La Mirada coach Mike Moschetti not throwing in the towel after 0-2 start

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  • The stands

    Of course Moschetti’s not throwing in the towel. What else would he say? So LM lost twice already. We’ll see how well he can motivate his players to focus and deliver; and whether his players can respond. At the end of the day, we’re still in non-league play. If LM players are smart, they’ll learn from their two losses moving forward. I suspect they’ll be alright by the start of league play.

  • Inland_FB_Fan

    Coach, spend less time tweeting and more time preparing your team. I hate all this tweeting BS. Talk is cheap…action on the field speaks volumes!!!

    • GP AKA Green Machine

      He has created that type of culture at LM. It’s not too late to turn it around, but it starts with the HC. He should face the fact that he has lost focused, stop tweeting, and get his team on track. The Talent is there, but when the coach has a look at me hyped up attitude, its going to rub off on the kids. The kids tweet all day, and if they HC is doing it, it’s hard for them understand talk is cheap. The team follows the coaches philosophy and example.

      • Inland_FB_Fan

        Very true!

  • reality

    Most high school coaches are lucky if they get to coach one D1 type player in their career much less what, 6 that La Mirada has this year alone? Throwing in the towel is for cornermen in boxing not football coaches Learn from teams like Diamond Ranch, Santa Fe, Norwalk etc. They have stopped scheduling up to far over their heads year after year. One game ok but not 3 or 4 .Downey is gonna learn a lesson too.That type of schedule is just an ego trip for the head coach and you get your players clobbered.

  • Aaron

    Their schedule is pretty rough though.

  • Southeast follower

    You can’t criticize Coach Moschetti for getting his players
    noticed by the top college programs in the country. Props to him and his staff.
    He got a lot of colleges to come to his morning practices (conventus…yeah right look at the proper Latin translation) sounds good though. College coaches getting up early and reporting that they are actually doing great work and evaluating players early AM.
    The bottom line is that some deserving players in the area have been overlooked due the lack of exposure. Just look at the Preseason teams and tell me which players have offers and which don’t. The recruiting services and High School football media types also fell to this hype. How many Santa Fe players were D1 recruited after the big victory over LM and how many La Serna players after the big victory over Westlake last year.

    The local press needs to focus on finding those players and
    forget the hype. Offers are Offers and they can always rescinded for a variety
    of reasons. If LM loses more games, watch those offers disappear.

    Aram, seems like you arevone of the few that is looking at

    • AMAT 73

      What you seem to be saying contradicts many on the blog . They feel if you have the D-1 talent the scouts will find you no matter where you play . I believe you are saying that if not for SF beating LM who is under the radar of college scouts their talented players would not have been recruited ? The same for LS due beating a scouted team in Westlake . ? What leads you to think that about getting offers and are you saying some schools have an advantage over others in getting looks from scouts, is that what you mean by due to lack of exposure ? Also talent is talent whether you are on a losing team , your talent should show thru the loss , shouldn’t it ?

      • GP AKA Green Machine

        The Players at LM are getting offers because they are studs. They would have been found regardless. I am not sure how much Moschetti had to with it. LM has a history of players getting looks prior to Moshcetti getting there. Some may feel and may be using the fact the LM players did get a lot of attention to cover up some of the lack luster season under Moschetti’s reign. Back in my day, LM had the Lemon’s and I am sure whomever came to see them, saw the other players on the team as well. I am sure the coach may have followed up, helped out, Return calls and invited some coaches… but how many calls do you have to make for National recruits? Mtown did not have to make many phone calls for Ellis McCarthy. He gets 20 offers if played at Keppel, and went to a few camps.

  • reality

    Just like any other employer colleges do very deep background checks. They are looking to find athletes with character not athletes that are characters.They look at grades,arrest records and references from teachers,neighbors and friends. I get the gut feeling that La Mirada has such types and thus can freely recommend them to scouts. If you have a great back or lineman but he does,not go to class regularly or hangs out to all hours of the night how comfortable are you to promote this man?With character issues being examined by the media toward college athletes, how willing do you think a college will be to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in you if you have trouble making grades in HIGH SCHOOL? Better wait and see how you do at a JC. I think La Mirada is putting out more than just football players.

  • Wells

    Why is this even a topic on these blogs?

    They may be 0-2, but they have played two strong opponents, they have thee more non-league opponents, five game in league and the playoffs to prove how strong they really are (or aren’t).

    Tweeting is just a tool to draw attention (positive or negative) to one’s self. A bit narcissistic, but not important enough for a blog post. How about putting something about many of the successes stories in the making from across the valley?

    If he was throwing in the towel, that might be a story.