Bishop Amat sophomore-to-be Andrew Vasquez dominates at USC camp

Bishop Amat’s highly regarded freshman team went undefeated in 2012 and defensive end Andrew Vasquez is a big reason why. Watch how he dominated at the USC Camp over the weekend. They couldn’t find anyone to stop him.

Two-Minute Drill: Vasquez’s freshman highlights in two minutes.

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  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Excellent Get Off! That’s someone to get excited about. Last Time Amat had a big time D End…(Kory Minor), They won the title…

    • FredJ

      What I like about this kid is he’s not hooting and hollering, he’s all business.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Yeah, and he is going to grow as well. A lot young DL forget all about their hands. He is using them…you see how they couldn’t even touch him. He reminds me of Big Ellis McCarthy. I might start that buying stock on that BA Freshman Class balling up on the Pac 5 Varsity Level….Nice post Fred.

  • Lupe

    What’s the size on this kid? looks impressive.

  • pirate7

    Minor was no factor vs Mater Dei… This kid is good, but the tackle is slow- footed. Plus, there are schemes to neutralize this kid.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      He is a 10th grader….

  • Valley Athletics

    He has freshmen footage on YouTube also . Somebody mentioned him on Arams blog back in the beginning of the football season .

  • fb102

    Fred, out of ALL the frosh on Amat’s stellar 2012 Frosh class, why is this player your focus?

    • FredJ

      Because we had video to share and he’s one of Amat’s up-and-comers. It’s not like we’re ESPN and have stock video on everyone. If there is anyone out there with a highlight video from last year or a video to share, send me an email with info and I’ll take a look, would love to post more over the summer, especially area future stars.

      • Football Fan

        Whats the email Fred?

      • Valley Athletics

        Running back torrie sweet has a video also .

        • 12th man

          The QB on the video has great feet work & vision..Amat just might make some noise within the next couple of years..T-Sweet looks legit obviously he’s still growing & will become more potent in the years too come..

  • Football Fan

    @fb102 I think it had more to do with his success at the USC camp.

  • 12th man

    Kid looks promising! only time will tell jf he can be effective in the pac5…You don’t hear too much about defense around these parts (SGV) especially in the pac5

  • rene deleon

    I’m glad fred that you are giving recognition to the boys that play in the trenches.

    this kid looks solid!!. however he is only a freshman, which only means he will get better. one thing I also like about him is that he is all about business. quick hands and very quick feet work. was looking threw his you tube videos and found something interesting, it looks like he Is being trained by one of san Gabriel’s greatest, Brigham Harwell and if that’s the case fred, I as well am buying into that BA stock.

  • Rene77

    Fred, there is full footage on this kids YouTube page of the USC camp.

  • Sgv fan

    Hey Fred, I herd this kid might be trasferring.