South Hills’ Adrian De Horta will skip Cal State Fullerton to sign with Padres for cool $425,000 signing bonus

6-7-13 VDEHORTASan Gabriel Valley Tribune Baseball player of the year Adrian De Horta, a pitcher, has agreed to terms with the San Diego Padres after getting drafted in the eighth round, according to reports. De Horta, who was committed to Cal State Fullerton, apparently agreed to a $425,000 signing bonus, according to reports, which is roughly $269,000 over his slot value for being selected No. 238 overall in the draft. The big question is this: Is nearly half a million enough of a incentive to forgo your college education, or at least delay it? Once again, I say yes.

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  • Valley Athletics

    Tough decision . With taxes and agents cut expect half of that. That will go quick , because the monthly salary is not much . Every situation is different , it depends in the families also .

  • reality

    Not so tough. Get on the job training,chance for the huge salary,and love what you’re doing. sounds pretty good to me. Just curious does anyone know how that Rio kid from Amat is doing in the minors??.

  • Saints Fan

    Tough maybe yes, maybe no. First and foremost, he now has a GUARANTEED 4 Year educational Fund… MLB Scholarship fund is something a lot of people forget about when they make comments about this. He will have the value of 4 years dropped into a Fund for him to use at a later point (assuming of course he begins his studies within 2 years after leaving baseball). This is actually more valuable than what he has guaranteed right now. Scholarships are 1 year Renewable. Coaching changes, other changes, many things can factor into players leaving a school (or being asked to not come back). I think he will be smart about it and use this money in the future and still get his education and live the dream while he is young…. Good Luck Buddy !!!