San Dimas Football coach Bill Zernickow and his staff cleared after shake allegations

I just spoke with Bonita Unified assistant superintendent Curtis Frick, who gave me the following statement after the District concluded its investigation of the “shake” allegations made against San Dimas coach Bill Zernickow and his staff. Zernickow has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

zernickowStatement from Frick: “The Bonita Unified School District followed the complaint procedure and principal (Michael Kelly) did a thorough investigation into the allegations brought forward by Mr. and Mrs. (Peter and Shara) Lyons.

Essentially, on two to three occasions of the spring of 2011, an assistant coach brought a blender and made shakes after weight training for a small group of position players he coached. The shakes were made with ice cream, milk and pickle relish. Some of the players did this two to three times only over multiple weeks.

Some players started bringing other food ingredients from from home, but they didn’t include them into the shakes. There were absolutely no supplements or additives added to the shakes. No players were ever forced to drink the shakes and any players with milk allergies were not allowed to participate.

“Coach Zernickow put a stop to the assistant coach making the shakes in the spring of 2011 after a parent told him of her concerns. The use of shakes did not occur after the spring of 2011.

“The principal, Mr. Kelly, has full confidence in coach Zernickow’s professionalism and integrity as he continues to serve as the head coach at San Dimas High School.”

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  • reality

    So were talking about allegations from two years ago? What’s the statute of limitations on pickle milkshake violations?


      HAHAHAAH… That ‘s funny

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Wow the Lyons look really bad on this one. Boy the Grudge Pot is going to be personal. If Bonita suits up Payton, that may hurt them more than help them. Those saints are going to do everything to put a hurt on Jake. I am almost sure he does not know all the plays, and when you don’t know where you are going and your going a little slower than usual, watch out! However, Jake knows the plays. That’s a little tainted. Nevertheless, SD is going to have supplement a little attitude to make up the difference.

    • Saints Fan

      I will tell you this, the Boy’s are pumped up even more than usual. Hopefully these young men can “control” the adrenaline rush. Will be interesting for sure.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        I bet…This game is huge w/ out this drama. You know what happens when you pour lighter fluid on flame….Booom!
        This is going to be the best Grudge Pot ever. You know coach Z wants this one. I wish I could say Bohi is going to be more pumped, but i just don’t see how they are going to deal with SD’s fire. They better stick to their game plan and not try to push jake too much he plays.

        I am taking SD.

        • Saints Fan

          Yah, first few series are going to be ridiculous, then I think things settle in. Jake suits up, his adrenaline rush will be out of control, and I am sure not matched by rest on sideline over there. They will be UP, but not like JP. Still unsure about settling into that offense for new guy, may not be too out of control, as a RB, what I have seen in film is a lot of swing passes and outlet’s into space on the pass plays. Running plays appear to be just hand off and run to daylight and the quick pitch outside. Not like he has to understand the Wing Z and fakes and counters…. as to him helping them by understanding the SD Offense, I’m not sure about that. You can explain the offense all day long, but when you get into that pile of bodies and trying to figure out “which way did it go”, I think it is all about assignments. If BoHi puts him on Defense, remember, he had very few series on D last year and honestly, was confused a lot. His forte is gimme the ball, let me run around people, when they get close, put my head down and run over them.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Don’t frog up now. I got SD….I don’t care how pumped jake is, SD is going to be coming. You always know your teammates weaknesses. SD knows the best approach to slowing down Jp. There is just a timing a chemistry that goes along with playing offense. I think with pass protections, audibles ETC…there will be some missed ques and mishandles. We at Monrovia have had to figure out how to stop the wing Z and we don’t run that offense or know the plays. It’s hard to believe that Jake is not going to be able to shed some light and give some valuable insight to how it works.

          • In Da Know

            GP…having talked to people he wasn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch when it come to the offense. He knew his role and that’s about it, as for blocking and other players responsibility, well that is a whole different story. The Wing T has more magic in it than the alleged “Magic Shakes” and any insight he would give could easily be determined from film. Im guessing Z will have more than a few new plays and formations that Payton would have never been exposed to. As for Him playing, who knows. If he does can he really be a factor with 3 days of practice in the offense, maybe. If I were an SD player I know I would be out for blood. If he does play he better watch his knees and extra tape his ankles. Love the “Grudgepot” name though. That is an all time classic and will go down as one of the best…Good Work!!! FYI, SD is sporting new home and away UNIs this season. Rumor has it all white like M-Town sported last year.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Thank you…that name fits perfectly…it’s only fitting for this season, and should be referred to only for this game. Even if payton was not the smartest kid, his knowledge of the basic blocking schemes is going to help. He has to know some of the blocking otherwise he would not know how he should run. He knows what angles they are attempting to get. Personally, I would not start Payton if I was Bonita. One he has not earned the right to start. Two, if he does not know what he is doing and in sync, he could cost you. Three, you don’t want him out there getting penalties, because there will be some pushing and shoving matches. Four, there will be some cheap shots. If he is in, use him as a decoy. I loved the SD Black out unis. SD is Monrovia’s Arch enemy. We love you guys when we are not playing you. It’s always fun…always tough.

  • SaintsR4real

    All I have to say is WOW!! I am fairly distant from SD Football on a daily basis, but I know for a fact as well as many more people I know, that the “SHAKE” drink has been pushed by the coaching staff in the locker room for at least 5 years. Like I said “WOW”!!

  • Aaron

    GP…get freakin lost. You are a peacock, I’m going to pop your chest balloon for a minute here. If you aren’t as hyped for this game period, you should re-evaluate everything. This game is the real deal, marked the splitting in half of a school with a proud tradition. Where would we have been BoHigh just been expanded when they had the room.

    Yo, who the heck puts pickle relish in a milkshake.

    • In the Know

      pickle juice has enzymes that help prevent cramping—- actually a good idea. Almost every NFL team carries pickle juice with the trainer on the field at all times. After drinking pickle juice the cramp usually goes away within a minute.

      • Aaron

        Whaddup Dr Oz.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Aaron, take your head out the sand ostrich! I didn’t say that Bohi wouldn’t be up for the game…I just think with the recent events, San Dimas has a little extra something in the motivation category. Coaches always try to find something to get his guys going. Bohi, did not have there best player and SR Captian end up at the school cross town. Bohi’s head coach was not accused of spiking milk shakes with juice. This game is a little more personal for the Saints. They want to prove that they can win without Jake. I got SD….now go find another whole and stick your tiny head back in it.

  • In the Know

    If you think pickle relish was the only additive for the mystery shakes –( that were supposed to be MUSCLE MILK )— I have some beach front property in South Dakota to sell the school board at SD. Let the kid play and be done with this nightmare.

  • Mountain Man

    It think it’s ridiculous that Jake Payton would bring up something he didn’t really know about because he was only a freshmen. it just show the type of character he is to make accusations without having actual facts on something he was never there for. As for me i was there and they made the shakes right in front of us and the only thing put in was pickle juice, milk, and ice cream. i know they had sardines there too but that was just a joke and was never actually put in the drinks. Also the fact that he would try to fire the coaching staff that did so much for him shows how ungrateful he is of those who help him because he has to much pride in himself and doesn’t care for the careers he destroys to get what he wants.

  • Sour Grapes

    Wow! So this story deserved front page above the fold when Fred and Aram smelled a scandal, but now that it’s been debunked it lands on the fourth page of the paper….written by Ramirez!? I asked you guys when you trumpeted this as “news”, if you would be as passionate about the story when the truth came out. Guess not! You both should be embarrassed! If you have the courage to be at the game on Thursday, I hope you enjoy Bonita’s sidelines! I hear they’re giving the media free milkshakes, which we all know Aram can’t say no to!

    • FredJ

      Courage to come out? Lol

      • Sour Grapes

        Fred, I know this blog is meant to be more lighthearted and usually I’m all for that. But you guys crossed the line with this story, and I think you know that. Coach Z can rub some people the wrong way, be he’s done nothing to deserve what he’s experienced over the past month. In fact, he’s done more good for the kids at SD than you’ll ever know, Jake just being the tip of the iceberg. When you drag him thru the mud and then burying the truth on the back page, it’s just wrong. Your words, positive AND negative, matter Fred! He’s already made his declaration that he wants to be like TMZ, so I don’t expect Aram to get that, but you should.

  • What?

    I’m kind of curious about the employment status of the 2 adults that made these false accusations against a fellow employee? At many places of employment if one were to make false allegations against another employee, one could be subject to termination.

    • In Da Know

      School districts are unlike any other entity. To get a unionized employee fired is almost impossible. You have to commit a serious crime. Accusations like these can only get you into political trouble. They can mess with your district placement such as change of school or they can give you the worst classes or prep period. Your salary will remain the same on the pay schedule as well. They can make you work life challenging but its hard to take the work itself away from you. This is why teachers fight so hard to keep unions in place. They are almost untouchable. My guess is that once the “Grudge Pot” is over this whole situation will disappear and everyone will go back to complaining about rankings as well as we will have to endure another 13 weeks of Greenie saying “M-Town is amazing, we are the greatest team ever, we are going to state and we are actually going to win this time”

      • OuttaYourMindTrib

        Actually committing a serious crime is sometimes not enough to get a union employee fired thus the (pathetic) state of education in California.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        That’s exactly what I am going to do. Monrovia Wildcats 2013-2014
        RHL Champions,
        (Div 11) Midvalley Champions,
        Socal Regional Bowl Champions
        Div III State Champions!

        • In Da Know

          Preach on brother Greenie and ride that Skoby to the promise land!!!!

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Monrovia is more than just Scoby….If we weren’t we would lose.

        • In Da Know

          Greenie, you have a twitter, so I can send a closed message. I have something I want to pick your brain on OFF the blogs.

    • middy

      Coach Z needs to file a complaint against Mrs. LIE-ONS

  • k grey

    So Aram, Mr Lyons absolutely lied about everything he spewed out to you. EVERYTHING!!! And you don’t think that anyone should maybe mention that in the press?? Of course there is free speech in this great country, but there should also be consequences when you lie and malign people without having any proof at all that any of it occurred. So now that the investigation is over, I would think that someone over there might want to ask him what the heck he was talking about. But then, I don’t expect you to take the high road after all of this is over and done with. Just throw the coach under the bus and carry on. Oops, sorry.
    Again, the person who made the allegations was totally biased, which you relegated to one small sentence in the long article, and then proceeded to itemize the shakes, the throwing away of papers from colleges, and the woman who supposedly had to come beg to have her son transferred, along with the 23 people who would be able to confirm the allegations. Come on!! You don’t call that biased and sensationalism?? You could simply have written a paragraph saying that there were allegations made and that they were being investigated to the fullest extent. Give me a break!! It sounds like you haven’t taken writing 1 A yet!! You should know the difference between reporting the facts with consideration of the source and why they were being thrown out there as they were. Yes, it should have been reported. To a degree.
    You should know that this often happens with teachers and others who have been accused, and often, there is proof that ends up being rightfully placed on that person, and the way it is written says it all about the “feeling” of the article. Often you read something like that, and you are pretty sure that that person is guilty as charged, and just wait for all the accusing people to come forward as it sounds like they will do. So when you report that there are 23 people ready to come out and confirm the allegations, well, that kind of tells people that there is something to it and validates the charges. And you, as the reporter, should have known enough about the reasons this guy was doing this, that you might have thought just a little bit about it before you reported every sordid detail that this guy could think up to throw your way. It could very well have served the public to have been given the brief version – because of that bias, instead of reporting every little thing that this loser could think up to throw out there. Has anyone even bothered to ask him at this point what the heck he was doing throwing lies around when not a single person could verify anything he said?? Really??

    I am ashamed of you and even more so because you don’t seem to see were you were wrong. It tells me that there is no morality in journalism anymore. All that you care about is a big story, and whether there is even an iota of truth to it seems to be immaterial. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Mirror mirror on the wall

    In understanding this Blue Book, it would seem to me there are 1 of 2 reason in play here which should make Payton ineligible to play this year.
    1. He transferred to Upland and was denied and now is transferring from Upland to San Dimas which would mean that his guardians would need to move once again for this to be a valid change address move and would also mean that it is his 2nd transfer which would mean that he is ineligible for the 30 day sit out period – or
    2. His transfer from Upland doesn’t count as a transfer so he is now transferring from San Dimas to Bonita. However, his guardians put their problems with the coach in writing in the form of a unsubstantiated complaint about the coach which would now put Payton in the same class as Hull from DBar. I.E. written proof of athletically motivated transfer. How can CIF approve this transfer without getting sued by the Hull family for unfair and equal treatment?

    • Food 4 Thought

      Because he is a foster youth. Please read carefully. Out of the education code of California.
      48853. If the educational liaison, in consultation with the foster child and the person holding the right to make educational decisions for the foster child, agrees that the best interests of the foster child would best be served by his or her transfer to a school other than the school of origin, the foster child shall immediately be enrolled in the new school.

      • GonnaGiveToYa


        If that’s the case then why didn’t that trump the initial transfer to Upland. The Lyons are idiots.

      • Mirror mirror on the wall

        Enrolled yes, eligible for sports due to violating the CIF Blue Book, no – Don’t believe me? then explain to me why he isn’t playing football at Upland right now? Explain why it is that CIF ruled him ineligible at Upland? Attending school and being eligible for sports are 2 different things. If San Dimas challenges this transfer once again on the basis of athletically motivated this time (ala Antonio Noodles Hull) then who knows what will happen. Being a Foster Child does not mean that zero rules apply to you.

  • LA Times Writer

    This week I have obtained a letter detailing the findings of the investigation from Mike Kelly the principle at San Dimas and the text messages that have started this entire story. The letter is dated August 20th and covers the details of the investigation. I am going to take the entire quote from the letter as it presents some new information. “On two or three occasions during the Spring of 2011, SEVERAL students confirmed that they knew of shakes or drank a shake. The ingredients most mentioned were milk, ice cream and pickle juice. Some students recall some of the ingredients included EGGS, MAYONNAISE and/or MUSTARD. One student indicated ANCHOVIES. No players indicated that there any type of protein supplement or other substances. The two or three times that this occurred, the shakes were made by one of the team coaches. The coach said that not all players drank the shakes and kids with milk allergies were not allowed to drink them. When a parent complained about drinking shakes, the coaches put an end to drinking shakes during the Spring 2011 training and the use of shakes did not again occur after that time.”

    What about the handful of players that stated in their text messages there was some sort of protein? What about Dillion Corona, ex-player and current assistant SDHS football coach saying it was Muscle Milk. Did they lie from the beginning when no pressure was on or did they lie when asked about under pressure? Or was this information left out by the principal or district?

    Question I have is did Fred, Aram or Steve know this and chose to leave some of these ingredients out or did the district only release the partial information? Something doesn’t smell right and its not the anchovies in the shakes.

    • Lupe

      Time to give it up, you lost! Move on so all parties can do the same.

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