Diamond Bar’s Hull ready, but can only play if the Brahmas make the playoffs

VBULLDOGSBy Clay Fowler, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
Getting recruited without playing varsity football isn’t exactly a common predicament for a high school junior.
That, however, is the situation in which Diamond Bar’s Antonio Hull finds himself after being declared ineligible this season due to an athletically motivated transfer.
There is no doubt that Hull, who was an impact player at running back, quarterback and defensive back as a sophomore at West Covina last season, has the talent to warrant attention from college scouts. He has already received interest from several schools. He simply doesn’t have the standard stage on which to showcase it.
The game film from his all-important junior year will feature Hull playing in a scrimmage or two in addition to some junior varsity games. He is allowed to play as many games as he’d like with the JV, but is ineligible to join the varsity until Nov. 16, eight days after the end of the regular season. Should the Brahmas make their first playoff appearance in nine years and advance to the second round, Hull will suit up for his first game in purple and white.
“He’s going to play in three or four JV games to try and get some film, because that’s what some colleges have asked him to do,” Diamond Bar coach Ryan Maine said. “It’s a tough situation for him. He’s just going to try and stay in shape and hopefully we can make it to the second round of the playoffs.”
Washington has expressed the most interrest in the 5-foot-11, 180-pound prospect, who is also on the radar of USC and UCLA.
“They’re nowhere near offering (scholarships),” Maine said. “But UCLA and USC both asked about him when they stopped by practice.”

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  • disqus_wD2qThRkJd

    Gonna be honest Fred!, its TOUGH to keep hearing about what has happened to this kid! I wish him ALL the possible luck he could get!

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      This kid has a shot at playing for a top ten program. My guess is with a great senior year, he will get an D1A offer, but he may have went to UCLA, USC or Oregon to San Jose or Fresno State. Playing JV??? He is going to score every time he touches the ball, and he may hurt some kids in return. This just sucks.

      • Saints Fan

        Greenie, here is where you and I might disagree a little. ALL The Top 10 programs have already extended verbal offers to guy’s in this class (well maybe 95% anyway). I am NOT saying Noodles is not a darn good player, but what I am saying is while it sucks he can not suit up in a Varsity game, if he was a Top 10 program guy, he would already be there. Look, he has teammates at DB who already have offers. Your boy Scooby Dooby Doo already had offers by his JR year. McCarthy, G5, etc had deals by their JR year. Heck, USC offered some 8th grade QB a couple years ago cuz Clarkson said he was the shizzle. Now not having Varsity film as a JR is going to sting Noodles a little, but if he was a Top 10 program guy, he would be there. I do think Noodles is going to play at the next level, and probably at a very good school cuz he has some skills. And the schools are already there looking at him and asking for Film of JV games. He is a Skill guy and Skill guy’s can be seen outside of the HS season to be judged on those skills. They always have to put up on Friday Nights, but Noodles has some film there as a Soph right. So by definition he only get’s better. So honestly, maybe it hurts him a little, but I have always contended D1 guy’s are D1 guys. He will still get what he is gonna get.
        P.S. — you still holding your breath, deep breaths brother, everytime you check that CIF website your holdin’ it aren’t you? Hahahaha me too…..

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          I agree somewhat, but the top 10 programs have the pick of litter. Having that jr year tape would help more than hurt. Hull is a D1 player, and there is no doubt about it. The one thing that he does have going is that he plays a lot of positions. RB WR, CB FS. That can be very valuable to a college scout.The verdict is still out on where he will go, but believe some of the mid level colleges are going to cease the moment and offer him on the premiss that he would not have considered them, if he had a stellar Jr year. USC,UCLA AND OREGON, are a reality for him. The question is will they go with a player w/ out a jr season. I can see what you are saying, colleges will go after a kid that’s been out of football for year. His senior year must be stellar. If not, he could fall even lower on the radar. It might be good to sign with Mid level school. Scoby Report….”Processing”. I have my adult diaper on Saints!

          • Saints Fan

            Take it OFF….. Just posted VALID CHANGE OF RESIDENCE… the Scobmeister is approved. Now let everyone else who got denied start the bitch sessions… hahahaha. One of the biggest stories in the area… being broken by a Blogger… hahaha

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            I’ll Wait for that Thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Saints Fan

            Dude you are too funny. Here is the deal, with Scoby in your backfield, you have no reason NOT to win it all. Ayala & South Hills couldn’t handle him when he was at CO. I’m feelin St Francis and Arcadia are the same deal. We are gonna have to play complete Team D to keep him under 150 yds. The Rio Hondo, ah well, I hope he doesn’t hurt someone. Your gonna get a cake walk in round 1 of playoffs, so after that, will be interesting.

          • what?

            Wait, don’t tell me? He moved back to the same address that he supposedly moved out of in order to have a valid change of address when he transferred to St. Pual?

  • Valley Athletics

    It’s going to be tough for him to play quarterback now at diamond bar .peterson is a good Qb and won’t lose his job as a senior . Running back and Defensive back will be needed once Tyler brown graduates .

    • Football Fan

      He won’t play QB for them. He could be an outstanding slot WR and D Back though

  • The Dude

    I heard DB looked good in their scrimmage against South Hills. Kept Peterson clean (even taking into account the fact that it was a scrimmage)

  • Thinking out loud

    Wouldn’t the shear fact that the parents/guardians for Payton filed a complaint about the distribution of protein drinks against the coach be written proof that there is bad blood with the coach and therefore proof Payton’s transfer is Athletically Motivated just like Noodles?

  • Valley Athletics

    Obviously there was proof of undue influence or else San Dimas coach wouldn’t of challenged the transfer and cif wouldn’t of denied him . When Are we going to start seeing the party doing the influencing get some sort of punishment .

    • Valley Athletics

      Oops , wrong thread . Meant to post it on jake Peyton thread …