Attorney slams West Covina after CIF denies Antonio Hull’s appeal to become eligible at Diamond Bar: “I’ve never seen a high school go after a kid like this.”

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By Aram TolegianVBULLDOGS
CIF has denied Diamond Bar High School football player Antonio “Noodles” Hull’s appeals bid and the junior standout will not be eligible to play for the Brahmas varsity football team until Nov. 16.
Hull, the Tribune’s Newcomer of the Year last fall, left West Covina in February and transferred to Diamond Bar. West Covina challenged the transfer on grounds that it was athletically motivated and presented the CIF-Southern Section with an email from Hull’s father as proof.
The Southern Section declared Hull ineligible prompting Hull’s family to hire Orange County attorney Chris Prussak in hopes of winning their appeal with the executive committee.
“I’ve never seen a high school go after a kid like this,” said Prussak, who will now discuss with Hull’s family whether a lawsuit will be filed. “It was like a girlfriend being dumped. The bottom line is that West Covina had an ax to grind with Mr. Hull. They put CIF on alert this transfer was happening way before it was done.
“Shame on West Covina High School when you have these adult coaches going after a child like this.”

Hull made a splash when he arrived at West Covina for his freshman year. A former standout in the Snoop Youth Football League, Hull had many suitors before he enrolled at West Covina to start his career.

As a freshman, Hull starred on the freshmen team before being called up to the varsity team after turning 14 years old. Hull saw limited action, but by his sophomore season he was one of the top players on the team.

Hull bounced between quarterback and running back on offense last season, and also started at safety on defense. His big performances in wins over Paramount and Muir helped West Covina advance to the semifinals of the Southeast Division playoffs.

Shortly after the season, rumors swirled that Hull would leave West Covina for Diamond Bar. By February, Hull’s exit had become reality. Soon after receiving the transfer paperwork, West Covina challenged Hull’s move.

Hull was declared ineligible by CIF and lost his first appeal before his parents hired Prussak to represent their son before the executive committee.

According to Prussak, attorneys representing CIF and the moderator were present at the appeals hearing, a maneuver he had not seen when arguing eligibility cases in the past.

“I just felt it was an unfair, unfortunate and intimidating environment for a child to be in,” Prussak said. “I respect CIF’s decision. They have a very tough job trying to interpret these rules.

“We did the best we could. We definitely laid down our facts, our case and our soul for CIF and explained to them why the transfer was necessary.”

With his all-important junior season in terms of college recruiting now lost, Hull can either play at the junior varsity or begin getting ready for his senior season.

“Our focus now is to get his grades to keep improving and get him into a four-year college with or without football,” Diamond Bar head coach Ryan Maine said. “He is a great kid on our team and an unselfish leader.

“I will promise that Antonio will be taken care of here.”

Hull has been practicing with the Brahmas and participating in summer passing games. Diamond Bar’s regular season ends Nov. 8 against Walnut, thus making Hull ineligible to play until the second round of the Southeast Division playoffs if the Brahmas get that far.

Diamond Bar hosts West Covina on Oct. 4.

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  • disqus_wD2qThRkJd

    I say DB settle it on Oct 4th on the field. I have a really strong feeling WC gonna need all the luck they can get cause this is gonna be HUGE motivation for the season!

    • Football Fan

      First off the luck should be on the DB side, when was the last time they beat West Covina? Exactly. It will be a huge motivation for DB on Oct 4th but to say that West Covina will simply bow down is ridiculous. This move by the West Co coaches was not the right one but we cant question there coaching because they have won two championships. It will be a great game come Oct 4th with both sides battling it till the last possesion

  • Joe Amat

    I’d say it was Mr Hull that did the initial “axe grinding”, by all accounts beginning last season, and in a very public way after the La Serna game. then he followed it up with the infamous (or alleged) email. Unfortunately In that email he chose to air the real reasons “why the transfer was necessary”, which led to determining it was athletically motivated.

    And as for the attorney…” a maneuver he had not seen when arguing eligibility cases in the past” sounds like he’s a hired gun that’s been down this road before. Maybe he has an axe to grind with CIF as well.

    Be careful what you ask for – you might just get it.

  • In the know in the IE

    Send the kid to Rancho, Vista Murrieta or Upland and get away from all the #%$@&

  • Fatligian

    Wait…there was an email, oh good night.

    • disqus_wD2qThRkJd

      and GOOD night to you ! Your SOO late !!

  • WCDan

    Uh Fred, what would you expect from Hulls attourney?