Los Altos legend Brigham Harwell doing work, a must watch for high school lineman

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  • AramT

    Brigham Harwell — Best defensive player I’ve ever covered.

    • Steve Ramirez

      My third best behind Amat’s Kory Minor and Los Altos’ Shaun Cody. I remember Harwell’s breakout game at Western during his sophomore season when he had like 7 or 8 sacks.

      • AramT

        Uh look man, Brigham’s best ever was when he knocked the Orange Lutheran QB Blackamore out of the game on a sack in the CIF championship at Home Depot. He knew how to hit and punish at the same time. Only the great ones do … I never saw Cody or Minor play in HS. No. 2 for me would be Desmond Reed , Temple City. He could go up 10 feet to pick off a pass. Insane.

        • mr power

          it wasn’t even a sack it was an option to the opposite side of field… that he chased down from behind!!

          championship winning play. pretty awesome.

          cody, reed, harwell, minor would be my order.

          • Steve Ramirez

            Minor was much faster than either Cody or Harwell. I saw Bosco run toss sweeps away from him and he still tracked down the back for the loss. To be fair for Cody, he was just as good on offense. He was the best defense end his senior year at LA, but he was also the best tight end, too.

  • Rene77

    this is awesome. brigham was a beast playing for los altos and also at UCLA.
    if these kids can get brighams mind set and all the knowledge he offers to these kids??? skies the limit!!! obvious the kid has to have it in him in order to succeed. this camp looks legit.

  • pirate7

    No show vs Mater Dei l.. talented nationally ranked team. Scum,beer bottle chuckers choked.