SGV All-Star Softball Game: Lexi Gonzalez and Natalie Moran homer in South’s 9-5 win over North

sGV softball all-star photo gallery

6-4-13 XVSOFTBALLBy John Honell
Forty of the best softball players in the area wore their high school uniforms for the final time in the annual North-South San Gabriel Valley Tribune All-Star game on Monday night.
The South jumped on top in the first inning when Bishop Amat’s Lexi Gonzalez homered over the left-field fence and never looked back in a 10-5 win.
The first play of the game was an outstanding diving catch by North center fielder Jazzlyn Costa (Bonita). Her defensive play robbed Lexi Robles (South Hills) of an extra-base hit.
The North defense let down after that as Gonzalez drove in fellow Amat teammate Victoria Saucedo who had reached base on an error.
“I got a good pitch to hit,” Gonzalez said. “I tried to keep myself level but this was fun and exciting playing against a lot of these girls were on my first travel team.”

South Hills’ Natalie Moran goes yard

The 2013 North-South San Gabriel Valley Senior All-Star Softball game Rosters
Scott Higuera, Charter Oak; Jeff Butler, Northview; Art Montano, Bonita; Don Pollard, San Dimas
Caroline Smith, St. Lucy’s
Alyssa Camargo, St.Lucy’s
Bobby Stainaker, St. Lucy’s
Mary Rose, Duarte
5-8-13 VDBARBethie Celaya, San Dimas
Kailie Now, San Dimas
Deenah San Luis, San Dimas
Nicki Sprague, Charter Oak
Samantha Valadez, Charter Oak
Heather Ramirez, Charter Oak
Alison Strycula, Charter Oak
Bianca Cockrell, Bonita
Corrina Liscano, Bonita
Rebecca Orozco, Bonita
Jazzlyn Costa, Bonita
Liza Liddell, Bonita
Sarina Jaramillo, Northview
Erinn Jaramillo, Northview
Jennie Hildalgo, Northview
Franki Caudillo, Sierra Vista
Valeree Hernandez, Sierra Vista

: Roberta Garcia-Uyemura, Diamond Bar; Jesse Mendez, Bishop Amat, Katie Gomez, Bishop Amat, Nacho Hernandez, Los Altos, Brandon Gonzalez, South Hills, Garrett Fisch, South Hills.
Alexis Gonzalez, Bishp Amat
Brandy Galaviz, Bishop Amat
Larissa Munoz, Bishop Amat
Victoria Saucedo, Bishop Amat
Sabrina Anguiano, Bishop Amat
huskiesJamie Bejarano, Los Altos
Brianna Gonzalez, Diamond Bar
Dani Wilson, Diamond Bar
Lexi Robles, South Hills
Abry Moreno, South Hills
Natalie Moran, South Hills
Valerie Velasquez, South El Monte
Jasmine Meza, South El Monte
Brianna Arroyo, South El Monte
Stefanie Jimenez, West Covina
Natalie Acevedo, West Covina
Kaylea Snear, Rowland
Elisa Valenzuela, La Puente
Briana Vasques, Nogales
Monique Rodriguez, Bassett


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  • A Game

    The boys get Mt Sac and the girls get Diamond Bar HS. Really? The past few years, the girl’s senior all-star game has packed Mt Sac Stadium. Where are you going put the spectators? As I recall, Diamond Bar has 3 sets of bleachers, not much seating. I don’t think the all-star players will fit in their dugouts. Why aren’t the girls at Mt Sac?

    • FredJ

      From what I understand, Mt. SAC wanted the gate, snack bar and an expensive site fee to use the field. Officials were wiling to concede the gate and snack bar, which would have netted Mt. SAC a few thousand, but a site fee is “out of pocket” expenses that the volunteers who put the game together do no have. It’s ridiculous really, Mt. SAC should welcome with open arm potential seniors that could play at the school, what better recruiting tool them having them play in the stadium. If you ask me, Mt. SAC, once again, is being extremely greedy.

      • FredJ

        Also, give Diamond Bar a lot of credit for stepping up and hosting the game. From what I understand, they’re bringing in extra bleachers and rallying to put on a first class event. Sometimes packed parks like this with fans surrounding the lines and outfield fences create an incredible atmosphere.

        • A Game

          That is wonderful that Diamond Bar is doing this, hats off to them. I am glad that they are addressing the seating issue. You are right, packed parks do bring a level of excitement.
          As for Mt Sac, are they forgetting that they are a COMMUNITY college that is heavy subsidized by OUR tax $$? People, next time they want us to vote for one of their bond measures, tell them where to stick it.

      • A Game

        Also, they make a lot of money on parking. For all the players the represented high schools feed into their program…..very short-sighted.

  • A Game

    Fred, is there a gate fee for the softball all-star game?

    • FredJ


  • carol rodriguez

    Hi Fred just want to let you know on the roster your missing my daughters name can you please add her .. her name is Monique Rodriguez (Bassett High school) Thanks

  • frank rodriguez

    Fred how’s it going I notice the softball all star roster has not been updated because you are missing one player for sure idk if any others but MoniqueRodriguez 1stTeam AllLeague catcher from Bassett HS is not on roster and she is participating in the Game…can u update it would be appreciated!!thank you…

  • softballs best

    basset parent needs to chill,,,,,,,,

  • softballs best

    dad and mom chill

  • softballs best

    great job diamond bar!

  • CIF Board

    Allstar games should be fair, all girls should get to play not just two schools that the coaches choose because they coach there, so you need to chill because you don’t know what your talking about.

  • Ray_Morehart

    What happened tonight?


    Great game to both TEAMS today. All did a great job. Agree with CIF board member. So much TALENT on both Teams all girls are invited and all should participate. To SOFTBALLS BEST for being a COACH you should show some PROFESSIONALISM and LEADERSHIP instead of HARASSING parents on a blog. So tell me how is the extra money that is sitting in your pocket for the BRIBES that you received from parents for there girls to start on the starting lineup. CIF should have you FIRED for BRIBES and UNPROFESSIONALISM. To political for these talented girls to play the GAME they LOVE and have fun. Great Job Diamond Bar for Hosting the 2013 All Star Game.

  • frank rodriguez

    Great job ladies u played great all of you enjoyed it very much….coach&cif board agree with ur comments 110% and to softballs best u don’t know what ur talkin about so mind ur own business cuz I am a BASSETT parent rt here chillin enjoyed a great day watched my girl participate in today’s SGVall star game.. So goodnite JOKE aka softball best ……..

  • 12th man

    Does anyone care to shed more light on the bribes or who’s involved? lol..Just thought i would throw that out there~I can only imagine who “Softballs best” is! haha!

  • Concerned Softball FAN

    I went to the game on Monday night, not as a parent on either team just to watch the best of the SGV high school girls compete. I was disappointed to see that there were girls who played maybe an inning and a 1/2 and others played 6 or 7. I truly believe that ALL the girls on both teams deserve to play not only the girls of the main coaches. Its heartbreaking to see the girls faces when they don’t get to play. I believe that the All Star games needs to be reformatted so it is fair to ALL girls. I had the same issue with my own daughter last year who was one of 2 girls from her high school be be asked to play and only played 1 inning. Something needs to be done or the game should just be cancelled. I didn’t pay $5 to sit and watch only girls from one team play. I sat in the stands and listened to lots of upset parents cause their duaghter wasn’t playing!