Tribune Super 35 Rankings: Bishop Amat still No. 1; West Covina, Bonita climb up to No. 2 and 5 respectively

Above: Northview is now 2-0 and makes the rankings at No. 10

1. Bishop Amat (2-0) — Won the rematch with previous No. 2 Chino Hills in another shootout, 47-42. The Lancers may have a tougher time scoring at Rancho Cucamonga on Friday, so to stay No. 1, the Lancers’ defense better show up.
2. West Covina (2-0) — Give them credit, they stepped out of the fishbowl and beat Colony and Long Beach Wilson, a Pac-5 school. Now, it’s rivalry time and nothing better to cement their status as the new No. 2 with a victory over rival South Hills.
3. Chino Hills (1-1) — How can you drop it very far when previous No. 3 and No. 4 fall as well. The Huskies play as tough a schedule a anyone, and now they go to Pac-5 heavyweight Tesoro.
4. Charter Oak (0-1) — This could be a tough few weeks for the Chargers, who lose in overtime to Roosevelt, then get Los Alamitos this week. When was the last time the Chargers started 0-2? I couldn’t tell you.
5. Bonita (2-0) — The Bearcats fly up the rankings from No. 9 after back-to-back wins over San Dimas and South Hills. If they can beat Glendora this week, and that’s a big if, that would be quite a three-game resume.
6. Los Altos (2-0) — Took care of San Dimas more convincingly than Bonita’s win over San Dimas. That should tell you a lot about the improved Conqs.
7. Diamond Ranch (2-0) — Back-to-back blowouts to open the season. The Panthers followed a 33-6 win over Chino with a 42-14 thrashing of El Rancho.
8. South Hills (1-1) — The Huskies’ 48-7 dismantling of Covina was followed with a close loss to Bonita. Hard to tell is Bonita is that good, or if there is some slippage on the Huskies’ part.
9. Glendora (1-0) — The Tartans always compete against tough area foes and should give Bonita all it can handle this week after opening the season with a 23-15 win over Claremont.
10. Northview (2-0) — The Vikings deserve a top ten ranking after the way they cruised the first two weeks. They get a tougher test on Friday against Rowland, also 2-0.

The rest: 11. Rowland (2-0); 12. Ayala (1-1); 13. Diamond Bar (1-1), 14. San Dimas (0-2); 15. Damien (0-1), 16. Baldwin Park (2-0); 17. Arroyo (1-1), 18. Claremont (0-1), 19. La Puente (1-0); 20. Pomona (2-0); 21. South El Monte (1-0); 22. Mountain View (1-0); 23. Sierra Vista (0-1), 24. Duarte (1-1); 25. Covina (0-2), 26. Azusa (0-1); 27. Rosemead (0-1); 28. Wilson (1-1); 29. Gladstone (0-1), 30. Walnut (0-2); 31. El Monte (0-2); 32. Workman (1-1); 33. Nogales (0-2), 34. Bassett (0-2), 35. Ganesha (1-1).


1. Michael Moran, Baldwin Park, 32 of 44, 633 yards, 6TDs
2. Koa Haynes, Bishop Amat, 37 of 56, 524 yards, 4 TDs
3. Nathan Coto, Arroyo, 37 of 56, 524, 4TDs
4. Kory Brown, Charter Oak, 39 of 59, 495 yards, 5 TDs
5. Tanner Diebold, Bonita, 36 of 61, 377 yards, 3 TDs
6. Cristian Hacegaba, Los Altos, 30 or 43 for 332 yards, 1 TD
7. Brian Meyette, Ayala, 16 of 26 for 309 yards, 4 TDs
8. Adrain Cuevas, El Monte, 17 of 34 for 285 yards, 2 TDs
9. Jacob Tovar, La Puente, 15 of 22 for 256 yards, 2 TDs
10. Peter VanDerEb, Northview, 15 of 29 for 254, 2 TDs
1. Justin Torres, Sierra Vista, 326 yards, 1 TD
2. Donovan Davis, Ganesha, 280 yards, 4 TDs
3. Jake Payton, Bonita, 279 yards, 3 TDs
4. Isaiah Davis, Ganesha, 278 yards, 3 TDs
5. Lawon Carney, South Hills, 222 yards, 4 TDs
6. Cristian Hacegaba, Los Altos, 193 yards, 2 TDS
7. Marcos Lopez, South El Monte, 186 yards, 2 TDs
8. Christeon Blackmon, Northview, 163 yards, 3 TDS
9. Tyler Brown, Diamond Bar, 132 yards, 3 TDS
10. Lee Jones, Sierra Vista, 120 yards, 1 TD
1. Jayson Miller, Baldwin Park, 12 rec, 271 yards
2. Raymen Baraza, Baldwin Park, 10 rec, 260 yards
3. Nico Lozano, Arroyo, 6 rec, 251 yards
4. Donavin Washington, Charter Oak, 11 rec, 215 yards
5. Brandon Arconado, Bishop Amat, 12 rec, 185 yards
6. Matthew Zahn, Bishop Amat, 10 rec, 175 yards
7. Roy Barrajas, El Monte, 8 rec, 173 yards
8. Jose Ochoa, La Puente, 4 rec, 133 yards
9. Zion Echolds, Charter Oak, 12 rec, 117 yards
10. Briton Noskoff, Glendora, 3 rec, 114 yards

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  • Jefe

    Chino Hills stays #2 in my rankings (that no one cares about)

    • SGV Dad

      I agree. They played a great game at Keifer last Friday, and they proved to be a very good team. I think they would easily handle WC. WC played a Pac 5 team in LB Wilson, but everyone knows LB Wilson doesn’t belong in the Pac 5 anyway. I see Chino Hills taking the Sierra this year and competing well in the IE playoffs.

      • Bulldogs have bite

        To be fair. I believe Fred does have Chino Hills as his #2. If you read the headline it seems he has WC at #3. It’s probably a typo. I don’t think anybody other than LB Poly and Lakewood (in some years) really are Pac-5 teams. After those two schools, the rest of the Moore leauge are probably better suited to be a Southeast or DII City section level squad. But LB Wilson has some atheletes and would be a tough out for any SGV team outside the top 5. We will see what happens with WC vs. CHills in week 3. The Huskies whooped us pretty good last year. As for now, we have another Husky in our sights for this week.

        • SGV Dad

          I agree that only LB Poly and some years Lakewood are Pac 5 level. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to knock WC, as I was only trying to make my point on how good I think Chino Hills is. I think WC will find out what I mean when they meet up with them. But hey, any given Friday both teams have to come out and play, and anything is possible.

        • AZTEC PRIDE

          Bulldog that was a great win for Wesco winning a PAC 5 school ! Always good to see a SGV team go on the road and beat a Long Beach team! Way to go Bulldogs! Big Win.


      Yeah Jefe, nobody cares about your rankings! LOL.. (But i do care about your prediction(s) on the AZUSA vs Maranatha game!HAHAHAHA… And JEFE, be GENTLE!

      • Jefe

        Jude Oliva will lead his new & improved Minutemen to victory over Azusa.

        • AZTEC PRIDE

          Dang it!

    • WCDan

      As a diehard Westco fan Jefe, I have to agree with you, Chino Hills should still be #2, in the mean time I hope the Bulldogs can keep their focus on improving and fixing weaknesses.


        WCDan, Will you still want Chino Hills at #2 after they play Tesoro? Tesoro is projected to win, especially after whipping La Mirada.

        • WCDan

          Depends on how they play Tesoro, if it’s a close game I think Chino Hills would still deserve the #2 spot.

    • 12th man

      If rankings are based on playing quality? Then yes! CH should stay #2..If Rankings are being scored based on team records? Well~ You might find Bonita,or Los Altos at that #1 spot in due time lol..

  • The stands

    Rankings are subjective and as such are flawed. Just because WC is ranked ahead of CH this week doesn’t necessarily mean WC is better. I don’t think it means more than WC is undefeated and CH has one loss. Someone is always going to be offended by rankings. Besides, the Trib rankings are designed to get as many blog hits as possible. We all get that, right?

  • I think Freddie did leave CH at #2. In his list after WC he says, “nothing better to cement their status as the new No. 3 with a victory over rival South Hills”

    • FredJ

      I posted the draft to early, it’s all correct now. West Covina is No. 2

  • You’re Kidding Right

    If Bonita can’t beat Glendora handily then Bonita has been overrated by this newspaper all year.

    • John Estrada

      “All year” or just the last 2 weeks?

  • Socrates

    1) Bishop Amat : King of the Valley again
    2) Chino Hills : Solid as they come
    3) Charter Oak : Farrar only gets better with age
    4) Bonita : Last ole school school in the Valley
    5) Diamond Ranch : Layton finally takes a scheduling page from his alma mater USC
    6) West Covina : Champions are Champions for a reason
    7) Los Altos : So much for being a dried up has been and a Valley joke
    (8,9 & 10) tied/toss up Northview : back in the mix. Glendora : Still better than most valley teams. South Hills : Clearly the Sierra has not been kind.

    * Noodles clearly got bad advice
    * Hagerty clearly the best Valley Coach
    * Farrar clearly the second best Valley Coach
    * Coach Z got served by Payton
    * Coach M clearly served notice
    * Coach Parades clearly needs to look into black uni’s
    * NotSinceBirth clearly eating menudo dipped crow tortas
    * Clearly the deep ball is back
    *Clearly 200 yards rushing is yesterday’s 100 yards

  • reality

    @kidding: Bonita was not even ranked last week in the CIF poll and the Trib only reported what they saw the last two games. Now to satisfy bloggers they have to beat another D2 team “handily”(I guess this means by 20+) to get any respect. How is your team doing by the way or are you just hating? Anyway rankings mean squat. The jury is still out on the bearcats and their strengths and weaknesses will show up when league starts as will all other Hacienda powers.I fully expect another tough game.

  • 12th man

    Rankings are only posted to generate hits! They will change throughout the season & won’t tell the whole tale of the tape..The same thing can be said about comparative scoring it’s all propaganda..There’s really only one true test that cuts the mustard..”playing against each other” like Tom Ford would say: “Numbers don’t lie..Check the scoreboard”

  • Mike jones

    Time to puck panic button in covina?