Damien finished third at West Covina’s lineman camp … This has coach Mark Paredes fingerprints all over it

West Covina lineman camp order of finish. 1. Santiago, 2. Serrano, 3. Damien, 4. Valencia, 5. Upland, others .. 7. West Covina, 9. Los Altos, 11. Northview, 12, Bonita, 13. South Hills, 16. Azusa, 17. Arroyo, 18. Rosemead, 20. Glendora (last).

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  • CTS

    Damien is a different place. The team works out 5:45AM 4 days a week they come back in afternoon 2 days a week with Saturdays full of football related activities. They are focused on getting better and that they are. Still some big holes to fill but the coaches and players are working their rear ends off. Don’t be surprised if you’re surprised.

    • FredJ

      Aram, see above comment.

      • CTS

        And just to clarify I am not praising Damien nor am I making any bold predictions. What I am saying is the Spartans are now focused on doing many of the right things and it’s having a positive impact on the entire football program. As for why they haven’t been able and/or allowed to do these things before or if the change is positive enough is secondary to us at this point. For now we are enjoying being on the right path.

        • Sgv626sports

          Damien still has to make more changes to the entire Athletic Dept. Good start with the football program. Looking forward to some great football. Now they need to focus on the baseball program. Need to bring in a coach who isn’t soft. It’s disappointing to see what was once a great program in the toilet. It’s time to compete and win titles.

  • AramT

    I’m lost here. What does “This has Mark Paredes fingerprints all over it” mean? He was the architect of a third-place finish in a line competition? I’m totally lost by this. They finished third. Is that a sign or something? And what’s it got to do with Paredes?

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Hahaha… Unless we know exactly how this event was scored, and how close the scores were, it’s hard to say it really matters. If teams were separated by a few points and few seconds, It’s not going to make huge difference in the big picture…did they have any one on ones like at the nike lineman camps? It really says who’s in shape early in the summer…Once all the big guys get in shape come fall and line up…that’s when you truly can evaluate.

    • FredJ

      I get it, he’s a former Amat coach, you’re not impressed.

      • FredJ

        What I meant by fingerprints is the work ethic, I’ve heard from some Damien peeps that they’re working harder than ever in the weight room. That’s a direct reflection of the new man in charge.

        • Sgv626sports

          Agree! Looking forward to some great football at Damien.

  • Rene77

    to early to give this Damien team any praise, but its a great start. today Damien will be at amat for 7on 7 and also the lineman will have 1 on 1 competition. fred, you should work your way over to amat and report back to us.

  • Saints Fan

    There is no doubt they are working harder. There is obviously no doubt there has been some change in Administration attitude over there as well. Before you jump on Paredes jock over this, you need to know Gano was NOT allowed to do a lot of stuff. The 5:45 am workouts would not have been allowed 2 years ago. There are some good, hard working kids over there. But the cupboard is very bare as many of players who would have had an impact are gone. Good for the future, but next year is gonna be a very very tough road.

    • 90’s Spartan

      Gano didn’t have early workouts because the last principal wouldn’t let him? That doesn’t sound believable to me.

      • Saints Fan

        Try Athletic Director. There were many many things from the Freshman all the way up to Varsity programs that they were told they could not do, first hand knowledge here. So yes, prior coaching staff was not allowed to do things that it looks like are acceptable now. Not saying positive or negative on prior coaching staff, just commenting as Freddie J is jumping on this as a Paredes immediate impact. This goes ALL the way to the changes in AD, changes in Principal etc .

        • SpartanPride

          Gano was an absolute joke. Did the AD prevent him from coaching? I don’t care if they worked out at 5:45 or 3:45, last year’s coaching staff was lazy and unprepared. This is a completely different program and is being coached by real coaches. Damien is going to surprise people, no doubt about it. The kids are working their butts off and are from top to bottom a team. The lineman competition is one example that Damien has it where it matters the most, in the trenches!

  • Valley Athletics

    Havnt seen any post about tanner Carew here.


    AZUSA #16 over Glendora,#20 not bad AZTECS. Good Job Bubba, and THE HARD WORK IS PAYING OFF THIS SUMMER. Something right is happening this summer and continue improving!

  • The truth and nothing but…

    @Fred, Glendora finished 20th and I am assuming (last) means last place. If so I don’t think that is accurate because St. Paul was there and they didn’t even finish on this list of twenty. OUCH! Mission League teams are going to have a field day playing the slimes.

  • EightBallLost

    This was my 3rd year attending as a fan/observer and I’m seeing a trend by TEAMS/COACHES that is REALLY bothering me! I should video tape it next year to post here for all of you to see!

    It is impossible for smaller schools with only 1 team of 12-14 competitors to even dream about placing in the top 10. Some schools have 3-4 full teams and a pool of 36-48 athletes; they then choose the best of the best for each event for their “A-Teams” and let their B-D teams finish at the very bottom. I totally understand how this thing works: you pick your best guys per event, per team of 12 athletes; you are not supposed to pick your best guys for your “A-Team” team from a pool of 36-48 athletes!

    Need proof? Look at the results: schools with 3-4 teams have a highly placed “A-Team” and their B-D teams are all the way at the bottom!

    I am also seeing more and more and more 6’2” 170 “lineman” at this competition every year, and guess what – they only do the speed events! I watched this happen again this year as 1 school had their “A Team” run the relay and all 8 of their runners were small, fast and very atypical looking lineman – of course, they got a great time! I then watched this same team compete in the strength events later in the day and only 1 of the relay athletes competed in the lifting event? So, this team had 8 guys on the relay squad, then 9 different guys lifting? 17 athletes performing for a team that is supposed to only have 12? What a joke!

    Not everybody does this, but most of these teams do, and it’s getting more prevalent every year! West Covina wants as many teams as possible because, well, they want the entry fees, but if they ever want legitimacy, they need to run it like other lineman competitions: 1 School, 1 Team, 14 athletes – that’s it!

    To the Coaches: is it really THAT important to place highly at a lineman competition? Important enough to tell your team you are discarding the rules and trying to win? Think about it…

  • OuttaYourMindTrib

    so the fact Damien is like 0-6 at Bonita, who’s fingerprints are on that?


    • Valley Athletics

      Finished 0-7 .

      • OuttaYourMindTrib

        Who’s fingerprints are on that? What say you Fredo?


        • OuttaYourMindTrib

          Must be backed up at the crime lab eh Fredo?