San Dimas bracing for tough non-league schedule

saintspreBy Aram Tolegian, San Gabriel Valley Tribune
San Dimas High School football coach Bill Zernickow doesn’t like the thought of his team’s regular season being judged by how it fares against its nonleague schedule, but given what overwhelming favorites the Saints are to win the Valle Vista League, that’s probably exactly the situation.
San Dimas opens the season against rival Bonita in the Smudgepot game on Aug. 29 and will follow the lid lifter with road games against Hacienda League hopefuls Los Altos and Diamond Bar before another away game at Mid-Valley Division power Monrovia. Needless to say, the entire Valley will find out it needs to know about the Saints over the month of September.

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  • Saints Fan

    Not noted in the Article is another very daunting task for the Saints — Winning on the Road – they have only 3 HOME games the entire Season. SmudgePot they are the Home team, but game is at Citrus. So this “daunting” preseason is also ALL on the road ! First game on the San Dimas campus isn’t until Oct 4th, the 6th GAME !!

    • Swordsman FB

      The comedy of this article is that the toughest opponent on this list is Monrovia, which is a D11 team. Bonita, DB, are weak. Los Altos is decent, but no powerhouse by any means. What have these articles come to when you are claiming this schedule to be daunting. This schedule is comical.

      • Notcho Libre

        And yet all of the teams you just listed would smoke St. Paul by double digits.

      • Saints Fan

        Seriously, you trolled here and spent all your time on that. Really? Yes, I am sure Aram meant this schedule was the most daunting Schedule in all of the Southern Section —- what a douche you are. It is a daunting schedule yes for this lowly D11 team who should look up to the almighty (ahh would your handle be related to St Paul…) 1-9 in 2012. Whatever. What is comical is YOU ! Stay on the other side of the hill.

      • Saints Fan

        Ohhh and by the way Slime, your boy’s came over the hill a few months ago for Passing league and sure as heck didn’t run over, through or by the San Dimas #1’s…. and they are ALL new except for 1 player… yah yah, I know, if the Pads were on…

    • Youknowwhoyouare

      Wow 3 home games?! CRAZY, I think you forgot about the 2011-2012 season where every game was an AWAY game. San Dimas will be fine.

  • Tooo Funny

    Anyone can schedule those teams and get their behinds kicked just like you did last year. Your little girly team couldn’t have beaten St Lucy’s soccer team last year. You were an embarrassment to the Mission League last year and will be again this year. I doubt your little Swordgirls could have even made the playoffs out of the Rio Hondo league last year. I’d love to see you guys schedule Monrovia and watch all of Monrovia’s athletes run circles around that sorry excuse of a team that you champion. HA HA HA