Football: How good is the Hacienda? Whose the favorite, Rowland, Los Altos, West Covina, Diamond Ranch, Bonita?

By Aram Tolegian
There’s a logjam of 2-0 teams at the top of the Hacienda League standings. Five to be precise.
Bonita, Diamond Ranch, Los Altos, Rowland and West Covina have all started with perfect nonleague records. Close behind is Diamond Bar at 1-1 and Walnut is 0-2.
With every team having two nonleague games left to play before the start of league play later this month, the league can only continue to bolster its case as the deepest league in the Southeast Division.


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  • SGV 4 30 Years

    Freddy, Here is the way I see the Hacienda League (If it were to start today)

    1A. Bonita-The addition of Payton has given them the edge.
    1B. West Covina- You still have to take the champs title by knockout.
    3. Diamond Ranch- Great size and speed. Passing game needs to improve to
    get defenses from stacking the line.
    4. Los Altos- Solid on the line and in the run game. Not fast enough to keep
    with the teams above them. Could get leap frogged by #5.
    5. Diamond Bar- Line play will keep them from beating the top 3. Their quick
    strike ability will keep them in games and maybe move them up one spot.
    6.Rowland- They are still riding the alignment of the stars from last seasons
    run, but they won’t catch anyone sleeping this year.
    7. Walnut- They could move as high as 5. Not the team for others to get caught
    sleeping on.

    Freddy and Aram are right, this is one of the more competitive leagues in the area. Injuries and motivation and rivaliries will make it exciting. Good Luck to all.

    SGV430 OUUTTT!!!!

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      There are a lot of games this Friday that will shed some light on the Hacienda…

      West Co Vs South Hills- Wesco Must keep up with Bonita…

      Dranch vs Ayala…Can’t beat Ayala, won’t beat Bonita

      Dbar vs SD – Can’t beat SD, won’t make the playoffs in South East .

      Rowland Vs NV-Lose to Northview no chance at beating anyone but Walnut.

      Bonita should have a problem with Claremont. Top Team heading into league.

  • brad mill

    Has anyone heard if Tyler Peterson is back this week? or how bad his injury was? Without him DBar will be hard pressed to beat San Dimas…

    • AMAT 73

      Saw something in today’s Trib . Out this week with possible return next week I believe is what Aram reported . Stinger to the neck area .

  • reality

    Right now it’s a coin flip. The team that can stay most injury free will win it. So far Rowland and Diamond Bar have been bit hard.

  • Lupe

    I agree that it’s a deep, competive league. But not many would predict a CIF champ out of it.

    • WCDan

      Hard to say at this point which league the Southeast champ will come out of. I think the Hacienda has as good a chance as any other league in the division. La Mirada and Downey got smoked by upper division teams, Does not mean either one could not still take the division, but the fact that both teams lost by huge blowouts seems to show vulnerability on the part of both teams. La Serna had a respectable loss to Los Osos last week, Los Osos has been a third or fouth place Baseline team in recent years, Baseline is tough, but Los Osos also lost to Alemany last week 30 to 7 which is 3 points more than what Muir lost to Alemany by the week before. Could Muir be at the top tier of the Southeast? Norwalk had an impressive win over DB this week, but how good is DB? Also how would DB have fared if they had their QB for the rest of that game? A DB poster said that Norwalk is big and strong, but also that they are slow, and that DB moved the ball pretty easily before losing their QB. If that is true then they will run into trouble against physical teams with speed like WC, Muir, and DR, or Big teams with equal size like La Mirada and Downey. After the blowout losses suffered by the former #1 & 2, I don’t think there is a clear front runner in this division.

      • Valley Athletics

        It’s to early to crown a champ in the south eAst . la mirada can still win it . There losses are to good upper division teams . Norwalk has some size and rashad penny who the prep zone featured as an impact player to watch. Norwalk has a 2013 video on YouTube . Kids are big.

  • TruTH

    At this stage it is difficult to predict who will come out on top. The result might be the same as last year where there is a 4 way tie for first. Teams that have stood out so far are WC, Bonita, and Diamond Ranch. Those would probably be the top three right now based on results. After that would be LA which got a nice win against SD the problem with LA is their offense still has not produced at the level of the top three. If the offense can improve then I would place them top three. After that Diamond Bar would be the fifth best team based on results. Talent wise Diamond Bar probably has the best skill in the valley but simply has not been able to produce much wins. Their defense lacks physicality and their offense needs work. Though they did lose Peterson against Norwalk they have a strong run game in Tyler Brown, Kelly, and Lamb. Rowland would be after that because of the season ending injury to Duffus. though their replacement has put up some great numbers they are against low end mid valley teams. The Hacienda will make some noise in the playoffs and most likely will get 4 teams in the playoffs. The top teams in the Southeast would be La Serna, downey, Norwalk, and La Mirada. but after that I would follow it up with 5 Hacienda league teams.

    • LA Futbol

      You want some Truth? Here it is:

      Through three games
      Bo – 29 ppg
      WC – 33 ppg
      DR – 33 ppg
      LA – 42 ppg

      And no saying LA has played weak competition!
      vs San Dimas:
      Bonita 33 pts
      DB – 40 pts
      LA 42 pts

      Who’s scored the most points vs Arroyo this season? LA, 24 pts

      Who’s scored the most points vs San Dimas this season? LA, 42 pts

      Who’s scored the most points vs Wilson this season? You guessed it! LA, 55 pts!


  • SGV 4 30 Years

    It’s always sad for player to miss time due to injury, especially so early in the season. Dufus was a great surprise last season. I wish him a speedy recovery. I hope Peterson only misses this week and is ready to go for game 4.

    SGV430 OUUUUTTT!!!!