Breaking News: Jake Payton transfer status to Bonita changed to “under review” on CIF website

Could former San Dimas running back and Valle Vista League MVP Jake Payton be eligible at rival Bonita in time for Thursday’s Smudge Pot? Payton left San Dimas for Upland in the spring before transferring to Bonita last Friday. Bonita filed the paperwork to CIF and is waiting on San Dimas, the last school Payton played for, to sign off or challenge because of athletic motivation, as it did in Payton’s move to Upland, which led to his ineligibility because of an athletically motivated transfer. CIF’s website this morning changed Payton’s status from “pending” to “under review.” So, all I can say is, stay tuned.

9:05 update: Just got a text from CIF-SS spokesperson Thom Simmons who wrote Payton’s status is “under review” because they’re missing necessary paperwork. Hmm, wonder who hasn’t turned it in. Your guess is probably the same as mine.

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  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Lol, you hit on the nail in the 2 minute drill….why clear a All Cif, and dangerous RB/DB before the rivalry game. I guess getting Payton cleared in not a top priority at SD. Especially, if you are preparing for the Grudgepot. My guess is he will turn the paper work in tomorrow after lunch.

    • Saints Fan

      hahaha – come on Greenie – 9:05 pm, honestly hoping they clear him so he get’s to play. Sins were committed, sins should be forgiven and move on. Sounds like with or without SD challenging, Upland was in the “eye” of the cross hairs right now with CIF.

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        LOL upland will never win a title. They are a great central school, and a fake Inland school. They recruit, and that what makes them an inland school. If you don’t have a solid base for that level, then eventually your recruiting is going to catch up with you. 1-3 transfers is normal but 8, 9 or 10 and you still can’t win.
        Something is wrong. Jake payton’s situation open some eyes….

        • Aaron

          They’ve been pretty darn competitive in the Inland…a fake Inland School would be everyone in the Sierra League.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Yeah, but Upland cheats more than anyone and can’t win.

        • OuttaYourMindTrib

          Upland is a solid Quarterfinals team in the IE, but those last 2 rounds come down to team chemistry and coaching and they loose badly on both accounts when compared to Matt Logan and his Huskies. Matter of fact, most SoCal teams loose badly when compared to CC.

      • reality

        “Sins were Committed” Epic. The Smudge has turned into a scene out of the Ten Commandments.

  • reality

    Not sure the Bonita folks want him to be cleared either. That way they don’t have to deal with the drama that would certainly come if they decide to play him or not play him. Either way many people would not be happy.

  • Bonita Dad

    Personally, I do not want Jake to play this game. If he does than it gives SD an excuse to whine. If he doesn’t, and after we beat their butts, they can’t whine about the spanking we put on them. It is obvious that the powers at SD are purposefully delaying the paperwork. But honestly, if I were in the same situation, I would do the same. We do not need Jake in this game to whoop their butts. He will be a nice addition in league.

    • In Da Know

      You dont want the Lyons anywhere near your program. They are selfish and will do anything to get what they want. Shakegate and transfering to multiple schools proves this. You also dont want Payton playing in this game, what if he gets hurt. My guess is we would have another Saints bountygate (high school style) on our hands. They ahve already tryed to ruin the SD head coaches career once this month, what another crack at it going to do. Lets all hope and pray he doesnt play. To be honest we are all getting tired of the SD/Payton drama, time to focus on whats important: RANKINGS!!!!

    • Saints Fan

      So, care to retract your statement above about “obvious powers at SD are purposefully delaying”…. jake approved 2 hours ago. Oh and via ANOTHER Valid change of address.
      If Medrano puts him on the field, Medrano is telling his bonita parents we can’t win this game without him. Too bad it isn’t your kid who is now gonna sit the bench with jake coming over.

  • I smell a lawsuit

    How could CIF possibly declare Payton eligible and Hull ineligible when their situations are now exactly the same? Both sets of parents/guardians put their complaints about their Head Coach in writing and then transferred.

  • Jerry McGuire

    This should be a good lesson for all parents and players. The Lyons family and Jake got some pretty bad advise from a guy who had a piss poor career playing college football. Just plain stupid…
    Most collegiate scouts will look at this pretty poorly. There is way too much talent in this country to even take a chance on an average player with this kind of baggage.

  • Colt74

    This whole thing has turned into one giant episode of PAYTON PLACE.
    (If you are too young to know what I am talking about Google it )

  • SD

    Let the kid play. You can’t blame him for wanting to get noticed, football is what he’s good at and that’s how he is going to get into college. Shame on him for trying to go to a university right? Z can’t get his players anywhere because he cares more about coaching his mediocre high school team. Coming from a San Dimas grad I hope he runs all over us and makes it to a university despite all the hardships faced.

    • In Da Know

      You sound as bitter as the Lie-ons family. You were probably the kid that got little playing time on a “mediocre” that won a title and went to the semi finals 4 years in a row. That same mediocre team that is top 25 in the state in wins over the past 5 seasons. Do us all a favor and go buy a green shirt and support Payton and Bonita because obviously you were never truly a Saint. Rooting for a selfish person and his family such as the Lie-ons speaks to your own character. Payton is a typical selfish teenager that is growing up these days. He only cares about himself and like you has not learned the value of teamwork, dedication, and sacrifice to a greater cause. Why anyone would root for a person who has turned their back on a school, community, friends, and a team that has supported over the last three years is just crazy. The Lie-ons family has shown their true character with their actions. They lied about the “Milk Shakes” in an effort to get a man fired, a man who has a family, a career, and children of his own. They were willing to ruin a mans livelihood for their own personal gain. While they were trying to do this they were using an under aged foster child to solicit text messages from other under aged student athletes. Their selfishness has no boundaries. Now they are trying to circumvent the rules yet again in an effort to make up for their earlier mistakes and get Payton on the field. No D1 coach will touch this kid and being at Bonita (Third place team at best) will not get them the attention of the high level coaches. I hope Payton doesn’t play tonight because I want him to sit and suffer as a consequence of his actions. I want him to see his former school, team, and friends play the greatest game in the world in one of the greatest rivalries around while he sits and does nothing. I hope he is forced to look at the young men whose season he and his family tried to ruin and I hope he gets a chance to look at his former coach with his family and see the man whose life he tired to ruin. From the stands I hope the Lie-ons look down on that field with out Payton in any uniform and realize that their ambition and selfishness got them nowhere. I hope that all those athletes who are looking to transfer for all the wrong reasons learn a lesson from Hull and Payton, if you are going to transfer SHUT THE HECK UP and leave quietly in the night with out a paper trail.

      • True Identity

        How do it feel watching Payton wearing a uniform and playing on Friday? He will get noticed and be playing next year in college somewhere. you obviously don’t know Payton or the Lyons family by the comments you made about them. I hope you don’t have a kid on the SD team. Coach Z is not the Saint you all make him out to be.

  • Saints Fan

    Hey Freddie, here is some breaking news, you might be out getting some lunch, Payton status NOW Changed to Valid Change of Residence — received. So, that probably means that CIF was waiting for the Paperwork showing the Lyons had moved AGAIN…. rather than your insinuation that San Dimas was holding the paperwork. Well Well, let the fun begin….. strap it up tight tonight boy’s cuz Citrus is gonna be rocking with BAD BLOOD all around.

  • Let Them Play

    It says received but what does that mean. It doesn’t say eligible or approved. This all very confusing

    • Saints Fan

      Normally, the approval is the statement “Valid Change of Residence”.