Bonita gives San Dimas a Smudging, 33-13; Northview routs Ontario, 40-0

Tom Kiss’ video highlights

Photo Gallery, Bonita vs. San Dimas


Bonita gets back Smudge: There was no fantastic finish at the 41st Smudge Pot game between Bonita and San Dimas High schools.
That’s the way the Bearcats, who were on the wrong side of an amazing ending last season, like it.
Tanner Diebold threw for 255 yards and three touchdowns and Bonita shut down the Saints’ usually high-powered offense and the Bearcats earned some redemption from last season with a 33-13 victory over San Dimas

Northview opens season in rout:
Rookies are not supposed to do what Peter VanDerEb did Thursday night. Making his first start in his first high school football game, the Northview High School quarterback passed for 161 yards and two touchdowns to lead the Vikings to a 40-0 victory over Ontario in the season opener for both teams at Covina District Field.
Smudgepot Boxscore
Bonita- 14 12 0 7- 33
San Dimas- 0 6 7 0- 13

Scoring plays:
1st Quarter

Bonita: Tanner Diebold to Thomas Loy- 46 yard reception (PAT no good) 10:54
Bonita: Jacob Karim 49 yard fumble return (PAT no good) 10:30
Bonita: Defense- Safety :04
2nd Quarter
Bonita: Tanner Diebold to Danny Gelalich 57 yard reception (PAT no good) 11:42
Bonita: Jake Payton 93 yard run (PAT blocked) 7:46
San Dimas- Erick Ware 20 yard run (PAT no good) 4:08
3rd Quarter
San Dimas- Fausto Martinez 22 yard run (PAT good) 5:53
4th Quarter
Bonita- Tanner Diebold to Christian Ramos 8 yard reception (PAT good) 5:04

Thursday scores
Bonita 33, San Dimas 13
Northview 40, Ontario 0
Sunny Hills 28, Pioneer 20
Calvary Chapel 19, Sage Hill 7
Cypress 28, Lakeside 14
Godinez 32, Santiago 30
Magnolia 41, Glenn 20
Ramona 38, Rubidoux 28
Yorba Linda 21, El Modena 7
Yucaipa 30 Chaffey, 6

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Your PrepXtra Preview Football Magazine is in ONLINE and in today’s newspaper, and you can also purchase it at tonight’s Smudge Pot, look for the booth outside the game. We’ve got the Smudge covered, video, game stories and of course, Mike the Cousin is back on Scribble Live, and Tom Kiss has your video highlights and postgame interviews. Anyone that wants to participate in tonight’s chat, use the hashtag #footscores. You can also follow me at the smudge, I’ll tweet updates to @sgvnsports and Keith Lair will tweet Northview updates @keithllair.

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  • Valley Athletics

    Now that Upland is being investigated by the southern section . Could Jakes ruling be a major factor in the investigation .

    • Mirror mirror on the wall

      I was wondering which school it was that would be signing off on Payton and Fred, you just clarified that for me. With that said, Payton’s transfer situation has just turned into an almost identical transfer situation as that of Antonio Hull. Just like Hull’s Father, the Guardians for Payton have recently put into writing their displeasure with the San Dimas Coaching Staff. By filing an unsubstantiated complaint about Coach Z with the San Dimas/Bonita Unified School District they provided all the necessary ammunition that San Dimas will need to challenge this transfer as athletically motivated. I don’t think the guardians are going to garner much sympathy with the coaching staff at San Dimas after trying to ruin the head coaches career with bogus allegations..

  • Aaron

    So, if the paperwork has been submitted to CIF…then isn’t there a deadline since the season is starting versus the entire summer they had plenty of time to do the paperwork?

  • Jerry McGuire

    This should be a good lesson for all parents and players. The Lyons family and Jake got some pretty bad advise from a guy who had a piss poor career playing college football. Just plain stupid…
    Most collegiate scouts will look at this pretty poorly. There is way too much talent in this country to even take a chance on an average player with this kind of baggage.

  • Inland_FB_Fan

    Another case of the parents thinking a kid is the next Adrian Peterson. If the kid has talent, colleges will find him. Moving from school to school throws up big red flags like in the case of Scooby.

  • reality

    Steveo…. There is no dark cloud hovering over Bonita football. Things happen. A penalty here a fumble there, it happens. It was a great comeback last year and that comeback was no dark cloud. if you are referencing SD’s poor sportsmanship after the game the cloud is on SD not Bonita.

    • Steve Ramirez

      Don’t take it personal. I was just having a little fun, which I always try with my writing. That’s why I write on sports, the toy department.

  • SaintsR4real



      SaintsR4real, your all ~CLASS~! Have a good Labor Day Weekend!!!

      • SaintsR4real

        Thanks…you too Azusa Pride!! Just Like Bonita Coach said, Payton is a “CoachesvPlayer” , he’s all about Team Success as well as his. I’ll be seeing you at a couple of Aztec games this year. Best of Luck!

        • coachbilly

          What do you think Medrano is going to say? Get real dude, this whole situation has been about “Self” and not team.
          I wasn’t impressed at all last night with Payton. Simply stated, an average HS back and not even close to D1.
          A family and student full of themselves and it back fired big time.
          I would have to agree with McGuire and Inland fans. Well said!

          • True Identity

            Coachbilly, you sound like a bitter ex-coach that lost their favorite weapon. Must have hurt seeing Payton run up your sideline and take it home for a 92 yard TD. What went through your minds then coach? You do realize that Payton only had 1 full day of practice with Bonita? Where did everyone get the idea that Jake and the Lyons think he is only a D1 back?

          • coachbilly

            You’ll see at the end of this year! Another set of low life parents trying to get a coach fired with NO EVIDNECE!
            As noted, Inland Fans and JM said it best. Copy and ditto that.

          • True Identity

            Coachbilly you should ask Z who came to see Jake during the open period. I believe the list included UCLA, Colorado, Colorado State, Boise State and around 10 others. I believe these are all D1 schools. JM and Inland Fan don’t have a clue.

            You may want to focus on your team. If that’s all the Saints have it will be a long season. So much for being able to plug just any RB into the Wing Z system. Because it’s about the genius behind it all.

          • coachbilly

            You base your thoughts on schools that come thu a campus? Wow, you have no clue what youre talking about. LMAO!
            We’ll see come signing day. A big shock coming your way!

          • True Identity

            Tell me the last time Coach Z had that many D1 coaches have him pull a kid out of class to talk? My point is that D1 schools are looking. Does that mean he will go D1, only time will tell.

          • Tackle eligible

            You have absolutely no idea what a D1 running back looks like if you think Payton is signing on with a D1 school. I would advise you to run out to Mt. Sac some day during practice time and take a look at what a JC 2nd and 3rd string running back looks like, you’ll be amazed at how big and fast these kids are. you might gain a perspective on what a D1 running back looks like which is about 3 levels higher then JC.

          • True Identity

            Since you must be a college coach or an ex-D1 running back, please enlighten us and tell us what a D1 running back looks like. Give me average size, 40 time, lifting ability, shuttle times, etc… It seems you know this, so it would save me a trip to Mt. Sac or Citrus.

          • coachbilly

            Look up Reggie Bush when at SC, or any other top RB in the BCS. Do some homework, then pop off!
            You might become educated to reality. A RB isn’t average at that level.
            Well remember your BS come February. LOL

          • True Identity

            Like I asked your buddy Tackle Eligible, since you too must be a college coach. I’d say a D1 RB, but we all know since you are Z that you didn’t get an offer to play D1 ball. What does a TYPICAL D1 back look like? Come on are you going to say go look at Reggie Bush? That’s like telling someone, go look at RG3 to know what a D1 quarterback looks like.

          • coachbilly

            LOL, Coach Z? Anybody with any playing experience at the D1 level, can clearly evaluate that Payton is no BCS back. You might be “daddy” who thinks he’s the next Reggie Bush.. Its going to be a big let down come February.

  • Jastrab

    I hear Helinski may be one of the three denied transfer to Upland…could he end up at Claremont which I believe is his home school?

    • Valley Athletics

      In a older article from IE paper it states that hilinski , Tatum slack and Elijah jones where already cleared since February . Ranchos kameron Powell transfered 2 weeks ago and got cleared . A couple of those victor valley transfers where not cleared yet . Maybe they will deny anyone who had any involvement with the coaches who got removed by the southern section . Could it be that Payton helped out in the investigation to receive eligibility at bonita .

      • I smell a lawsuit

        So you thing the Lyon’s may have pulled an ARod?

    • AMAT 73

      Also heard they canned a couple of coaches and an investigation is going on now on the 13 transfers . Doesn’t look to good for Upland . Maybe Pete / 7 Steel will chime in with some inside info.

  • 12th man

    Top 10 most untouchable high school football records

    10. 91 touchdown passes in a season, Corey Robinson, Lone Oak (Paducah, Ky.), 2007
    The way some teams pass the ball these days, it wouldn’t surprise us if this record someday went by the wayside, but when Robinson set the national record in 2007, he beat the previous mark by 14 touchdowns. There was even some thought at the time that Robinson might throw for an unheard of 100 touchdowns on the season, but he slowed down a bit during Lone Oak’s playoff run, throwing only nine touchdowns over the final three games and only one in a 49-7 championship loss to Lexington Catholic. Perhaps more amazing than Robinson’s 91 touchdown passes, however, is the fact that he threw a reported four interceptions in 520 passing attempts.

    9. 350 extra points – Tyler Lewis, Albemarle (Albemarle, N.C.), 2000-03
    When Lewis kicked extra points at Albemarle, he was kicking for one of the most prolific offenses in the history of high school football. Albemarle scored a national record 903 points in 2001 and Lewis kicked a national record 112 extra points. The next season, Lewis nearly broke the record he set the year before by kicking 106 extra points. Lewis thus has the top two all-time seasons for extra points and he leads the next nearest kicker on the career list by 73 extra points.

    8. 11,232 career rushing yards – Ken Hall, Sugar Land (Texas), 1950-53
    Once considered, perhaps, the most untouchable record out there, Hall’s mark is no longer an incomprehensible mark. KC Parks of West Rowan completed his career last year with over 10,000 yards and became the third player this decade to accomplish the feat. Nevertheless, Parks still fell nearly 1,000 yards short of Hall’s mark, which is a pretty good season for most high school running backs. Consider that a high school running back would have to average 2,808 yards a season for four years to tie Hall.

    7. 1,246 career points – Michael Hart, Onondaga (Nedrow, N.Y.), 2000-03
    Hart’s career point totals while at Onondaga are mind-boggling. His final career total is 170 more points than second place T.A. McLendon (Albemarle, N.C.) and nearly 300 more than second place. A player would have to average 412 points a season for four years to pass Hart. To give that some perspective, Dillon Baxter of Mission Bay (San Diego, Calif.) led the nation in scoring last year with 325 points.

    6. 35 interceptions season, Jim Linnstaeder, Brenham (Brenham, Texas), 1956
    Even if a team played 16 games, a defensive player would need to average over two interceptions per game to even come close to Linnstaeder’s mark. Last year, according to stats reported to MaxPreps, Bassfield (Miss.) led the nation last season with only 34 interceptions – as a team.

    5. 594.5 yards rushing per game season – John Giannantonio, Netcong (N.J.), 1950 (4756/8)
    Giannantonio could have a top ten list all to himself. He reportedly has a national record of 4,756 rushing yards in a season, but that’s only about 260 yards more than Tyler Ebell’s mark while at Ventura (Calif.) in 2000. He also had 754 yards in one game, which is just under 100 yards more than the total Paul McCoy of Matewan (W.Va.) had in 2006. However Giannantonio makes this list with his outrageous average of 594.5 rushing yards per game, which is 257 yards more than Hall’s second-best total of 337.1 yards per game. Interestingly enough, Giannantonio is listed with an average of 594.5 yards per game, yet only his 754-yard outburst is listed in the National Federation record book on a list of performances that bottoms out at 555 yards rushing in a single game.

    4. 75.1 average points per game, season – Jersey Shore (Jersey Shore, Pa.), 1922 (676/9)
    Long before Snooki and The Situation were scoring big ratings points on the TV show Jersey Shore, there was a high school team from Jersey Shore in Pennsylvania that was putting up prodigious point totals of its own. While second place Fostoria (Ohio) did average 74.5 points per game, that was way back in 1912. Only two teams have come within 13 points of Jersey Shore’s average in the past 80 years.

    3. 256 points by one team in a single game – Haven (Haven, Kan.), vs. Sylvia (Sylvia, Kan.), Nov. 16, 1927
    Football in the 1920s was a time of colossal blowouts. Of the top 10 all-time point totals scored by one team in a single game, six were set in the 1920s and none after 1943. Haven holds the record with 256 points and it looks that record will be safe for awhile.

    2. 151 consecutive wins – De La Salle (Concord, Calif.), 1992-2003.
    The fact that De La Salle more than doubled the previous record for consecutive wins makes the feat all the more impressive. Hudson (Mich.) held the old mark with 72 wins, but De La Salle put together 12 straight undefeated seasons to crush the record. The longest active winning streak in the nation is 54 games by Reidsville (N.C.), which means that De La Salle’s record is safe for at least another 10 years, since that’s about how long Reidsville would have to go undefeated to surpass the Spartans.

    1. 52 consecutive shutouts – Shelbyville Bedford County Training (Tenn.), 1942-1949
    How outrageous is Shelbyville’s accomplishment? Consider that the second best run of shutouts in national history is only 18. To put in perspective, De La Salle would have needed to win 208 straight games to surpass Hudson by the same margin that Shelbyville has over the second-best shutout string. Bedford County Training School no longer exists and was an all-black school that played against other all-black schools during the 1940s.

  • Aaron

    No Tom Kiss highlights? C’mon man. What were these hats about? 10 years since what?
    Also, being the beneficiary of a transfer. A runningback like Payton is something we’ve been missing for a long time. Reggie was a great talent but I wish his senior self was his sophomore self. And we would have been able to get past WesCo the second time I believe. We’ve had scatbacks like SD always has…the difference is the power backs they’ve had which we haven’t had in years. So Payton will help keep defenses honest and take the pressure off Sunshine so he can just sling it.
    Good to see the Smudgepot back home. Hey Greenie…like I said, you’re not a loyal cat brother…
    How does it feel to be a Bearcat… Bearcat, how does it feel to be way up high? How does it feel to be a Saint…Saint, we don’t know we don’t stoop that low!!! 🙂
    Good luck the rest of the season though!!!

    • AramT

      I was thinking last night that there’s really no diff between Bonita 2013 w/Payton and Bonita 2012 w/Turner. If you want to make the case that one is slightly better than the other, that’s fine. I don’t see much diff. They’re both home-run hitters who can win games by themselves.

      Getting Payton, though, does take Bonita from solid all around to solid all around with a big-time talent who will presumably come in handy in those big November games when you need a guy who can take it to that next level.

      I really liked what I saw of Bonita last night.

      • Aaron

        I’m saying the 2010 version of the Bearcats needed a power back. All I know was the 2012 version needed better passing, O-line play and some D with mental toughness. Either our D got better or SD got really bad…we’ll see next week with both squads.

      • I smell a lawsuit

        Your either crazy or you never saw Turner up close and in person running the ball, because there is absolutely no comparison between Turner and Payton, I will take Turner and those tree trunk legs any day of the week over Payton.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      I was wrong…You were right about this one.

  • Saints Fan

    Hats off to the BoHi DLine, they manhandled SD and that has as much to do with the Victory as anything else. They came out fired up, McQueen deserves the attention, he was a beast last night.
    SD spotted them 12 quick points, back breaker was after BoHi scoring and a SD kickoff return of 40+ yards into BoHi territory, on very first play quick pass to the WR nets about 5 yards, BoHi defender levels SD receiver, ball pops out, BoHi scoops up, scampers 50 yards, TD — BoHi up by 12 and we are less than a few mins in…. what?
    Jake is a wonderful back and will definitely help Bonita the balance of the year. Typical Jake night though, Hit the Big Home run (92 yards – man I didn’t think it was that long, gotta go watch the film) – after that he was 13-50 not a great night, rest of RB’s were 10-30 yards (alas, why Bonita was sooooo thankful to land Jake).
    Diebold did a good job of hitting the right receivers when he needed to. Threw some smart intermediate out patterns when SD corners were giving a little too much cushion that kept them rolling a few times.
    Very typical HS game, 3 Big Plays and baam your sitting on the wrong end of the Stick. BoHi’s front 7 play like they did last night and they will be tough to put points up on. SD line regroups and plays how they can, they we will be alright. Our Defense is very young & inexperienced in the LB & secondary, they will only get better each week, so while we will have to battle with our tough preseason, I think come league, we will be very tough.
    Hats off BoHi, you earned the Smudgepot last night.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    Bonita look Very good on defense, but still need a little more size up the middle. Payton look very good last night. He just has to stay discipline and just trust his speed. I still think Diebold needs a little work. Some of the bubbly screens are going to get picked verses Hacienda teams. He delivered some nice balls, but he also held the ball far too long. San Dimas offense did not look physical. Fausto was the only hog that showed up for the saints. They did not give him the ball nearly enough. When they did good things happened. It looks like their RB’s are small, go down easy, and can’t break away. 3rd and long is their weak spot. It does not get easier for the Saints, with Los Altos, DBar and the green 0-4 in preseason is a reality. Bonita’s fate lies in Diebold’s play…If Bcats run the ball all night, they probably score 50, and shut SD out…

    • Saints Fan

      Ooooh Greenie… actually, I’m not sure about the running game. They did try and run and were not that successful if you take away the 92 yard run by Payton. SD opened the game in a different Dfense, most of you wouldn’t have caught it except those of us who really watch the D. They played that same set until Midway thru the 2nd Qtr, then switched back to their normal Defensive alignment. From that point on, BoHi scored once and didn’t move the ball as well. Was a whole different ball game. Still gonna give BoHi Dline props. They are not big as you put it, but they came out and were way aggressive and got the job done.

      • Aaron

        Yeah…but it’s not like the Saints O could do much and there were a few long BoHigh Drives that sputtered…needed the points to make it better, but it chewed the clock.

        • Saints Fan

          I will tell you one thing, it was very interesting how BoHi chewed the clock. Every single offensive play they worked the play clock down to the last second. You could see Sunshine purposely doing this. Was smart in a way, you can’t score any points if your offense is not on the field.

  • reality

    Reggie and Jake are very different runners. Reggie would run to contact and then hit a different gear once he broke the tackle and smelled daylight. So far it looks like Jake looks for spaces then relies on speed to get him home. It remains to be seen how effective Jake will be on short yardage situations. As of now third and 3 Bonita would rather throw. They just dont have the line or the runners to attack the box.