FRIDAY POSTGAME: Bonita fights off South Hills; Bishop Amat wins thriller in sequel over Chino Hills, 47-42; Charter Oak loses marathon in OT, 55-48

For quarter-updates, final scores, tout video’s and game-night stories, visit the Tribune scoreboard page.


Friday Night Results
Bonita 24, South Hills 17 Payton rushed for 127 yards and scored two touchdowns as the Bearcats rallied in the fourth quarter
Bishop Amat 47, Chino Hills 41 The Lancers’ defense pulled through as Amat came up with two defensive stops and held off the visiting Huskies for a 47-42 win.
Baldwin Park 43, Sierra Vista 27 Braves QB Michael Moran threw for 300 yards and three TDs.
Orange Lutheran 36, Damien 10Not the debut coach Mark Paredes was hoping for.
Los Altos 42, San Dimas 21Along with Bonita, Conquerors looking like serious Hacienda contenders.
Monrovia 21, Ayala 13Deshawn Potts threw for 195 yards and two TDs and Kurt Scoby ran for 140 yards.
Roosevelt 55, Charter Oak 48, OT-Chargers missed extra point in final seconds that would have won it, then lose in overtime.
Whittier 31, Azusa 12 Not a good sign with other Montview teams performing well.
Arroyo 44, Temple City 6 Bounce back win ater last week’s tough loss to Los Altos.
West Covina 35, Long Beach Wilson 21 LBW may not be a Pac-5 heavyweight, but it’s a win over a Pac-5 regardless.
Rowland 48, Wilson 6 Raiders off to a 2-0 start with back-to-back convincing Ws.
Workman 28, Keppel 24 Kind of surprise win for Lobos after Keppel played well last week.
Glendora 23, Claremont 15The Tartans are the forgotten area giant.
Diamond Ranch 42, El Rancho 14 Time to start seriously paying attention to Roddy’s Ranchers.
Irvine 27, Rosemead 3Think we all saw it coming.
South El Monte 38, Nogales 6No surprise, Eagles were the favorites all along.
Norwalk 48, Diamond Bar 10 — Surprise isn’t they lost, but how bad they lost.
Pomona 27, Don Lugo 14 — Another Valle Vista league team playing well.
Ontario Christian 44, El Monte 6 — Lions not the same without the B-Mart show.

The first full Friday night of football is here, and what better way to kickoff than with No. 1 Bishop Amat hosting No. 2 Chino Hills at Kiefer with Mike the Cousin doing Scribble Live and Aram Tolegian on the sidelines covering it. I will be at the District updating Bonita vs. South Hills and we’ll have scores from all-around the Valley on twitters and our scoreboard twitter @sgvnscores. Mike the Cousin’s Live Scribble with launch at 6:30 p.m. See you then and after the game at 11 p.m. for the live PrepXtra Postgame football conversation with Aram.

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    Alright Fred there’s nothing like getting up first thing in the morning and the first thought that crosses your mind is FOOTBALL! First week of football for some teams and of course i’m talking about my favorite team the AZUSA AZTECS! Let’s get this game AZUSA, and should be a good one! Wish you nothing but the best Coach Scherf and it looks like your in for a competive season! LP winning last night and Sierra Vista being the favorite. AzusA’s JV team went undefeated last season, so let’s hope that carries over.! Good Luck AZUSA,AND LET’S GET THAT BANNER BACK!

    • SDSaints

      I don’t think Azusa’s JV went undefeated. I know for a fact San Dimas put 50 on them before half.


        That’s correct SD, I’m talking about league play.

  • GP AKA Green Machine

    A “Penny” for your troubles…..

    Norwalk 24 Dbar 20

    I had a Dream…

    Chino Hills 24 BA 21

    • Not So Fast My Friend

      Love the CH prediction. Here’s a nickel for your thoughts. lol.

      In your opinion what tips the balance in favor of CH?

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        Earlier this week…I thought they couldn’t win. However, I started thinking about those years when they battled CC in Semis ETC….Im just gambling for the shocker…CH knows they can play with BA..they proved it. BA has nothing on them to say they can’t. Rivalries are crazy and people can play in over their heads… We might see that tonight. We saw Covina take down West Co in the past… That was more of a long shot than tonights game….why not…Amat 73…where are you? There is more pressure for BA in tonight’s verses last week. The #1 spot in the area is very important to the kids who attend BA. Especially if they don’t win league or CIF. It’s going to be tight…get your double double and hurry back to your seat.

      • tackle eligible

        I think he’s highly impressed with the wanabe JA coaching at CH. You know, the kind of guys that are highly impressed with illegal formations and think that if they pound the keys on their computers hard enough everyone will be impressed with their double talk BS. Kind of like your ignorant a**.

        • GP AKA Green Machine

          It’s just a pick…lol. Did you forget your prescription at home…Amat Security may escort you off the property if you act like this…in front of parents and children…

        • Not So Fast My Friend

          Hey Tackle Eligible – you can stop being an idiot – like today. You obviously failed to read the other post by another writer that mentioned that exact same formation. Which, by the way, they tried to run again tonight, but the refs threw the flag. So you should be happy about that. Now that we’ve cleared up that fact, go pound your head on someone else’s post. I have little tolerance for fools and idiots – of which you are currently acting like.

  • D-Mo

    No pick for the CO game? WTH?

    • schmickity

      Ill Pick Roosevelt

      • D-Mo

        Schmick, that was a battle. Really thought we had them Stangs. Truth is, CO special teams aren’t that special.

  • AMAT 73

    Good luck to all the teams of the SGV .for well played and injury free games.
    To THE MEN IN BLUE , new game , last weeks win is history, play hard and leave it all on the field . AMAT WILL SHINE .

  • The Dude

    DB has too many weapons on O and what seemed to be great special teams play last week. 34-28 DBar

    • Stephen Carter


  • Arthur Fonzarello

    Anyone know the score on the Amat/CH game?

    • Valley Athletics

      51-30 amat

      • Arthur Fonzarello


  • Joe Amat

    Does anyone want to rethink last weeks meme that Amats win was largely because Santa Margarita is just down this year? Give nationally ranked Bishop Gorman a call and ask them? Costello, Sweet, and McNichols are legit.

    • 12th man

      Shocker!! Didn’t think SM could hang with them? But then again didn’t think CH would genuinely take it down to the wire either..I’m sure both Amat & Bishop Gorman are glad to have that “W” in the win column~

  • OuttaYourMindTrib

    Ayala’s dropping corps made me regret going to the game. I didn’t know it was possible to drop that many passes.

  • 12th man

    Great game over at Keifer!

    Positive points: Amat came off the blocks quick,offense was moving on all cylinders,for a minute kinda looked like Amat was going to run away with this one..O-line & D-line were doing work in the trenches..Camargo running with the ball like a man possessed..What can I say about Haynes? This kid is actually getting better each game dating back to last year..probably Amat’s best game as far as play-calling goes..(half back pass,hook & ladder,reverse,etc.)They went too town (give them style points)

    Negative points: Amat in the second half looked like a completely different team (not in a good way) O-line & D-line were getting dominated, dont know if the 1st quarter that lasted nearly an hour had anything to do with that? My main concern is still the “secondary” do they have the speed to prevent big plays or at the very least slow them down/ I understand in football your going to have big plays but it clearly looks like their getting burned & their inability to slow down a ball carrier once they find a whole has to worry some? They’ve given up 6 big plays in 2 games which has kept their opponents in the game..I’m sure the coaches will make the necessary adjustments..I wouldn’t be surprised if Koa starts going both ways once league starts or if Amat is fighting for a playoff spot down the need his speed & athleticism to prevent the home-run ball from above or the ground..

    Chino Hills surprised me..They’re physical & have a worry free mentality they’re going to be tough for any 1st round playoff opponent..Don’t quote me on this but the QB play in the 2nd half was legit not sure if it was the same guy from the 1st half? but if it wasn’t CH willbe strong & could have possibly given Amat problems in the 1st half..

    Anyways as usual..I post for those who couldn’t make the game & want the inside scoop..”Not a hater or a homer” no response needed..

    • Valley Athletics

      Koa was playing safety at the Claremont passing tourney . He was put in a couple key situations . That’s what I was thinking also .

      • 12th man

        Didn’t know that? good to know..I’m sure a plan or defensive strategy is already in the works..

      • Not So Fast My Friend

        I don’t think I’d want to risk him getting injured playing him on defense. He’s that valuable to that offense right now..

        • Valley Athletics

          Not saying play him now . Only if needed in league games . Rio played both ways . He has a better chAnce getting hurt running the ball .

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            I agree.

        • 12th man

          absolutely right!! Circumstances could change in the final 2 games of league if you’re fighting for a playoff spot?

          • Not So Fast My Friend

            If it came down to that? Then yes.

    • AMAT 73

      I’ve said my thoughts on you , but how could you not know CH changed QB’s at half if you were there ??????? Entirely different offense with his running ability up the gut alone . I believe his name is Martinez and his number is 7 not number 6 who started the game . Young man stood much taller in the pocket and I think he starts next week . It’s not about analyzing AMAT every week , take the time to watch the talent on the teams we play, because you missed some last week , no mention of them . You break a team down pretty good , share the wealth because believe me the SGV does not want to hear about AMAT every week . Go breakdown Bonita , I would like to read that , they knocked off SH .WC or now DB I don’t know how they did but their being talked up . Chino Hills is tough ball team .If you take the opportunity to watch them , they will be force in the Inland They took it on the chin and so did we but we came out on top and both teams left it on the field . Great game with big plays on both sides of the ball .

      • 12th man

        Like fred said “Amat generates hits” on these blogs lol..~ Not too mention they’re the only top pac5 team in the SGV. & just for the record I do breakdown other teams from the O,C under a different name..It might not seem like i’m doing anyone any favors by posting..but you never know who’s reading this stuff & perhaps relaying some advice* or suggestions(just say”N) take it at face pun intended~

      • Not So Fast My Friend

        Yes it was. Very impressive play by both teams. I’m a Koa fan. 🙂

    • Rene77

      Bishops D Ends where not containing, no technique what so ever.. Bull rushing can’t work all the time… Bishop better switch it up

      • 12th man

        Defense could be an issue once you start league? CH converted 4 times on 4th & short on a single drive down the stretch (that’s a recipe for disaster in the Serra league)..But I wouldn’t worry too much about containment.. D-ends for the most part did their job & allowed a few sweeps to get around them..If you think about it? They might have done too well of a job..CH QB never really got to the outside..he did most of his damage up the gut~.

      • Here we go…

        BIG 93 is ready to rock and roll. But he is not in the senior CLICK…

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Great game at Bishop Amat vs Chino Hills. Bishop Amat jumped out early and quickly. Koa was accurate with his passes and their RB was running the ball very hard. Part of their scoring came from Chino Hills poor tackling and their DBs being out of position. That doesn’t mean BA’s players weren’t making plays because they were. They are a very athletic team.

    In the second half it seemed like both teams settled down. I won’t comment much on BA’s team because they’re enough Amat fans than can drill down to they’re strengths and weakness. May game ball would go to Koa. His playmaking ability kept more than several drives alive.

    As for Chino Hills, they have just as many playmakers. If I had to give a game ball to anyone on that team, I’d give it to Chino Hills WR No. 2 Donovan Walker. This kid is a gamer. He made several critical catches and a few big ones. But what was even more impressive was his willingness to block. His blocking directly contributed to two touchdowns and partially to a third. Sure other players scored, but they probably would not have without him and his blocking.

    Thank you to CH for loading up their roster. That allowed me to look up who he was.

    That was a great game. Kudos to BA and congrats. Loved the crowd, loved the atmosphere. Two heavyweights duked it out and Amat won it in the last round. No reason for CH to hang their heads.

    • betruthful

      You’re sounding like you are related to this kid.

      • Not So Fast My Friend

        No not at all. I appreciate watching a player play a complete game. I think he did. Don’t know how you could make a nexus between me complimenting a player, but that’s ok. I complimented Koa too and he’s not related to me either.

    • AMAT 73

      One thing Koa needs to work on is getting rid of the ball when there is nothing there. He cannot continue to take those losses or throw up a desperation pass . Other than that he’s very solid ,but he did take some hits on his runs last night . Scary !!! to say the least .

      • Not So Fast My Friend

        Hey Amat 73 I agree with you. I think he held the ball too long several times that resulted in him getting hit when he didn’t need too. The other is knowing when he’s running when he has no where else to go to get down or step out of bounds. He’s a tough kid, but he can’t keep taking hits like that. It’s a long season.

        Great game! Again!

        • Joe Amat

          If you remember, these were a couple of the same critiques of Rio during his career.

          Looking back, Matt Barkley had the sme issue during his senior years at Mater Dei, then at USC, when his interceptions AND times sacks about doubled each time.

          Often the quality that makes players great, their confidence they can always make a play, becomes their biggest weakness too.

          Hard lesson to learn…
          “Discretion is the better part of valor”

          • fb102

            and how did quality work out for #9? Right…

          • Joe Amat

            Confidence? Got him a $1.85 MILLION signing bonus in his sport of choice.

            How’s your best quality working out for you?

          • fb102

            JA, tsk, tsk…expected a better answer than THAT….I guess you Amat blue shades can’t be OBJECTIVE….

            This is a FOOTBALL discussion….his confidence didn’t do SQUAT for him there…..Cost the TEAM big time….

            I am doing fine. How about you?

          • Joe Amat

            Doing great – thank you asking. And if you weren’t a relative blog newbie and had been around since the blogs inception, you would know I’m objective and critical when it is most necessary. Archives are your friend.

            You should know you can’t separate the two. Qualities a player possesses transfer on and off the field. Remember what Michael Jordan’s dad said about him? “Michael doesn’t have a gambling problem – he has a competition problem!” But that’s also what made him great.

            I compared the Koa analysis to Barkley and Rio because we are reading all the same issues being discussed now, and I think part of it stems from the players gunslingers confidence.

            Barkley’s senior year his completions were down, % was down, TDs were down, and INTs doubled. In Mater Deis 2nd round exit, he was 12-33 & 4 INTs. Think that COST his TEAM big time? Think his confidence he could replicate his junior year at USC cost him in the pocket book…big time? You can’t separate the two. On the field and off the field. Same. Same.

            But his confidence (and hard work) got him were he is today – as it did for Rio.

            And I realize Rio’s 64% completions and 3:1 TD:INT ratio (both better than Barkley’s SR campaign) wasn’t enough – but nothing he did would have been for you. (Maybe you have some feelings about Rudy clouding your judgment?)

          • fb102

            Now THAT’s the JA I’ve learned to expect! A ‘lecture/scolding’ from the pontificate JA!

            I’ve been on the blogs for as long as you. Just don’t post as much as you. As the GREAT JRW said/wrote: Don’t mistake activity for achievement….

            Yes, you have been a TAD critical of Amat at TIMES, but your overall TONE is to excuse away what you THINK is going on for what is REALLY going on.

            Where is MB today, riding the PINE in Philly. He had a lot of hype and did not come close to matching it on the field. SAME as RR.

            Feelings about Rudy clouding my ‘judgement’, laughable. I know what I saw on the FIELD. W/o TALL WG as WR in RR’s sr season, RR had NOWHERE near the season he had as a jr.

            Bottom line RR got paid, good for him. Hope he saves some of that cash cause it’s a LONG road to MLB.

  • Valley Athletics

    Games out just becoming shootouts nowadays . 55-54 hart over chaminade . 50-39 Serra over Oceanside .

    • 12th man

      More & more teams are going to a no huddle spread(means more points & more action for the fans) Get your $8 worth ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Not So Fast My Friend

    Last thought, there were a few people who said this game was going to be a blow out. In the first quarter it looked like it was going to be. But these two teams seem to have it for each other. They match up well.

  • 12th man

    Friday, September 6th

    Arleta 35, El Camino Real 21
    Birmingham 59, Granada Hills Kennedy 0
    Dorsey 25, Fairfax 23
    Franklin 14, Belmont 13
    Granada Hills 29, Canoga Park 19
    Hollywood 14, Hawkins 8
    Huntington Park 32, Lincoln 13
    Los Angeles Hamilton 67, Legacy 0
    Los Angeles Roosevelt 48, Sylmar 41
    Marquez 31, Sun Valley 0
    Palisades 45, Los Angeles Marshall 12
    Rivera 33, Panorama 20
    San Fernando 55, Chatsworth 24
    San Pedro 46, Locke 12
    Santee 27, Los Angeles Wilson 22
    South Gate 26, Los Angeles University 22
    Sun Valley Poly 26, Bernstein 13

    Taft 47, Gardena 33
    Big Bear 44, Desert Hot Springs 7
    Desert 40, Vasquez 19
    Victor Valley 38, Adelanto 0
    Alemany 44, Muir 24
    Agoura 13, Ventura 0
    Antelope Valley 49, Boron 6
    Aquinas 15, Mary Star 13
    Arrowhead Christian 42, California Military Institute 28
    Arroyo 44, Temple City 6
    Arroyo Grande 44, Nipomo 6
    Atascadero 35, Morro Bay 0
    Baldwin Park 43, Sierra Vista 27
    Bishop Amat 47, Chino Hills 42
    Bishop Diego 49, Santa Ynez 0

    Bloomington 22, Ontario 15
    Bonita 24, South Hills 17
    Brea Olinda 28, Sonora 27
    Buena Park 41, Schurr 14
    Burbank 33, Bell Gardens 14
    Calvary Murrieta 26, Riverside Christian 7
    Camarillo 42, Buena 14
    Carpinteria 42, South Torrance 20
    Carter 20, Redlands 16
    Cathedral 63, St. Bernard 7
    Cathedral City 63, Banning 13
    Cerritos Valley Christian 42, Cerritos 28
    Chaparral 47, Valley View 20
    Citrus Hill 50, Arroyo Valley 12
    Citrus Valley 30, Beaumont 17
    Coachella Valley 41, West Valley 28
    Colony 40, Corona 27
    Colton 40, Chaffey 6
    Compton Centennial 48, Compton 0
    Corona del Mar 35, Laguna Hills 14

    Diamond Ranch 42, El Rancho 14
    Dominguez 28, Long Beach Jordan 6
    Eastside 35, Leuzinger 7
    Eastvale Roosevelt 55, Charter Oak 48 (OT)
    Eisenhower 36, Rialto 28
    El Segundo 49, Lynwood 12
    El Toro 23, Capistrano Valley 6
    Elsinore 42, Rim of the World 6
    Etiwanda 35, Miller 14
    Foothill 34, Tustin 7
    Fountain Valley 24, Dana Hills 21
    Gabrielino 34, Bosco Tech 0
    Ganesha 27, Garey 21
    Garden Grove 25, Westminster 15
    Garden Grove Pacifica 47, Bellflower 27
    Glendale 41, San Gabriel 3
    Glendora 23, Claremont 15
    Grace Brethren 27, Heritage Christian 6
    Grand Terrace 56, Indian Springs 0
    Hart 55, Chaminade 54 (OT)

    Heritage 38, Riverside North 12
    Hesperia 60, Granite Hills 13
    Huntington Beach 49, Magnolia 14
    Irvine 27, Rosemead 3
    Kaiser 28, Apple Valley 14
    King 38, Norte Vista 18
    La Canada 24, Alhambra 13
    La Habra 35, La Mirada 26
    La Palma Kennedy 23, Northwood 20
    La Quinta 27, Arlington 7
    La Salle 28, Pasadena 0
    Laguna Beach 48, Bolsa Grande 17
    Lawndale 26, Hawthorne 21
    Linfield Christian 17, Riverside Notre Dame 7
    Littlerock 34, Barstow 13
    Loara 35, Estancia 0
    Los Alamitos 27, Paramount 0
    Los Altos 42, San Dimas 21
    Los Osos 24, La Serna 20
    Loyola 38, Lakewood 6

    Marina 33, Ocean View 14
    Millikan 36, Aliso Niguel 28
    Mission Prep 24, Rio Hondo Prep 21
    Mission Viejo 58, Corona Santiago 28
    Monrovia 21, Ayala 13
    Moreno Valley 27, Fontana 17
    Murrieta Mesa 38, Hemet 23
    Murrieta Valley 42, Mayfair 14
    Narbonne 26, Gahr 0
    Nordhoff 44, Oxnard Pacifica 7
    Norwalk 48, Diamond Bar 10
    Oak Hills 62, Knight 20
    Oak Park 41, Channel Islands 6
    Orange Lutheran 36, Damien 10
    Palm Desert 55, Shadow Hills 20
    Palm Springs 63, Pacific 6
    Paloma Valley 64, Sultana 14
    Palos Verdes 15, Moorpark 9 (2OT)
    Paraclete 45, Burbank Burroughs 14
    Peninsula 51, North Torrance 0

    Pioneer Valley 44, Templeton 0
    Pomona 27, Don Lugo 14
    Quartz Hill 21, Oxnard 7
    Rancho Cucamonga 24, Norco 7
    Righetti 54, Lompoc Cabrillo 16
    Riverside Poly 45, Ramona 14
    Rowland 48, Hacienda Heights Wilson 6
    Royal 28, Golden Valley 27
    Rubidoux 28, Jurupa Valley 7
    Sage Hill 38, Fairmont Prep 7
    San Clemente 35, Long Beach Cabrillo 32
    San Gorgonio 35, Cajon 19
    San Jacinto 58, Lakeside 17
    San Marcos 31, Rio Mesa 30
    San Marino 39, Duarte 20
    Santa Clara 31, Hueneme 24
    Santa Fe 16, Esperanza 0
    Santa Maria St. Joseph 42, Santa Ana Calvary Chapel 7
    Santa Monica 17, Redondo 14
    Santa Paula 41, Santa Maria 15

    Savanna 45, Rancho Alamitos 42
    Segerstrom 35, Irvine University 0
    Servite 31, Long Beach Poly 24
    Silver Valley 36, Anza Hamilton 0
    Silverado 13, Serrano 12
    Simi Valley 31, Saugus 28
    South El Monte 38, Nogales 6
    St. Anthony 48, Crean Lutheran 0
    St. Francis 52, Chino 3
    St. Margaret’s 56, Village Christian 17
    St. Monica 38, Malibu 0
    Sunny Hills 57, Santa Ana 6
    Temecula Valley 32, Temescal Canyon 0
    Tesoro 35, Rancho Verde 20
    Thousand Oaks 31, Newbury Park 21
    Trabuco Hills 35, Newport Harbor 20
    Troy 33, Walnut 7
    Valencia 29, Palmdale 20
    Villa Park 21, Placentia Valencia 12
    Vista del Lago 20, San Bernardino 19

    Vista Murrieta 66, Downey 28
    Windward 22, Santa Clarita Christian 6
    Webb 41, Riverside Prep 0
    West Covina 35, Long Beach Wilson 21
    West Ranch 28, Sierra Canyon 10
    West Torrance 36, Culver City 15
    Western Christian 41, Downey Calvary Chapel 8
    Whittier 31, Azusa 12
    Whittier Christian 32, Cantwell-Sacred Heart 17
    Woodbridge 49, Lancaster 10
    Workman 28, Keppel 24
    Xavier Prep 25, Twentynine Palms 12
    Yorba Linda 28, El Dorado 10
    Yucaipa 23, Highland 13
    Bakersfield Frontier 28, Lompoc 16
    Bishop Montgomery 25, Contreras 0
    Calexico 51, Desert Mirage 0
    Crescenta Valley 54, Verdugo Hills 20
    CSDR 42, Phoenix (Ariz.) Phoenix Day School for the Deaf 0

    Gardena Serra 50, Oceanside 39
    Harvard-Westlake 49, North Hollywood 14
    Indio at Blythe Palo Verde Valley, ppd. to Oct. 1, 6 p.m.
    Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman 34, Santa Margarita 31 (2OT)
    Lebec Frazier Mountain 82, Einstein 22
    Mammoth 40, Rosamond 8
    Rancho Christian 12, Carlsbad Army-Navy 0
    Sotomayor 39, Hoover 26
    South East 35, Warren 7
    St. John Bosco 48, Fresno Clovis North 0
    Tehachapi 25, Ridgecrest Burroughs 13
    Venice 57, Salesian 0
    Verbum Dei 62, Rancho Dominguez 12
    Westlake 17, Mesa (Ariz.) Red Mountain 15
    Wilmington Banning 48, Torrance 34
    8 MAN
    Bermuda Dunes Desert Christian 45, California Lutheran 6
    Cate 50, Orcutt Academy 26
    Desert Chapel 68, West Shores 8

    Faith Baptist 64, Cuyama Valley 32
    Lighthouse Christian 20, Liberty Christian 12
    Lucerne Valley 32, Joshua Springs 30
    Mojave 32, Lancaster Baptist 14
    Nuview Bridge 48, La Verne Lutheran 18
    Rolling Hills Prep 33, Concordia 28
    Upland Christian 60, Crossroads Christian 8
    Alamo (Nev.) Pahranagat Valley 52, Annenberg 6
    Noli Indian 52, Escondido San Pasqual Academy 34

  • Valley Athletics

    Hope Tyler Peterson is ok .Heard he got taken out in a stretcher with a neck brace .

  • Aaron

    Long Beach WIlson is like Compton…not even close to what the top of the Moore league. I’ve seen what they have had in past years when they brought their skills to the Claremont tourney, very small.

  • You’re Kidding Right

    Wait a minute….did I just see ” The Tartans are the forgotten area giant” are you kidding me. They just barely got out of Claremont were it not for a slip of the Claremont secondary that’s a one point game under five minutes!!!
    To beat Glendora blitz the QB and keep it coming!!! And the Poor Tartan defense just can’t keep that pace up.
    Bonita will globber the lowly Tarts.

  • TruTH

    The Hacienda league will be very competitive this year as it was a year ago. With the addition of Payton to Bonita they have become a contender for league. Diamond Ranch is off to a great start and cant wait for their league opener for West Covina. West Covina has done a great job winning games while also having to replace players to due to graduation and transferring. Los Altos got a good win against San Dimas and looks to take that momentum when league starts. Before the season I had Diamond Bar finishing third in league but how they were handled last night against Norwalk I don’t think they will be able to be as physical as LA, WC, DR, or Bonita.

    • Rowland Raider

      What no love for Rowland come on guy.. We will be in the mix!

      • TruTH

        Rowland has been playing good football these first two weeks the only problem I have is their competition has not been such a great indicator as to how they will do against the Hacienda league. With Duffus out it will be difficult for them to have a shot in the Hacienda. Their back up has done a great job since Duffus injury however the Hacienda will do a much better job in containing him. But like last year sometimes you never know and Rowland has the possibility to upset. Northview should be a good game but I think Arroyo will be a better indicator into league.

        • Rowland Raider

          Yes with Duffus it makes things harder but that’s why others need to be ready when there number is called. Should make things interesting..

  • Food 4 Thought

    @fred. Now that Upland and San Dimas are 0-2 and Bonita is 2-0, I want to know what you all think about Payton as a difference maker. Where would Upland or SD be with him and Bonita without him?

  • Valley Athletics

    With Tyler Peterson going down Friday . It sucks seeing that noodles is not eligible and that he will probably not get a chance at Quarterback. Friday would of been his debut at Qb .

  • Let Them Play

    This preseason has proved a few things…1) Monrovia is no Midvalley team, they need a step up in Division. 2) SD is a Midvalley team becasue they are getting spanked by Southeast opponents. 3) AMAT is NICE!!!!! 4) Bechtel will be just fine as HC of CHHS 4) Hacienda is stacked this season

  • CC

    I have some goods friends in the SGV. Your top notch teams like CH, Amat, CO, and I would even say WC are out there testing the water year in and year out playing tough comp. I kinda laugh when guys like Mr. Aram talks about D1 talent. Come over and watch us guys, you may just try understand what AMAT has been trying to teach you guys. If you really want to see a D1 back, get out of your area and watch some games..