In 2014 the Sierra League will become the Palomares League

Smart move, especially for football. If you’re trying to get the Sierra League, which will consist of South Hills, Glendora, Bonita, Chino, Claremont and Diamond Bar out of the Inland Division to play football in 2014, best thing is to change the name and start over. But the Palomares League? Not feeling it.

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  • Colt74

    Fred was just holding out for it to be called the Robledo League.

    • FredJ

      Robledo or Palomares …. I like Robledo 🙂 .. All joking aside, they could have come up with something better.

  • Mike Robledo

    who cares… what’s the name of the league with Edgewood?

  • Dr Jekyll

    Very stupid, the Sierra League is one of the oldest and historically significant leagues in the history of CIFSS Football. There were periods of time in the 1970’s when the Sierra League was arguably the best Football League in the country. The Sierra League has always been known as the top league in the SGV (excluding Amat and the “odd team out” playing in the Baseline)

    • FredJ

      In that case, maybe the new unnamed league that will consist of

      Edgewood, La Puente, Bassett, Ganesha, Garey, La Puente and Pomona can adopt the Sierra League to keep the tradition going.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Glendora Finally gets some relief. South Hills also gets a chance to be #1 in their league again. West co vs South hills is going to be a great rivalry in league as well. Good to see change.

  • Football Fan

    Isnt West Covina staying in the Hacienda??

  • jimmy mac

    sorry fred but I am pretty sure west co is staying in hacienda league.