Sneak Preview in Thursday’s PrepXtra: SGV Tribune preseason All-Area Football Team

QB — Koa Haynes, Bishop Amat, Sr.
RB — Avery Duffus, Rowland, Sr.
RB — William Bryan, Diamond Ranch, Sr,
WR — Cordell Broadus, Diamond Bar, Jr.
WR — Kanya Bell, Diamond Bar, Jr.
OL — Jordan Austin, Claremont, Sr.
OL — Frank Vierra Jr., Bishop Amat, Sr.
OL — Mike Green, Chino Hills, Sr.
OL — Marco Garcia, West Covina, Sr.
OL — Dominic Johnson, South Hills, Sr.
ALL — Estuardo Marcos, Los Altos, Sr.
K — Tristan Vizcaino, Damien, Sr.

DL — Eric Prevost, Charter Oak, Sr.
DL — Christian Moran, Bishop Amat, Sr.
DL — Kammy Delp, Diamond Ranch, Sr.
DL — Christian McQueen, Bonita, Sr.
LB — Anthony Camargo, Bishop Amat, Jr.
LB — Dillon Fink, Glendora, Sr.
LB — Joe Provenzano, Damien, Sr.
DB — Chazz Eldridge, Chino Hills, Sr.
DB — Mitchell Giles, San Dimas, Sr.
DB — Sidney Jones, West Covina, Sr.
DB — Donavin Washington, Charter Oak, Sr.
P — Jose Valdivia, Arroyo, Sr.

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  • Valley Athletics

    Can’t forget the long snapper an important player of a team . Tanner Carew of Damien is top in the country .

    • OuttaYourMindTrib

      Tanner; I heard he’s going to Oregon. I don’t know anyone close to the program so I can’t confirm. Kind of hard to believe a D1 commit isn’t on the pre-season list.

      Thankfully, pre-season is nothing but blog fodder.

      We’ll see who the best players are is once the season is done.

      • MonkeyWrench

        Why it be hard to believe? Did day be picking anotha snapper over him? NO. If there be a snappa on da list he be da guy.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    NO San Dimas OL ???

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    The interesting thing about lists like this is seeing who remains vs who falls off and who shocks everyone coming out of nowhere. Especially when they’ve always been right in front of everyone.

  • Lancers 88

    When the season is over, you will have Christopher Prieto #20 as the top linebacker in the SGV. He is a beast, and by far the best LB on the Amat squad. He is 6’1″ and right about 225 Lbs. With Moran battling knee injuries, they have been using Prieto at DE also, but he is their top LB for sure.

    • MonkeyWrench

      Saw Prieto in 7 on and he dont be having the hips or athletisim to be a stud LB. To thick and not flexable. DL is where he belong so he be only playin downhill. He will do great dare.

    • Lancerito

      Lancers 88,
      Prieto is a stud! I think he led the team last year in tackles, but he mostly played D-End last year. Maybe that’s why they didn’t consider him for the LB position in this list. Either way, he belongs on this list somewhere. With him, Camargo, and Wiley playing LB this season, we should be solid there. Can’t wait to get the season started on Friday!

  • Valley Athletics

    Maybe you should have an others to watch list .

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      No kidding. I’m guessing this is based off what they did last year.

  • Confused…

    I’m curious to see who the sleepers will be… The surprises are sure to come. The Hacienda Division seems to be the most interesting, especially if Jake Payton gets to play at Bonita… DR, DB, WC, LA, RR, BB, WM… And once you make the playoffs you’ve got teams like LaSerna, LaMirada, Downey, Santa Fe, Norwalk and Muir… Good QB’s, RB’s, WR’s, O-Lines and some really solid Defensive Teams.

  • Chad Lee

    Good to see LB Dillon Fink get some recognition after 165 tackles last two years.

  • Stephen Carter

    You guys always seem to have an overwhelming amount of Bishop Players in there, YEAR after YEAR!! SmH

    • Lancers 88

      Thats because Amat consistently has top players on their team. Not to say other schools don’t have great players, because I know they do. But Amat always has a nice amount of studs.

    • Saints Fan

      I am not sure I would consider 4/24 an overwhelming #. Not a better QB than Koa returning so fine, I honestly don’t know much about the hogs in the area and maybe there are some other LB’s… but I’m not sure that is bias or overwhelming. Most of the schools are represented and I’m not sure you can argue with most on the list. Sure there are some others right there, but list looks pretty solid.

      • Stephen Carter

        I get it! However, you cant tell me that CO, CH and WC dont have more than 2 guys you could have put on that list. Does Bishop get the “nod” bc they are in the Pac-5? Again its just my opinion. Also anyone who reads this blog knows that Bishop Amat Football players are highly favored here. Either way kudos to those youngmen who were elected! I pray that they shine and have a great year and career moving forward!

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          Preseason is based upon Name recognition and who is expected to have a good year. Post season is based upon who had a good year. However, sometimes players who had remarkable years get overlooked. Everyone can’t go to BA or CO. Just because a player plays in higher division does not mean that they would have had a lot better #’s in a lower division. Who’s to say a kid from another school played in the pac 5 they would not have the same numbers or better? High school is still high school and for the most part you go to school in the city you live in. The Trib has given POY to DiV 11 guys and those guys deserved it.

        • Royal Blue Thunder

          Go to YouTube and do a search for “anthony camargo 2012.” You’ll see for yourself why is he was chosen as preseason all area LB…and remember…this highlight video was against PAC-5 competition.
          I think Anthony Camargo is going to be carrying the rock as well…

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        it’s just preseason…They will comb thru this at the end of the year when the picks are official

    • Steve Ramirez

      Four? In 2000, I had 7 Los Altos players first team preseason All-Valley. They lived up to it, going 14-0. Two later started at the D1 level, with one still playing in the NFL.

  • Lupe

    I love that you guys keep it @ a legit number of players, we don’t have 3 Q.B.s and 4 R.B.s…etc.

  • reality

    Long snapper scholly? Ridic!!! One flinch and your go to the next nerd. Times said best LS in the country.(lol) I guess they got to write about something and Damien needs something to be written about them. Heck punters drop snaps as regularly as long snappers miss.

    • AMAT 73

      Believe it or not an excellent long snapper is a highly garnered individual . Pro and college rosters carry one and that’s all they do .

  • Not Since 1995

    Orale…Freddy! Como te cuelga…?

    Yo Opino…….Santa Margarita 42 – NoMas 6…!

    Tomorrow the Lanceritos are gonna get their A$$e$ handed to them by Santa Margarita. Same shiat, different year…! This is gonna be a beat down of embarrassing proportions…!

    Bishop NoMas is too small in the trenches. Vierra is like 5′ 10″ and his center is even smaller. Moran and McQueen…? Are you kidding me? These guys will not compete agains the 6′ 4″ 300 lbs monsters from SM. Once Haynes figures out that they can’t pass the ball, they’ll also figure out that they can’t run the ball either…! Haynes is not good enough to carry the offense to a win. He might try but the SM linebackers are too fast for this kid. Can you say 4th quarter Ice Packs…?

    The Lanceritos have absolutely no chance against Santa Margarita…!

    Not in 2013 Either…

  • tor eckman

    Really? a PRE-SEASON all-area team? what a crock; how about letting them play and then figuring out who deserves the cudos? You guys have too much time on your hands.