CIF Football Polls: Amat No. 6 in Pac-5; Charter Oak No. 4 in Inland; Diamond Ranch No. 5 in Southeast


My only thoughts after looking over the Mid-Valley Division is I can’t recall a top ten rankings where the ranked teams’ combined record is sub. 500 (3-5). In fact, the top three are 0-2, though Monrovia hasn’t played. In the Northeast Division, something similar with No. 1 Salesian and No. 2 Mission Prep, who both didn’t move despite losses. Maybe the message pollsters are sending is scheduling matters.

Question: Why isn’t Bonita ranked in the Southeast?

1. Long Beach Poly (1-0), 2. St. John Bosco (1-0), 3. Mater Dei (1-0), 4. Mission Viejo (1-0), 5. St. Bonaventure (1-0), 6. Bishop Amat (1-0), 7. Alemany (1-0), 8. Crespi (1-0), 9. Oaks Chrisitian (1-0), 10. Santa Margarita (0-1).

1. Corona Centennial (1-0), 2. Vista Murrieta (0-0), 2. Norco (0-0), 4. Charter Oak (0-0), 5. Murrieta Valley (1-0), 6. Upland (0-1), 7. Rancho Cucamonga (1-0), 8. Corona Santiago (0-1), 9. Eisenhower (1-0), 10. Chino Hills (1-0)..

1. Downey (1-0), 2. La Serna (1-0), 3. Norwalk (1-0), 4. La Mirada (0-1), 5. Diamond Ranch (1-0), 6. Santa Fe (1-0), 7. Los Altos (1-0), 8. Muir (1-0), 9. West Covina (1-0), 10. Diamond Bar (1-0).

1. Monrovia (0-0), 2. Paraclete (0-1), 3. Sierra Canyon (0-1), 4. Northview (1-0), 5. Windward (1-0), 6. Viewpoint (1-1), 7. San Dimas (0-1), 8. San Marino (0-0), 9. Bell Gardens (0-0), 10. Arroyo (0-1).

1. Salesian (0-1), 2. Mission Prep (0-1), 3. Rio Hondo Prep (1-0), 4. St. Genevieve (1-0), 5. Pasadena Poly (1-0), 6. St. Anthony (0-0), 7. Ribet Academy (1-0), 8. Chadwick (1-0), 9. St. Monica Catholic (0-10, 10. Flintridge Prep (0-1).

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  • RealTalk

    Hey I’m a WC fan but the Bearcats not in top 10??

    • Just started

      Who would you like to bump out in order to move them in?

      • SGV Dad

        I think DBar is ranked too high. They will lose to WC, DRanch, Los Altos, and if they play Bonita, they lose to them also.

        • xiledsoviet

          What do you mean “if”?

          • disqus_wD2qThRkJd

            Dont listen to him , he is bitter at DB for some reason, He ONLY attacks them!

      • Saints Fan

        I know it was only a scrimmage and BoHi vs San Dimas was a grudgematch, but I will tell you this. BoHi front 7 hit harder and was 10x more aggressive than Diamond Ranch. Again, scrimmages are diff, but Roddy had his “boy’s” in there most of it, although I think highly of him as a coach and their QB and Receiver are very good. If BoHi carries what they did last week forward, and the Ranch, Diamond Bar, Los Altos & West Co bring it, that is one heck of a top 11 teams.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          Saints No offense, but Bohi beat a young and slower San Dimas squad. Z called a horrible game too.They beat SD with your own guy Payton. if SD had payton…that’s a 2 td – 3td swing, because on the runs your Rb’s were caught on, and that Kick return, would have been TD’s. You saw Payton’s breakaway Speed. Once they run into DBar and Dranch, they won’t be the fastest nor biggest team on the field. Not even the best coached. Dbar’s skills are going to give Bohi problems. SD WR were able to get behind Bohi DB’s. When they run into Dranch/ Los Altos, their line dominate. When they run into WestCo, they won’t be better than them in any category. The verdict is still out on Bohi. The win was nice, but not big enough to crack the SE top 10.

          • RealTalk

            I can accept that…

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            There were just too many plays SD could have made, that they physically didn’t or couldn’t make. They had 1 pick and a few picks that should have been made. Missed fumble recoveries…missed Sacks.. If Deibold stares down WRs, holds the ball as long as he does and throws forceful screens…it’s pick 6 in league. However Bohi’s skills are good athletes…It’s the signal caller…Numbers can Lie.

          • Saints Fan

            Disq – yep I get that, to a certain degree, you wont see normal play calling, certain other things, but kids still come to hit. I think it will be real interesting is my main thought.
            Greenie – you are right, I think Dbar’s skills will give BoHi’s DB’s hellish fits… however, you are still gonna need 4 seconds for their skill to separate. Everyone has been waah waah that Dbar doesn’t have the line. Well, if that is the case, if BoHi front brings what they brought last week, DBar’s skill’s are not going to get enough time for anything more than those silly bubble screens and trying to come back across the entire field. I will make a prediction now – #42 Montoya lays out one of those DBar skill guy’s cutting back across the middle and good. Agree – DRanch line will neutralize BoHi’s and I really like the Dranch QB and RB, nice WR’s as well. I’ll tell you what I think about LA on Sat. Westco, don’t know enough about.

          • Steve Ramirez

            I really don’t think the Payton switch had anything to do with Bonita’s win over San Dimas. It was all about line play. Bonita stuffed San Dimas on almost every run play. SD could have had Jim Brown in the backfield, but if you can’t block the opposition, you are not going to win.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Fuasto the SD FB was a beast. Bohi had no answer for him. He was the star that didn’t shine as much as he should have. When he did get the call, he was highly effective, and scored. That offense needs a inside threat and a outside threat. Jake was the outside threat SD did not have. If they were hitting both inside and outside…that’s how the wing Z kills. The bring you tight, then stretch you out. If jake gets the wide pitch for a safety, there is a good chance he can get outside or cut back and go 90 yrds. That’s a huge difference.

          • Steve Ramirez

            Martinez, by my account, was 15 for 71, with two of those carrries totally 42 yards, which means he had 29 yards on the other 13, which comes to about 2.4 an attempt. Sounds like he had no answer for Bonita than the other way around. I’ve covered Coach Z since 1999, and the one thing I noticed over the years that the key to his offense is the fullback dive. If you stop it – like Bonita did for much of the night – it allows you defend the outside sweeps more. When you can’t stop it, it forces you to pinch down to stop it, which opens things up the outside. In a pro-type offense, you want to stretch the defense vertically to create space underneath. In the Wing-T, you want to create space horizontally. You do that with the inside runs with the fullback, which Bonita, for the most part was stuffing.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            I don’t know Steve…having a outside threat opens things up for that fullback and other backs as well. Last Year Jake had 166 yrds and 3 scores. Espinoza had 75 and 1 td, and Mitchell had 43 and 1 score. Having that big speed to outside changes things. I think Martinez is better than Mitchell and would have had a bigger night if Bonita was keying on Payton instead of Martinez.

          • AZTEC PRIDE

            Hey Steve it would be nice if the rankings had one team from the lowly MONTVIEW LEAGUE? Heck we can’t even blog! Haha…. No seriously not one and I find that hard to believe! AZUSA. Lets Go now!

          • Saints Fan

            Agree, Jake would not have made a difference. BoHi sent 8 guy’s into / through the line on almost every play and there were multiple white jersey’s in the backfield on every single play, thus why a few of the Fausto quick hitter dives worked as he slipped a gap that hadn’t been filled by a Bearcat.

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            So how does the line stop Moryaga from fumbling on the first play of the game? Or the horrible safety playcall. SD spotted Bohi 16 pts in this game.

          • True Identity

            To say Payton wouldn’t have made a difference is a joke. He would have made the corners like he did all of last season. That would have opened up the middle for Fausto to run at will. None of the SD backs have the speed of Espinosa or Payton. If they can’t get to the edge it will be a long season.

          • coachbilly

            Agreed Steve.. Most backfields in the past at SD have been supported by a big strong O line. I didn’t see it last week. Remember Slam, and company? They created holes and running game exploded..

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            This is worst set of backs to play at SD in 5 years…They made the line look bad. They are small, slow and fumble. The guys on the other side work too. Sometimes backs have to make a guy miss, or run by some guys. We did not see none of that ability in this group.

          • Saints Fan

            Went back and watched film again, that 92 yard run of Payton’s there were at least 7 maybe 8 missed tackles. And he didn’t run over / through anyone, they just flat out missed him trying to grab him up high and I don’t know. That will get cleaned up. I would be curious, Jake has bulked up tremendously up top do to his new workout regimine, but I for some reason thought he looked a little slower than last year. Maybe just perception, I don’t know. But definitely a lot bigger in his arms and upper body.

          • Food 4 Thought

            What a difference a year makes. Last year you would have been saying Jake ran over those same 7 or 8 tacklers. If you would have noticed, Jake is much bigger all around not just in the upper body. From what I heard out of the Upland camp is that he won their Iron Man competition. It included him squatting 505, benching 275, running a 4.41 40 and 4.01 shuttle. Slower? On the 92 yard run, it didn’t look much slower than his long runs last year.

          • MonkeyWrench

            More stupidity… 4.41 n 4.01. Please you throwing out NFL numbers dum azz

          • Food 4 Thought

            The only dum azz is you. The coaching staff made him run it again to make sure and the second one was a 4.43. Don’t hate what you don’t know or what you wish you could have been one day.

          • Yea Right

            4.41 in high school = 4.7 at a legit combine, unless of course he’s on the Scoby Workout Plan.

          • MonkeyWrench

            Ya OK sure he did. You probably the dumb azz that started his hole transfer debacle to

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            Lol 4.41 Electric would make Payton the 2nd Fastest backs in Socal. That is not the case. I know for a fact Mtown WR Treyvon Gilespe is Faster than Jack Payton, and I am not sure he is a 4.41 electric..

          • GP AKA Green Machine

            ahaha you are right too.

        • disqus_wD2qThRkJd

          You will never see the REAL DR team during scrimmages!

        • middy

          Diamond Ranch is SOFT! Saint Fan you are absolutely correct. Bonita is a good team who plays hard and has a great scheme on both sides of the ball. Diamond Ranch looks great but is soft!!! They try and get too creative. Roddy, words of wisdom, with that team Double TE, and you will be able to pound everyone in your league. Sorry dude, no reason you can’t run 10 plays and destroy everyone with that talent.

          Delp is the biggest softie of them all. D-1 my butt. He is just like his relatives who played at Ganesha…..Stinks. Saint beat his butt and then Bonita beat them.

      • RealTalk


      • WCDan

        I think Los Altos is a dark horse capable of upsetting good teams but not so much the sgv powerhouse that they are portrayed to be, and I think Bonita is more discipline than Muir, no offense mean’t to either of those two teams but I think I would start with those two. Bonita is usually an underated team.

  • The stands

    There are a lot of upset folks at Alemany when they read this poll.

  • Saints Fan

    I am not sure the Mid Valley Pollsters are saying scheduling matters with their votes. Northview moves up while beating a team with a Rating of -13.9 , Viewpoint is 1-1 vs two teams from Alaska, got thumped by one, just got by the other and Windward just barely beat a team with a Rating of -17.2. Not saying we showed much last week, but at least Bonita has a rating of 29.1 …. so not sure that theory is evident here. But that is good, we need to show something anyway.

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      Honestly, SD is not a clear cut Favorite in the VVL anymore. I don’t see SD making the semis…when you get blown out, it’s hard to gauge. If you place Northview vs Bohi, the probably lose in the same fashion. They won and SD lost. If you game was close…then you would have some ground to stand on.

      • Saints Fan

        I do agree on one point, given the way we played Thurs, we are not a sure thing to the semi’s, but I still like us in the VVL. On paper, there isn’t a front 7 in the VVL that compares to BoHi – sorry rest of league, but ya know you don’t. So that issue is going to be corrected I’m sure. I think if we stay healthy, after our first 4 games, we will not face the level of competition anywhere near as close in league – can’t argue that.
        My points above were strictly countering Fred’s comments that the schedule matters as I interpreted most of his comments aimed at the Mid Valley since that was what he talked about. Clearly, we did not play well, but clearly, the teams that leapfrogged us in those rankings did not play ANY team remotely close to BoHi…. not making excuses, we got thumped. Clearly, we do not have the team speed of some teams, but hitting home runs is one way (we proved that last year), but a bunch of singles, doubles and an occasional triple still add up to a bunch of runs. I never thought we would blow teams out this year anyway.

        • Wells

          Is this a football post or a baseball post?

      • Lupe

        I hope the Saints can hold it together long enough to make it to league. This is the toughest pre-season I can remember them having. They might go 0-for,or win just 1 game in the pre-season. I don’t know how healthy they can stay. I hope all of the distractions go away. I do think the distractions are 1 of the reasons they fell to Bohi. I wish them luck, but they have a tough road ahead of them.

    • Steve Ramirez

      But it’s not like Northview won by 7 points…they thumped by 40. Not saying they are the No. 4 team in the division, because they are likely not. But the rankings should reflect how you are playing. When you lose, you should be penalized; rewarded when you win and more so when you win big.

  • reality

    No problem with Bonita being off this list. The bearcats are still adjusting to Jake and the surrounding circus that accompanied him to Laverne. If you think this did’nt impact the team, coaches,admin.and parents negatively then you are wrong. We will see on Fri. how the team is making this evolution. If the players and parents can support this change in team chemistry Bonita can only improve with Jake. If there are to many hurt feelings over reduced playing time and less attention by the coaching staff to their sons on the team this team can go downhill fast.For Bohi coaches it’s kind of like being a big lottery winner that has his life turn upside down after getting all that dough then finding you have no friends left if you don’t give them anything.

    • FredJ

      Why do parents have to support it? It’s about the coaches and players

      • reality

        I’am confused by your question. With the negative impact at San Dimas, Upland, St Paul, Alhambra, West Covina, Diamond Bar etc. You think parents and parental figures had no part in making these messes? Some of these programs will take several years to recover from the negative stress. Parents as boosters,fund raisers and supporters play a huge roll in the positive feelings of a team and just as well, the negative chemistry of a team.

      • What?

        I’m with reality (below). Both you and Aram, who don’t have kids playing sports at the high school level, can’t possibly understand how important it is for parents to fully buy into the program. It’s not like it was 20 or 30 years ago when parents simply showed up for games and cheered for the team 1st and little Johnny 2nd. These days with parents showing up for each and every practice and hovering all over the program, it only takes a couple/few dissatisfied parents to tear the team unity/chemistry apart. Once the team chemistry is lost, it’s almost impossible for the team to reach it’s full potential.