

      • The truth and nothing but…

        That will be the biggest shocker of the year if Payton transfers to Upland. I heard they already have three quality RBs and that’s not counting Josh Quijada, who Matt Lienart personally help recruited to Mater Dei two seasons ago only to leave because of grades. Joel Myorga formerly of San Gabriel, first team all area, is now at San Dimas. Maybe Payton’s camp is just inquiring because they are worry he will lose carries but I think having them both for the wing-T offense is a good thing and will help SD finally capture that eluded title.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          Nice Try…They would have to beat mtown to win the title…Myorga…well ask him about it.

          • The truth and nothing but…

            Ask him what? There you go pounding your chest again with the D11 titles. If you are referring to Monrovia beating SG a few years ago, Mayorga was just a sophomore now he is going to be a senior with better talent around him at SD. If Payton stays and I hope he does, SD has a legit shot at winning it all this year. Especially if CIF or grades rule out Scoby.

    • Colt74

      Heard that Mr. Peyton was looking into Upland.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Really? Lots of good backs over there….

    • Valley Athletics

      Diamond bar won’t be in the hacienda when charter oak joins .

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Then Maybe they will win…

    • Saints Fan

      Greenie I like you man, so I’m gonna tag on your’s…..

      1. Smoking Gun is a flippin Bazooka, he ain’t playing. If they do get it through, will be HUGE hit to CIF and my bet is CIF will say screw it and never, ever deny a kid again. The flood gates will be even more open than it is right now.

      2. Damien is a love it or hate it proposition, much like St Francis over your way, and I know. You pay for more than just sports/academics, it is a lifestyle and atmosphere. Again, you love it or hate it.

      3. Coin Flip

      4. Your right, no help on paper, but man that coaching staff always finds a way to coach them up and get it to happen. Not talking scaring anyone in CIF, but there maybe some unknown young pup who is gonna step up, just no idea who that is right now.

      5. If… I like your optimism. SD will be fine, gonna have to get it done a different way, but could actually create more confusion, before you knew where it was going. Word on the street directly from his mouth at his trainers and to others it’s Upland. Has to go, how is a returning Captain going to be allowed to skip spring, create drama and be allowed back to the family…??? Follow the smoke trail of the trainer…

      6. Luster is gone, sort of. Really good Sr class, would have been phenomenal with your boy Scoby. DBar gonna be strong especially with Noodles in the mix that year.

      7. Gag order aaah man, that means you got a boy in the mix, hit up kennedy he knows how to get in touch with me, wanna cheer your boy on, except one week…. you wanna keep Scoby, better get him a new trainer, you feelin me.

      8. Hey the wing is designed for plug and play, so maybe it is not that bad, but true gap is gone in talent. Still gonna come out and play hard so you never know.
      9. used to be the school of choice, just don’t know anymore. Players seem more willing to move all over, rather than congregate at one place anymore. Who knows though, new rules, movement could be there.
      10. Donovan has looked solid since I saw him Freshman year, good player, good ability, good for him…..
      10a. man I really don’t wanna touch this one again. If it is where the word is, think there is a rude awakening right around the corner. Very very different level of competition week in and week out. Like your 5 Boy’s from last year, except there are 10-11 of them most weeks. Sad man, just sad…

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Nice post!

      • Why Not

        Saints your hatred of the Body by Tray 7 on 7 team is funny. What’s the problem your boy got cut?

    • Steve Ramirez

      And what’s wrong with an old church? Especially for a parochial school that features traditions and the teachings of Christ. High school sports, unlike what some believe, is not all about winning.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        It’s not my thing, but others say its a matter of taste…Go to Damien…I rather go to Bishop Tho…

        • Steve Ramirez

          Either one is good. I’m sure you learn the same teachings, which is good.

    • Aaron

      In regards to number two I guess you aren’t an area historian…all I’m going to say about the mission style architecture of the old Bonita Union campus.

  • reality

    Don’t see Peyton going to rival Bonita, the Smudgepot first game would be to daunting for both teams.I think coaching makes alot of difference and unless Maggiore and Layton are having brain cramps which I doubt both WC and DR will be better than fine.The teams that can avoid the injuries always have the edge. maybe coaching should go a bit in that direction even if it is siisified. Devising strategies to keep your guys unhurt at least until league starts.I find transfer stories boring with too much meaningless hype. Green Guy. You with a Gag? I’d pay to see that.

  • Dan

    Whatever happens still leaves west Covina with bad karma and I agree “stained” . West co is really hypocrites. Why did jones come to west co? I remember when najera came to west co. I won’t even say what was involved with that.

  • Lupe

    I’ve seen Peyton play a few times, he’s a really good back…..he may find that Upland and that league/cif division is completely different animal.

  • Pasadena Transplant

    Our boy begins school this fall at Damien. Yes, we pay and prefer the old church look, which for me doesn’t look so bad. Our boy had a choice to attend BA (locally) and many of the old church looking schools west on the 210 freeway. He preferred Damien not just because it’s all boys, but because he has an opportunity to build something special. (D1 Pac 5 FB next year) How many other schools (outside of BA) have this opportunity to play against the best?

    Dr. Hemingway has brought in several new coaches (including Mark) that are committed to our kids. Our boys will compete and learn how to be faithful and athletic men.

    Can’t wait for the summer and the next four years. See you all in the swimming pool, basketball court, and both the soccers and baseball fields..

    • Kurt Stone

      I met Dr. Hemingway when he was running Amat, and he is a great leader. I believe he will definitely be a huge plus for the Damien family. Not only will he continue the great education that Damien offers, but he is a sports junky, and he will do all he can to bring up the programs, especially football. He started with a great pick in the football coach he brought in. The problem for Damien is that they are being thrown into the deep side of the pool with no warning. Yes, Damien will struggle it’s first few years in the new parochial league, but give them time and they will compete. Damien needs to be realistic and understand that things will get ugly for a while, but there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

  • HistoryLesson

    9. Dwayne Despain, with 7 titles, coached the freshman team after his retirement that had the likes of Felipe Aguilar, etc. that went on to win multiple championships of their own.

    • FredJ

      Didn’t know that. How good was the freshman team?

  • Bearcat

    If payton leaves he won’t be eligible anywhere else so I doubt he will play anywhere other than SD. Similar problem as Noodles.

  • Schumm

    It is never too early to talk football.

    Hagerty and Paredes former coaching partners at JW North are both good coaches given the talent and it should be fun seeing this one play out. From strictly a coaching stand point, I have to go with Hags. Ive been on the opposite sideline from each and got to work with Hags for a year. Hagerty is an excellent coach. He is in perhaps the toughest division in the country and competes very well. He does not the John McKay, Pat Haden or Coy Minor and McCutchen talent that BA fans crave.
    WC wil continue to do just fine. Good coaching make a difference and Mike and his staff are among the best.
    Edgewood is just not the same with out the Green and Gold and Trojan banner. WC never should have changed colors or mascots.

    • no-step

      My understanding is that Coach Paredes was at North and coach Hags was at Riv. Poly. I didn’t know they were on staff together.

      • Joe Amat

        After winning 3 straight CIF titles at Paraclete Hags reunited with Parades as offensive coordinator on a CIF championship team then took over when Mark left for RCC. Hags left North to take the Riverside Poly job (closer to home, better neighborhood….worse football players)

  • Football Fan

    10a) my sleeper teams are Los Altos and Diamond Bar

  • Valley Scout

    Can anybody from SD inform the rest of us what the issue is with Payton and why would he be considering leaving SD. Did he get into with someone on the coaching staff? Is there a problem at the school? Or is he getting bad advice to leave to greener pastors? What is the story?

  • DHS

    I will match Damien students with any students in the I.E or SGV! Damien students not only continue their studies, they move on in life. If high school football is the highlight of your life then you don’t belong at Damien.

    • Valley Athletics

      Walnut and diamond bar are rated higher in education .

  • Jastrab

    @ Aram or anybody…but does not a transfer from SD fly in the face of the argument…You don’t have to go to Amat or Upland if you are good? Coach Z is known and while S/D is a smaller school….

  • Royal Blue Thunder

    Hi FRED…I tried posting a video link of BA’s 2012 Frosh football squad on HUDL. When I posted it, it said that the comment was awaiting moderation. I was just wondering if you saw it? Are links still allowed on this blog? Thanks for your time and keep up the good work. This blog is awesome!

    • Valley Athletics

      I tried posting it a couple month ago Also and got same response .

      • Royal Blue Thunder

        That’s too bad because that freshman team looked better than most varsity teams lol. It’s like a 15 minute video that gives a GREAT look at the future of Amat football. They finished 10-0 and destroyed their opponents by a combined 337 to 81 points!..and they shut out 5 schools (La Mirada, Charter Oak, Alemany, St. Paul, Crespi).

        • Valley Athletics

          Before that notre dame vs Amat game , notre dame freshman was beating everyone . They beat some good teams and lost only to Amat . Number 3 tre Sidney was very good Saturday at the passing league tournament . Scored about 5 tds .


    what about Duffus from Rowland kid had a solid year last year. . . And I wouldn’t sleep on Rowland they’re returning most of their offensive line and will have a really good year running the ball… Don’t sleep on Los Altos either the have some good young talent coming in as well. . ..

  • 12th man